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Davies Report and the RL Challenge Cup Final

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Further to earlier discussions, the consultation period on the Davies Report is now open until March 5th 2010.

As you will be aware, the Davies Report has recommended that the Rugby League Challenge Cup be removed from the list of free-to-air events. To remove the Challenge Cup from the free-to-air list would mean a huge and very significant drop in exposure for the game, which we believe will severely limit the ability of the sport to grow. For a sport which has proven to have benefits to health and wellbeing and is able to be adapted for almost any person (whether able bodied or not) to play, this could also have serious knock-on effects in health terms throughout the country. Further details of the consultation period can be found here

After the closure of the consultation period, the Secretary of State will make a decision on whether to accept or ignore these recommendations which is being opposed by the RFL, the APPRLG (All Party Parliamentary Rugby League Group) and Supporters Direct. He will take into account ALL available information and views. It is felt by all parties that a large number of responses opposing this recommendation could ensure the Challenge Cup remains on the protected list for future generations to enjoy and I would urge you to show your support for this campaign in one (or both) of two ways:

Firstly, an online petition has now been set up at Please add your name to this petition which will be forwarded to Neil Turner, Secretary of the APPRLG a week prior to the closure of the consultation.

Secondly, you can send your response to David Patterson at the DCMS either via email on or via mail at:

David Patterson

Listed Events Consultation

5th Floor

Department for Culture, Media & Sport

2-4 Cockspur Street



I have drafted a letter (Below) to Mr. Patterson which you are free to use yourself or forward to other contacts who may wish to respond also.

The Challenge Cup has provided some iconic moments in our country

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