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  1. Essentially this is the pro league that was going to be launched in tandem with France hosting the World Cup.
  2. Super 13 would be better. Top 13 is just a silly reference to the name of the Union competition
  3. This is sad news, I wish Tom the best of luck with his treatment.
  4. Any details on who the new owners are? I'm getting the impression that Mick Hogan is behind it or helped to facilitate it.
  5. Which I agree with. Their old ground where the Elite team play, at its peak was a cauldron. I remember Widnes getting beaten there in the Challenge Cup several years back, great atmosphere. Stade Ernest Wallon is a great venue just too hig for TO.
  6. https://treizemondial.fr/olivier-dubois-le-toulouse-olympique-reste-fragile-financierement/
  7. Thanks, unfortunately RL people in the UK are happy for things to stay as they are while the world changes around them and other sports continue to get more and more exposure in terms of coverage and column inches. Women's football, MMA, Boxing for example. The Sky TV contract gets lesser and lesser and there doesn't seem to be any serious effort by other broadcasters to compete for the coverage. The sport is just too regional right now over here. That really needs to change and all I see are echo chamber comments. I think people on here and elements of the RL community would prefer to be right and win an argument and not have a problem with the sport becoming more and more irrelevant in the eyes of the joe public.
  8. Liverpool City Region, the metropolitan areas and Merseyside metropolitan county are all well over 500,000. That's not making anything up.
  9. It's not about the game but you are bias towards your own club and heartland clubs whereas I have a bias towards newer/expansion clubs and clubs with larger catchment areas
  10. Is it coz Fev lost last week that you're on a downer with the whole sport?
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