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  1. If the league does go to 11 clubs and they pocket the extra tv money then that sums up a sorry situation
  2. Yeah that NRL commission has been a total failure hasn't it. Why would we want to emulate their success
  3. Why oh why oh why are clubs that cannot even manage their own affairs properly allowed to have a say on whether Toronto Wolfpack should be in Super League? Why are these same clubs most of which have a turnover of a small/medium business allowed to decide what structure SL and the Championship will be for the next 2 years? Why is Neil Hudgell throwing his toys out the pram? Club chairmen should in no way believe that they have power to decide the destiny of the sport. Clubs SHOULD NOT be running the sports top competition!!! We desperately need an independent commission.
  4. Nope, nothing at all https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/leigh-out-of-special-measures-and-agree-termination-with-final-two-players/ Derek Beaumont: “I would like to thank the players and backroom staff for agreeing to terminate their contracts to enable the Club to continue and rebuild and I apologise to them for the manner in which I have had to conduct myself with them in order to achieve this.
  5. So if Leigh don't get promoted will 'degsy' refuse to pay them again? Some people never learn. #boomandbust
  6. Discussion forums are for discussions if you don't like that concept then stay away from them
  7. You've trolled me on one forum now you've come over to TRL with the same bs. Do me a favour and p**s o**
  8. Can you post that again in English?
  9. Following on the 'Manchester Lions' debacle does anyone know what's happening at Swinton Lions now? Has there been a new takeover of the club? Are they healthy?
  10. That's a but vague though, doesn't really mean anything
  11. He did before, maybe he thinks he has unfinished business
  12. Fingers crossed it's London. I would be shocked if he had anything to do with Toronto
  13. Yeah something's afoot. Could it be that he's decreasing his ownership so that he is able to takeover London? If I remember correctly if you have more than 85% in one club you can't be a majority shareholder in another which is why he left London. So if Ann Lenaghan now owns 50% and Michael Danson owns the other 50% he is now free to takeover London Broncos again. Could all be wishful thinking on my part though.
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