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  1. Don't blame the media, Its the people that have been running the sport post Richard Lewis and alot of 'fans' in the heartlands that have made RL irrelevant in the UK
  2. Yeah that's a good point. Use the friendlies to promote the launch season
  3. I have to say I'm a tad concerned about this project and it's chances of success. New York like London is a very competitive city in terms of entertainment and things to do. If you don't do things right with a sporting venture in these type of cities it could go pear shaped very quickly. In the U.S it would've been better to start in a city like Boston or Philadelphia. With a city like New York you have to create the demand first before you really go into a competitive city like New York, London or Paris
  4. Did anyone see it? Thoughts? So apparently the New York team will play 20-25 games next season which will be friendlies, some of which against NRL teams and Challenge Cup fixtures Surprised that it was launched in Liverpool. Anyone heard from Parksider these days?
  5. Hey, not sure if the average height of people in South of France is the issue. It's more I believe to do with how rapidly club RU has grown in France in the past 20 years or so. The biggest athletes are likely to be attracted to go to RU because of the money they can earn, alot more than in League. Add to that there is not much choice with only one top level club in France.
  6. Collectively I don't think the current crop you mentioned has the physical presence of the group i mentioned from several years ago. For example, there isn't a single 2nd rower playing currently that has the size and speed of Raguin or can burst through tackles like Fakir.
  7. Wondering why France aren't producing big enough or good enough forward players at the moment. It's been mentioned before but their current crop of forwards with the exception of Bousquet are fairly small. Let's compare that to several years ago where they had Elima, Guisset, Raguin, Ferriol, Fakir, Borlin all big, robust and very physical forwards. That's a rough and tough pack of forwards. What's gone wrong? Where's the next batch of big talented forwards coming from?
  8. The article below from Treize Mondial says that Bernard Guasch hopes to have a 'solution' next week https://treizemondial.fr/bernard-guasch-jespere-quon-aura-une-solution-la-semaine-prochaine-pour-la-tv/
  9. Treize Mondial are reporting that Laurent Frayssinous is the rumoured coach for Ottawa
  10. One or two articles have said Ottawa Stags but that would be too obvious
  11. You could say the same for every SL or championship club, your point is irrelevant
  12. My point is why are fans of heartlands clubs making demands of expansion clubs that their own clubs do not meet. Most UK clubs get relatively low crowds, if you made crowds the only criteria for entering SL very few of SL clubs would meet those standards. Yet again I reference Catalan Dragons crowds before they were in SL it was less than Toulouse's and yet they are one of the most successful clubs commercially in Europe. Assessing crowds in the Championship is not a realistic way of assessing feasibility to SL, especially for clubs outside the UK.
  13. So we both agree that crowds across SL and the Championship are low. So your point about TO having low crowds is irrelevant. I didn't understand the rest of the gibberish.
  14. How many SL clubs can match the crowds at Toulouse RU?
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