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  1. The Albi-Carcassonne game had 3200 views on YouTube the last time I checked
  2. What's the name of the number 19 for the Leopards? He looks like a unit
  3. Some brilliant ideas there, especially about improving the pitchside presentation, which is long overdue. I hope that includes the pitch markings too. A YouTube channel is great but a lot of people no longer use Facebook so I'm not too keen on the idea of building coverage around a declining social media site. Why cant all the coverage be on YouTube? Or the Our League app?
  4. That has to be the most ridiculous, soft try I've ever seen
  5. If I was a SL club or top Championship club I would look to sign him. He looks bigger than when he was at the Dragons
  6. Yeah the picture quality for today's game looks superb
  7. There was a player a couple of seasons back who I really rated who played at hooker called Bonnet I think. He was signed by Avignon the last I heard but I've not seen him on the team sheet. Anyone know what he is up to now? I really thought he was going places before.
  8. I really struggled to watch the TO game yesterday. The video footage was not good at all.
  9. Tony Gigot has been named in the Avignon team at full back for tomorrow's game
  10. More importantly where in France is Villefranche and what are their demographics?
  11. Sigh, can we put this nonsense into other topics. Tired of it, we need to get on with our normal lives ffs
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