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  1. I don't think it's the end but UK RL ain't in a good place right now. Listening to muppets like Nigel Wood about bringing back 'The great institution' that is the GB Lions instead of building on the England brand, bringing in the 8s, getting rid of franchising, loop fixtures etc has done untold damage. Change needs to happen. Don't like to be negative but I'm not gonna bs either.
  2. I don't like to personally attack individuals and I've said it quite a few times...Nigel Wood was the worst thing that could have happened to the sport in this country.
  3. Several years ago I would have been just as outraged as you, but I think the 'RL community' only has itself to blame. The people who run the sport and most that live in the towns it's played have a hostile and negative attitude towards initiatives which would increase the geographic audience of the sport. Look it's simple if we want the media to talk about RL there needs to be changes in so many areas, the way the game is run by the governing body but also the clubs and it's supporters. England simply do not play enough or even compete in any brand competitions like the 6 nations for people to take notice and this is largely because clubs want to play as many games as possible. Sometimes in life you get exactly what you deserve and this applies here. Changes need to happen in uk RL and that's not the fault of the media.
  4. By the way the Newcastle Magpies brand is much more attractive than Newcastle Thunder.
  5. Newcastle Thunder really are doing a smashing job. RL needs more clubs like this.
  6. I like the fact that their development and grass roots work is all self sufficient and managed by the club itself. They're not waiting for the RFL to do the work for them
  7. I'll be cheering them on to, but Oldham will be favourites given recent results between the two
  8. As a London fan, take my advice. It's not good to keep changing the colours of the home kit constantly. Potential fans and casuals will lose track of the identity of the club. By the way this isn't a whinge at the Wolfpack, they just should've stuck to their old design.
  9. One of my favourite things about the Wolfpack when they first started was their branding, especially their all black home kit. It was one of the best kits out there. Now they seem to have abandoned those colours and no longer wear the all black. Can anyone from the Wolfpack support explain why? They seem to have a grey and black kit and then an alternative red kit that they now use.
  10. The board did do consultations. But I'm not one for the argument that every Tom, Dick and Harry has to have a say in the running of the club. This is why there is a board, to make tough decisions. I don't see how the situation would be of benefit to limiting or having some sort voting system with an ever aging and declining fan base. When you hear supporters say they wanted more consultations, it just sounds like another way of saying we want an opportunity to have endless unproductive debates or to put a spanner in the works.
  11. I'm not in anyway saying I don't believe him, only that from what I've read the name calling etc doesn't warrant him and the board stepping down.
  12. Gonna play devils advocate here but I haven't heard anything that backed up the decision by Andy Mazey to step down. We're there actually any death threats? By taking steps to rebrand the club he took a bold and positive move, one which is needed. By not following through the club is left in disarray with an uncertain future. All because a few unhappy supporters called him names, which is of course to be expected in the circumstances. In my view Andy had a duty to see this through, now the situation just looks rather silly. In the end UK RL loses yet again.
  13. Too late. They don't exist as a semi pro entity anymore and are only doing grass roots projects. Got to blame the RFL again on this one, they should've rolled out the red carpet for Manchester Rangers but instead made impossible demands and encouraged other greater Manchester clubs who are barely on life support to rebrand. Another stupid decision coming home to roost.
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