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  1. You need to be very realistic, how many Canadian players do you expect Toronto and Ottawa to have produced in such a short time? It will take time, the Wolfpack and Aces will raise the profile of RL higher than it has ever been and over time this will lead to a top down effect that will produce more local players
  2. Yes it's a bilingual city and not too far from other French speaking catchment areas
  3. On the back of the announcement of Laurent Frayssinous being confirmed as the Ottawa Aces coach their are plenty of advantages for French Rugby League. Laurent has already spoken about the possibility of having their pre season training camp in France and utilising his contacts for player recruitment. I'm guessing here but I wouldn't be surprised to see at least another 7-10 french players maybe more sign for Ottawa which would increase the number of their players within a full time structure. Whichever level that is it can't be a bad thing for French Rugby League. Someone like Thomas Lasvenes would benefit greatly from being involved with Ottawa. Gonna be interesting to see how their recruitment evolves in the lead up to next season.
  4. A 50,000 capacity Elland Road works well for England test matches. Not too big to not sell out and not too small. It's a decent sized stadium in the centre of the heartlands. Perfect for NZ, PNG test matches or even France.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/leeds-united/elland-road-expansion-leeds-kinnear-17102591.amp Once they are confirmed for promotion to the premier league Leeds Utd will have the funds to develop one side of the ground and increase the capacity. To my mind this will be the first time in the modern era where the West Yorkshire heartlands has a decent sized stadium for large events. Can only be a good thing for RL.
  6. 30 years old isn't old in my book. Alot of players play up to 35 years old. How old is Danny Brough?
  7. Leaving Toulouse to play for his local club. Villeneuve Leopards. This comes as a big surprise, a super talented player that's SL standard but ends up playing in the local completion. I know the Leopards are ambitious but how can they out pay Toulouse for a player in Elite 1?
  8. The UK government is in the process of arranging air bridges with 'core countries' so that travellers won't have to quarantine when they return from those countries. France is one of those countries
  9. Where's the social distancing?
  10. Who is the current Hull FC coach, was Lee Radford ever replaced?
  11. Welcome!! Why did you call yourselves Anadolu and not Istanbul which is what most people outside Turkey are more familiar with. Best of luck
  12. The sixth team is Rotterdam Pitbulls. Loving these nicknames. So far Pitbulls, Gorillas and Mad Squirrels.
  13. 5th team is Valencia Huricanes https://mobile.twitter.com/EuroXIIIs/status/1269585448332115968
  14. Mad Squirrels RL are the fourth team announced. They are from The Czech republic
  15. Some people are just negative
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