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  1. Your comments are so devoid of facts that they're not even worth challenging it's just nonsense
  2. Epic, epic fail. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence and basic understanding of the french sporting landscape knew that not one broadcaster would pay for a foreign sports competition with only a single french club representing a town of only 123,000 people. A club that has been fighting relegation for most of the time relegation has been reintroduced. A club with barely any French players in the first team. This move by Robert Elstone and the SL clubs was utterly ridiculous, they had no place making demands like this to French broadcasters when they had no leverage whatsoever. What have they done to make the product more appealing to broadcasters? Nothing. They are an absolute disgrace and have no business running the sports flagship competition. Utter, utter clowns. Shouldve stuck to having the sport shown on Bein sports and using that medium to increase the visibility of RL gradually by introducing Toulouse and having a game every week in France.
  3. I have no idea if it's true. Worth a discussion though
  4. Seen a tweet on Twitter suggesting that Amazon Prime will be bidding for SL in 2021. Anyone heard owt? What impact would it have of the sport and how would it work if true. Do Amazon Prime have anywhere near as many subscribers as SKY?
  5. Yes a Cardiff based team is needed
  6. Keep seeing old results from way back when of this team/club. I know nothing about them but would like to know more. What crowds did they get? Where did they play? Why and when did they fold? What kit did they play in?
  7. Ealing isn't in North London it's West. And just because a place is in North London it doesn't mean it's easier to get to northern towns and cities
  8. So we've gone from Scottish football to Philippines sports, basketball a ton of other sports in a thread about Jacksonville Axemen.
  9. Didn't the bloke before him have a strategic vision which wasn't implement because it was blocked. (Can't remember by whom and what for). Why is this going to be different?
  10. So how did we get from talking about Jacksonville Axemen to Scottish football?
  11. What's the deal with this club? Are they still operating? Do they still get big crowds?
  12. That's not to say that we should do away with promotion/relegation. I propose a two track system. Promotion/Relegation as standard, however if there is a club which could immediately contribute to the commercial value and overall health of the sport then SL should be allowed to invite that club to be fast tracked into the competition. Yes, I believe both means of elevation to Super League can exist side by side. In the scenario that you have a two track system, promotion/relegation will guarantee you a place in the league through on field performance. Therefore the door to SL will not be closed to any club that earns it. On the same note I do feel that the sport should be able to move much quicker to accommodate clubs with good governance that bring value to the sport. The two which spring to mind immediately are Newcastle and Toulouse, the sport stands to gain massively by inviting both entities into the SL comp. In Newcastle's case they would bring interest and eyeballs onto the sport from the heavily populated north east region, they have a strong academy system which produces players and would produce even more top players with the exposure that SL would bring. Added to that they have a very good management group and a top class stadium. Rugby League in the North East and nationally would benefit from their addition. Toulouse have demonstrated for years that they have a competent management group, it's a huge city with a thriving business economy, adding them would contribute to the health of the french national team, providing them with more players and give them an opportunity to be natural competitors to England RL. Their addition would add value to the competition in the french tv market where I feel that just one club is not going to get tv stations to pay a tv deal to screen SL. We need to start thinking outside the box, there is more than one way to do things and this is a good blend and mix of the benefits of franchising and the jeopardy of promotion/relegation that some people love.
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