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  1. Not sure that Rugby League and Central planning are words often used in the same sentence
  2. Is this actually a thing, is Valencia really trying to join the leagues or is this an excuse for a few Bernard Cribbins jokes?
  3. Providing Ottawa enter league one in 2021 the very earliest we could see a Canadian-Ontario SL derby is 2023. This is a huge milestone for RL in Canada, we will literally have two clubs that are pro and can run youth teams and generate interest across that region of the country. Whose to say that in 10-20 years from now Canada can't become a powerhouse competing with England, NZ and Australia. The RL community is really overlooking how big this is, we have a new heartlands people.
  4. So in the last 8 mins of the fev v York game York kicked for touch, the fev trainer was still on the field. Instead of the ball going to touch and fev getting the scrum it hits the fev trainer and ricochets onto a fev player and then goes into touch. York are then awarded the scrum and then score a try moments later. I think that moment alone took the game away from fev, what a blooper.
  5. The Championship and League one should be one comp but don't agree with conferences
  6. I'm with you on that. That whole segment about GB being a huge institution and selling out Wembley every year was absolutely not true. In its last few games in its previous guise GB got 13,000 against NZ in Blackburn and 10,000 in Watford. Hardly a success and these attendances have easily been eclipsed by recent test series against NZ where the England brand was used.
  7. The only negative is the fact that the host has a baseball cap covering his whole face which I find odd. Asides from that I thought he was very good
  8. I've been banging on for a very long time about RL's online presence and how important it is to have content available to the masses that can draw casual audiences into the sport. It's not just about creating content for RL fans it's critical that it's created in a way which is appealing to people that know nothing or very little about RL. RL still has a lot more to do to broaden its online profile but I think the 'Out of Your League' show in video format on Youtube is a step in the right direction. The Joe Rogan Experience really is the benchmark for online discussion programmes and that is produced in a very slick way and it gets tons of views. I also find it interesting and innovative that Joe Rogans show is cross format that means that he has general discussion shows around current affairs but then he has MMA only shows. As someone that despises MMA I've surprisingly found myself watching some of those shows and this is where RL can think out of the box in broadening its appeal. I watched 'Out of Your League' on YouTube for the first time yesterday and for the first time in a long time I was engaged by RL content around Zak Hardaker's and Dan Sarginson's off field challenges it was interesting to get that insight around Zak's drug testing period which I didn't know before and info that's not really put out there for public consumption. Although it's not as slick as Joe Rogan its a step in the right direction and not far off I'd love to see more of it. My suggestions for improving the show and getting more visibility online would be: - Use headlines for each video that capture peoples attention. You see this in a lot of vlogs and is basically called click bait. Big headlines in big bold letters. - The show should have it's own YouTube channel and not be restricted to just being on a RL channel. It needs to build it's own brand and audience regardless of whether that audience are paying RL customers. - Extract clips 5-10 minute clips out of the show that can be shared on social media. In the same way that Joe Rogan does. Viewers don't always have the time to view one hour's content but will watch a quick clip with a captivating headline on their way to work or when their queuing up in the bank. - The backdrop of the show is really good but more improvements can be made in terms of camera angles, sound and presentation
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