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  1. Thanks for that overview. When reading it I thought that Salford could turn this situation around in their favour. From a situation where they are currently not getting any matchday revenue to one where they can get sales from drinks, corporate etc and a stadium which is very compact. Yes, the stadium does need work but I would imagine that Salford will be trying to negotiate for development that should include increased capacity to 7,000, pitch size modifications and increase by removing a few of the front rows from the stands, corporate and changing room facilities. Who knows, could SRD ask for some of these costs be skimmed off from the purchasing price from Sale and the soccer club? I don't see this as a step backwards but an opportunity to get more revenue from a number of new sources they don't currently have, better match day atmosphere, better transport into the stadium and perhaps an opportunity in the long term to own the stadium.
  2. As I understand it all involved parties are in discussions
  3. I do think that when you weigh things up a smaller, but compact Moor Lane is better than an atmosphereless AJ Bell. In the short term, Moor Lane probably just needs one or two of the stands being developed with some corporate facilities and an increase in capacity to around 7000
  4. Just had a look. I think it looks ok, good atmosphere as you mentioned. It does look quite small for what we would like a SL stadium to be, so perhaps one or two of the stands can be extended a bit as a mid to long term objective.
  5. It would be useful to see that list. Were there many clubs around the Lyon area when they were at their peak?
  6. No I couldn't see any corporate facilities at Moor Lane but perhaps that can be developed over time?
  7. Read somewhere recently and there's some talk flying around that the soccer club Salford FC could jointly buy the AJ Bell stadium with Sale Sharks and the council could buy the soccer ground Moor Lane for Salford RL to play in. I'd be interested to know what Salford fans think. Although Moor Lane is much smaller I think it has a much better atmosphere, similar to their historic ground.
  8. Sad to hear about Toulon and Lyon as they are major cities
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