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  1. In my view asides from The Crusaders they were all set up for failure....including London
  2. I don't doubt that Leigh with Derek's backing has the resources to win silverware. Here's where I have a problem though, RL in the UK already has several issues around geographical diversity and lack of clubs within large catchment areas. This leads to the major issue with perception the sport has with sponsors and the casual sports and entertainment customer. Leigh being in SL in itself compounds this image and makes the competition look even more small time than what it already is. Gradually over time the world of UK RL is shrinking and is starting to become an echo chamber for supporters of small town clubs to assert their identity in allegiance with their club at the expense of the commercial growth and health of RL overall. To them, this is not just about sport it's about self identity, culture and ownership. To be honest I find many of these supporters and owners selfish, it's the attitude that they should be in SL regardless of the fact that there are 5 or 6 other clubs down the road all competing over what little sponsors, youth players and supporters are left, this mindset is cannibalising the potential RL has. It's just nonsensical. In my view IMG made some very good proposals but they didn't go far enough, which is understandable given that these same clubs get to vote on the proposals (turkeys aren't going to vote for Christmas). In saying this I would have hoped in IMG's plans that clubs outside of SL that do not enhance the geographical diversity of the sport would have to demonstrate that they bring significant added commercial and more importantly strategic value to the competition in order to play in the league. This is taking into account that we now currently have 5 clubs in the North West alone in SL just a few miles apart and 4 in West Yorkshire this is just not sustainable and I wanted IMG to really tackle this imbalance head on. Derek Beaumont coming out and saying that Leigh can win silverware in 3-5 years tells me that despite IMG'S well thought through proposals the lunatics are still in charge of the asylum.
  3. I would be surprised if he didn't make an appearance for the Toulouse first team next season
  4. Yep, that team looked very young and small. Doesn't help when one of the players gets sent off in the second minute
  5. Which Toulouse U19 forwards are you rating? I know they have Paul Sangare and Dmitri Biscarro in the Elite team who have potential. Sangare is huge and Biscarro quick and explosive
  6. With the Dragons player sent off in the 2nd minute, this game is ruined. Just a one sided beat down now
  7. No teamsheet posted on either Lezignan's or the Dragons social media, that's just ###### poor
  8. I haven't seen it. Just checked Twitter and nothings been posted. Jeez, how hard is it to post the team sheet on social media. I don't even know any of the new Catalan players
  9. St Esteve player sent off in the second minute, not the start they wanted
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