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  1. Didn't they change it already, or am I thinking of something else?
  2. Not true Sangare, Jussame, Marion, Ader, Puech, Bretherton, Bergal, Schamkel, Albert all under 30. That's not including the players that are actually 30 years old. In any case I don't think your theory has any truth in it that players over 30 burn out at the end of the season
  3. After the first few weeks of the Championship season I'm hearing fans say, it's between Toulouse and Featherstone as to who will be promoted to Super League. After seeing York's performance against Featherstone and London's outstanding performance against BatleyI think that might be premature. London and York are still in this and are not far off the top two. Add to that I'm hearing London have recruited two top props from the French league which is gonna beef up their pack immensely, also York have brought in the talented Mikey Lewis from KR on loan, a player like Mikey could
  4. London also about to sign two decent props from the French league, Anthony Mulalley and if I remember correctly Pat Moran
  5. Benjamin can play a number of positions including centre, second row, wing and full back. I read somewhere that his preferred position is full back
  6. Wow, only 19 or 20? I think this kid has a big future. I'm assuming full back is his best position. France have some good options at full back for the years ahead with Rey, Bitigri and Benjamin LaGuerre
  7. Watching Avignon v Palau, Palau are getting thrashed. Gigot replaced at full back by Corentin Rey who looks a decent player
  8. Does this mean we have to be subjected to George Riley's 'French Commentary' again?
  9. I don't like window dressing if it leads to my teams players being sent off. Pray to God that this rule is kept well away from the World Cup
  10. It's also inconvenient if I've paid to watch a game and I end up watching a game with 10 players on one side and 11 on another
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