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Honor James

Wheel Chair RL session, Deeside, next Friday - able & non-able bodied

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Wales Rugby League are holding a Wheel Chair Rugby League session next Friday.

Able and non-able bodied players welcome.

This is a big and exciting development.

This North Wales Crusaders Wheel Chair Rugby League team will be the first in Wales.

It will also be the first pathway formed into our International Wheel Chair Team who are training here, at our Performance Centre in Deeside once a month, in preparation for the Wheel Chair Rugby League World Cup.

Exciting developmen.

Great for provision of disability sport in North Wales.

PLEASE PROMOTE this fantastic opportunity.

Help to make it a success by passing on this information through your links, twitter, Facebook

and by getting it out to the general public domain.

Come and have a go!

Be part of the first wheel chair rugby league team formed in Wales.

Or maybe you can volunteer help - coaching, team manager, match days, refereeing?

If so please email

Matthew Pritchard

North Wales Development Officer


Deeside Leisure Centre

Chester Road West





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I've just starting doing this at Medway Dragons, I highly recommend it.

Invest in some gloves though

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