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Qatar tests getting closer?

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I’d prefer Aus v Tonga in Hawaii, and Aus v NZ in Auckland, but if they decide to play either/all of these in Qatar, surely Lebanon would have to be on the cards too. Highest bidder might not necessarily be best for the game long-term, but if highest bidder wins then what can we do to build it right up?

Week 1: Ton v Leb / Aus NZ

Week 2: Leb v Fra / Aus v Ton, with NZ in England??

Some other nations are crying out for fixtures. Could you sell the idea to Qatar - the bigs nations will play if you pay to get more teams involved? Canada, Serbia, Italy, etc wouldn’t say no, I’m sure. 

Could always be better planned, but still it’s good to see there are a few options on the table for internationals with a range of pros and cons. 

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Give the ARL a wodge of cash, they'd play a game outdoors at night in the Arctic Circle in the middle of January.

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