Adrian Lam explains what he has changed from being Wigan Warriors head coach as Leigh Leopards given major boost ahead of Super League clash

LEIGH LEOPARDS are set to welcome back a number of players for their Super League clash against Wigan Warriors this weekend.

Leigh have yet to win at Wigan under head coach Adrian Lam, and, facing his former side, Lam is keen to put the record straight.

To help him, Lam will be able to welcome back some of his more senior players.

“We’ve got a few faces back in consideration for this weekend so that’s exciting,” Lam said.

“It will take them a few weeks to find a little bit of form but the squad looks healthiest it’s been all season.

“We will be including John Asiata, Robbie Mulhern and Gaz O’Brien. I don’t think they are quite near where they need to be minutes wise so it will take them weeks to get to their max so we need to get the changes right if they do play.

“It’s been very positive for us, a few boys had a few HIAs and both Gaz O’Brien and Tom Amone will be ready to go.

“It’s been a week where we have enjoyed it because we can focus on those boys that were 50/50 last week are ready this week.”

For Lam, it’s been a steady progression since coaching Wigan, a position which he exited in 2021.

“I think there’s been a fair bit of development from when I was at Wigan. I shared the coaching role around too much and I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that they have to have my voice most of the time.

“Off the back of that, you’ve got to keep learning every year regardless of what you do or where you go. I’ve learnt a lot being in the Championship, Challenge Cup, Super League and rotating our squad.

“There’s been an incredible amount of learning, we’ve had the majority of our better players out this season. it’s been hard to try and keep touch with top six.”

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