Beaumont and Koukash to strip pitchside at Magic Weekend

Marwan Koukash and Derek Beaumont are set to strip at the Magic Weekend, all in the name of charity.

The owners of Salford and Leigh respectively are going head-to-head in a weight loss challenge, which will end at the Magic Weekend on May 21st when the two are weighed at St James’ Park ahead of the match between the two clubs.

Both men are looking to reach the 15-and-a-half stone mark, meaning they will both need to lose around three stone.

The loser between the pair will part with £5,000, while both will give £1,000 for every pound they are short of their target weight.

“We are looking to raise some money to be split across two charities close to Rugby League, the Steve Prescott Foundation and Lizzie Jones Foundation,” the two said in a joint statement.

“There is no doubt we are notably overweight, perhaps due to our busy lifestyles and good living and are similarly out of condition with Marwan just over the 18 and a half stone mark and Derek on the nose of the 19 stone mark.

“We aim to both work hard to reduce our weight to a target weight of 15 and a half stone for the day of the Magic Weekend between our respective clubs.

“We will strip off pitch-side for the “weigh in” and see who has achieved their goals and who has lost the most weight.”

Donation pages for sponsorship pledges will be set up in the coming weeks.