Bradford Bulls accept release request from winger

BRADFORD BULLS have accepted a request from Ben Blackmore to be released from his contract with immediate effect due to increased work commitments away from the sport.

The 31-year-old arrived at the club ahead of the 2023 season, going on to make 28 appearances, but only three of those have come this year due to injuries.

“Due to my work away from rugby, I am unable to commit to the amount of training required to be fighting at the top of the Championship, with standards and expectations increasing year on year as the club is hell bent on returning to Super League imminently.

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience at the club, from when I arrived, dealing with injuries and how they’ve handled my situation and contract termination.

“I’d like to thank the staff, players and supporters and wish the club nothing but the best.”

Bradford boss Eamon O’Carroll said: “It’s a difficult one, Ben is a very likeable character, his outside career has taken off and he is forever texting me saying he can’t make training and that affects him because he cares, he wants to be here and be fully invested but knows he can’t be.

“It’s disappointing to lose him but he’s left on great terms, I want to wish him and his family all the best. He now gets to spend time with his young family and hopefully he will come back and support the boys.

“Unfortunately with sport it’s the nature of the beast, the club is moving in a different direction now, we need everyone fully on board and Ben unfortunately couldn’t commit.

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