Bradford Bulls star Tom Holmes looks set for rugby league return despite lack of complete diagnosis over health scare

BRADFORD BULLS star Tom Holmes looks poised for a rugby league return, despite the playmaker not yet being given a complete diagnosis on his health issue.

In January, Holmes revealed that he was undergoing tests after being given an initial diagnosis that he was suffering from a rare form of cancer – Subcutaneous Panniculitis-Like T-cell Lymphoma (SPTCL).

However, the 28-year-old has been given the green light to begin his long road to recovery despite it being unsure whether or not Holmes needs further treatment.

Holmes posted on Instagram: “Six incredibly long difficult months mentally, physically & even more, emotionally.

“Appointment after appointment, multiple biopsies, bone marrow extractions, multiple pet scans & then a second referral to start it all over again in Manchester…

“I’ve finally got a plan going forward, of some sort…

“The results from all these biopsies still shine no light on what’s going on to be honest, or a clear indication if it’s cancer or not due to rarity of it apparently. The specialists are still unsure and I haven’t had the all clear, which is still pretty scary.

“With my general health stabilising more, which is a huge positive, and some scans showing activity has shrunk more than before, I have been given the go ahead to try resume normal life while being closely monitored in the hope things keep improving in my body.

“I’m no closer to knowing what’s started all this, what the complete diagnosis is. I’m just more reassured that it’s less likely to be malignant at this moment in time & hoping it stays that way.

“I can’t explain how these past months have been for not just myself, but my close friends, and especially my family at home, who have been amazing every step.

“Home life has been incredibly tough but my partner & kids have been my rock. It’s taken so much out of me & i can’t even put into words how I’ve felt daily and how I’m feeling right now.

“I’ve always had a glimmer of hope but the more time went on the harder it became, feels like a miracle that things are looking much more positive!

“Regarding my rugby, im going to work with the staff to ensure I’m gradually built back into it. I honestly didn’t even think I would even be able to get the chance to play again at times.

“The club have been incredibly supportive throughout all this too so I’m ready to give back the best I can and have a season to remember…best get myself some new boots!

“Much love”

Holmes has been a key part of the Bradford side since making the move to Odsal ahead of the 2023 Championship season, with the 28-year-old enamouring himself to the Bulls’ fans with big performances.

Prior to his move to Bradford, the playmaker made his name for Castleford Tigers and Featherstone Rovers.

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