Brian McDermott on the prospect of Sonny Bill Williams joining Toronto

Brian McDermott has hinted conversations could resume with Sonny Bill Williams regarding a move to Toronto Wolfpack.

The Canadian club have long been linked with the Kiwi megastar, who is currently playing in the Rugby Union World Cup, and have never denied their interest in bringing him to the club.

With the Wolfpack now in Super League, McDermott believes talks may continue as they plot to bring him to Super League for the first time.

“Our people have had conversations with his people and the answer wasn’t no,” McDermott said.

“He hasn’t just shut it off.

“Just be careful how you quote me, because I’m not saying he’s coming, I’m not saying he’s going to come, but the fact of the matter is he responded and the answer wasn’t no. So there’s further conversations to have now we’re in Super League now he knows what league we’re playing in.”

McDermott, Super League’s most successful ever coach, believes his arrival would elevate exposure for the sport.

“If we had someone like that it would raise the profile of Rugby League in Canada, the profile of Toronto Wolfpack and it would be great for us.

“But the other side to that is he has to be good as well. I don’t just mean world-class, headline-grabbing, I mean someone who is willing to make those tackles from marker, does do the ugly stuff and have his nose bent.”