British government responds to Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow’s and Kevin Sinfield’s criticism and promises £30 million funding

THE British government has responded to Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow’s question on when will funding be released for research into Motor Neurone Disease, promising £30 million in the process.

Burrow questioned: “When will the promised funding be delivered? I’d appreciate a proper honest answer that would give me and others confidence and hope for the future.”

Now, Barclay has responded, stating: “We’ve already invested millions to improve treatments and our understanding of this condition but there’s more we can do and that’s why I’m now slashing red tape to fast-track funding and ensure it reaches frontline researchers more quickly.

“I’m grateful to the United to End MND campaign for their work raising awareness and I warmly congratulate Kevin Sinfield on his epic achievement completing seven ultra-marathons, as well as remembering the late Doddie Weir for his outstanding contribution over the past five years.”

On BBC Breakfast this morning, Barclay went further, promising £30 million would be landing with the MND organisations this week.

“The £30 million will go out to organisations this week and we will have a round table meeting to discuss where the other £20 million goes this week.

“We have the money but the frustration previously has been the quality of the bids. We have the money that will be allocated.”

Meanwhile, Leeds legend and former teammate of Burrow, Kevin Sinfield, had previously hit out at the government for failing to release the funds, too.

“I can’t see any valid reason why this money is being held back. This is important that this comes across, that the scientists work together and we move the dial forward,” Sinfield said.

“The £50 million is for research and there is nothing in there that helps families and all those other things that people don’t think of.”

Fingers crossed that the money will indeed be with the MND organisations this week.