Cameron Scott hits back at ‘baffling’ social media comments after Hull FC exit announced

HULL FC centre Cameron Scott has criticised the “unjust comments” made on social media following the announcement of his move from Hull FC to Wakefield Trinity.

He will leave Hull at the end of this season to join current Championship leaders Wakefield on a two-year deal, with the option of a third.

Scott, who has spent his whole career to date with Hull, hit back at comments which speculated his future salary with his new club.

“Never been one to do this but after the news yesterday I’ve had a fair bit of backlash and plenty of unjust comments,” said the 24-year-old in a post.

“What I get paid is not common knowledge and for people to then jump on rumours of ‘what they’ve heard’ and then run to every social media outlet to post their opinion about me as a person and a player is just baffling.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however if there is no truth in it and they’ve latched onto whatever ‘they’ve heard’ and ran with it then it’s just ridiculous and says more about them than it does me.

“Some of the numbers I’ve seen and what people have believed from others posting is wild.”

Scott is just the latest recruit by Wakefield ahead of their anticipated return to Super League in 2025 under club grading, with England internationals Tom Johnstone and Mike McMeeken also confirmed.

He said of joining the club: “I’m really excited at the opportunity of coming to Wakefield. 

“It’s a club that’s doing a lot of things right, both on and off the field and are heading in the right direction. 

“I feel I reached the point in my career where I needed something new and when Wakefield came in the opportunity was too good to miss.”

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