Castleford Tigers chief explains “freak” flood problem at Super League ground

DOING the rounds on social media over the weekend was pictures of Castleford Tigers’ stadium seemingly under water.

Shocking weather across the country saw mass flooding, with Yorkshire one of those regions affected dearly.

And perhaps none more so than The Jungle – the home of the beloved Tigers with managing director Mark Grattan explaining the issue at hand.

In response, Grattan said: “What happens if we get a lot of rain is we hold a little bit of water in the bottom corner of the main field and then sometimes because of the size of the roof we get a bit of water outside the tunnel area. It takes a while to go away,” Grattan told the COYFCast Podcast.

“What we normally have is a couple of pumps and pump the water onto the pitch and everything catches itself up. What happened this time, we came in Friday morning and the water levels were higher than we had ever seen before. We got the pumps going and spoke to CBR (a sponsor) and they dropped us another pump and we got another from a different sponsor.

“We pumped the water on to the pitch from the changing room area but it wasn’t making much of a dent so we got a big tanker. They filled it in ten minutes but it still wasn’t making much of a dent.

“We saw Yorkshire Water outside and they said there was a problem with the water treatment tanks which had caused flooding. They said it will subside and would go.

“We left as normal on Friday with some flooding, on Saturday morning we came back in and it had risen a bit. So we contacted Yorkshire Water and they said there was nowhere for the water to go.

“We made a plan to come back in Sunday when we thought it would be gone but everything was under water. The whole pitch, changing rooms, legends’ lounge, ticket office, safe box had gone. It had got into the accounts, chairman’s lounge and medical rooms. The mains waterpipe had burst and pushed everything down to us.

“Monday and Tuesday was horrific trying to deal with that and getting the water away. It is a freak set of circumstances. The pumping station was not working to capacity, the main waterpipe had burst and the shock weather.”

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