Castleford Tigers given major blow at Tribunal as Sylvester Namo verdict revealed

CASTLEFORD TIGERS have been given a major blow at tonight’s Operational Rules Tribunal with Sylvester Namo being given a five-match ban.

The Tigers forward had his Grade F Dangerous Contact charge downgraded to a Grade E, but that still carries a five-match suspension as well as a £750 fine.

The Tribunal rejected Namo’s not guilty plea, but downgraded the offence, which had been charged at Grade F by the Match Review Panel.

In response, Castleford have revealed that they “will be reviewing options in detail tonight and will provide an update tomorrow”.

Whether the Tigers will appeal the Grade E charge and subsequent five-match ban and £750 remains to be seen, but the loss of another player will hurt Craig Lingard’s side following a plethora of injuries.

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