Castleford Tigers on track for maximum stadium points ahead of IMG grading

CASTLEFORD TIGERS are on track to receive the maximum number of points for their stadium and facilities at the next round of IMG grading, according to new director Martin Jepson.

Jepson, who acquired a third of the club’s shares in last December, has been a constant focal point of communication with fans ever since coming on board at the Tigers.

And, with Castleford often criticised for their stadium and facilities, Jepson has sought to reassure Castleford supporters that the club is on course to achieving maximum stadium points ahead of the next round of IMG grading for 2025 and beyond.

In a statement released on the Tigers’ website, Jepson said: “As we are now halfway through the season, the board and I would like to provide an update to fans on how we are progressing towards increasing our IMG scores and the essential part that you all continue to play in this.

“Our stadium developments are well underway, with the Princess Street seats now in place, extra corporate seats and upcoming plans to improve the director’s seats and walkway.

“Our broadcast parking area is now complete and the remaining works to the media suite, TV Studio and press area will be completed in the next 2 months, well ahead of the grading.

“We now have our new big screen in place and are in the final stages of costing up LED systems for 3 sides of the pitch.

“With all of the above being completed, we are on track and confident that we should receive maximum stadium points.

“Our commitment to you as fans is clear and we are doing everything within our control to gain the IMG points needed to maintain Super League status.”

As well as revealing the stadium points success, Jepson has also appealed to Castleford fans to turn out in numbers for the club’s last four home games in a bid to boost attendance scores.

“The points that we cannot directly control are those related to the game day attendance and these are points that could make a big difference to the overall score – we are doing everything within our power to drive more support to The Jungle every game – whether this is special offers, family fun and activities or multi-ticket deals – we want to make it as easy as possible for new and loyal fans to see a game this season and help us pack The Jungle.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our season ticket holders for your loyal support of the club this season and give a heartfelt thanks for your continued attendance at the games and understanding whilst we put on special offers to get new fans into the stadium.

“We need to continue to pack The Jungle at each of our last four games this season in a final push towards gaining the highest attendance figures possible and to create an electrifying and intimidating environment to motivate our players. We need your support and here’s how you can help:

“If you’re planning on attending these games then get your tickets early to help us plan and give us a good idea of the support we can expect

“Take advantage of our ticket offers:

“4 game membership – £80 for all 4 remaining home games (Concessions £52)

“Kids for £1 – Catalan Dragons Sunday 21st July – Join us for a Double Header Family Fun Day and celebration of our Armed Forces with lots of activities and games ahead of the game as well as our women’s team straight after the men’s game.

“Bring your friends, family and introduce new fans to the sport to enjoy some great summer rugby

“Share our social media posts and messages to help us reach more fans and gain more people attending the games

“We are one team and without your support over many years, the Castleford Tigers would not be the committed community club it is today, so we thank you in advance for all your help in our final push as we head into the last 4 home games.

“We look forward to seeing you all at The Jungle for the remainder of this season and welcome you to enjoy some great family Rugby League.

“Best wishes, Martin Jepson.”

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