Castleford Tigers receive mixed news at Tribunal with Liam Watts and Charbel Tasipale appeals

CASTLEFORD TIGERS have received mixed news at an Operational Rules Tribunal regarding appeals from Liam Watts and Charbel Tasipale.

Watts had been charged with Grade E Head Contact from Castleford’s 32-4 loss to the Wigan Warriors on Friday night, with the potential of a four to six match ban.

His appeal to downgrade, however, was unsuccessful and the forward has subsequently been banned for four games and fined £750.

Meanwhile, Tasipale was charged with Grade C Head Contact from the same fixture. Upon appeal, however, Tasipale’s charge was downgraded to Grade B with a £250 fine but no ban.

It means that the Lebanese international will be free to play for the Tigers in their away clash with the Salford Red Devils on Sunday afternoon.

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