Channel 4’s Head of Sport speaks out on loss of Super League coverage to the BBC

CHANNEL 4’S Head of Sport, Pete Andrews, has spoken out on the loss of its Super League coverage to the BBC.

The BBC has replaced Channel 4 as the sport’s free-to-air coverage of Super League, with the former signing a three-year deal after the latter’s two-year contract came to an end.

Channel 4 were trailblazers in that respect, bringing Super League to terrestrial television for the first time in the summer era and Andrews has spoken of his disappointment at not being kept on in the same role.

“I’m really disappointed because we loved being involved,” Andrews told League Express.

“The welcome we got from rugby league was fantastic and we really felt part of the family which is something I’ve not experienced in sport before.

“I’ve worked in sport for 25 years and it was such a great sport to be involved with. We are really disappointed not to be there this year but I’ll still be watching as a viewer.

“I think it’s important that it stays on terrestrial TV and that makes me think that we played a part in getting Super League on terrestrial.

“We are pleased that has continued but we are sad that that isn’t with us anymore.”

Whilst Channel 4’s Super League coverage is no more, Andrews paid tribute to all those involved that made it work.

“It was a brilliant two years, I was really proud of the coverage and I was really pleased with our talent team who did an amazing job.

“Adam Hills was brilliant, we loved having Danika Priim and Kyle Amor. Kyle has done great and I’m pleased he is still working on it.

“Adam felt like the key piece of the jigsaw, he is such a fan. He was worried when we talked to him about doing the coverage that he wasn’t an expert. But we told him that was fine because we wanted him to ask questions that fans would ask.

“He flew back from Australia to do a couple of games and his commitment was unbelievable. And Helen did a fantastic job too.

“They gave it everything, wee were just disappointed to have to say to them that they wouldn’t be doing it with Channel 4.

“Mark Wilson was fantastic on commentary as well. We had to tell a highly-motivated and great talent team we weren’t going to keep doing it.”

Wilson, Amor and Tomkins have since moved on to Sky Sports to be part of their commentary and punditry team and Andrews believes that is testament to their success on Channel 4.

“That’s testament to the job they did and quite rightly they have been employed to work elsewhere. I’m really pleased with that.

“There is a lot of talent there that deserves to be working on the sport all year round – it’s just a shame that they aren’t doing it with us!

“But, it’s good that we managed to put a few different people into the eco-system. I’m happy for them.”

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