Chev Walker on what he has changed and what he hasn’t changed at Leeds Rhinos since Rohan Smith

LEEDS RHINOS’ interim coach Chev Walker has a 100 per cent record so far as number one of the West Yorkshire club.

Following Rohan Smith’s exit last month, Walker has been put in charge of the squad on an interim basis, with the Rhinos running out winners against Leigh Leopards a fortnight ago.

For the former Bradford Bulls and Leeds forward, some things have changed the same, but he is encouraging the Rhinos players to express themselves.

“We are encouraging them to do more, everything they have practiced from pre-season all the way through,” Walker said.

“We’ve not changed anything towards the game plan or structure, it’s just about manipulating their mindset to actually deliver what they are capable of delivering.

“Our workload doesn’t change; Scott Grix is doing the attack and I’m doing the defence and Rohan (Smith) used to oversee that. I’ve stayed true to that.

“The workload doesn’t change, it’s just the delivery of that and how that message is sold to the players from our point.”

Whilst Leeds are actively looking for a new head coach, Walker has not been given a timescale on when a decision will be reached.

“I’ve not been given a timescale, I try not to get bogged down by it because it’s a distraction for me as a coach.

“My main message to the group is that we are aiming in a good spot for whoever comes in and that when they do come in there is a good feel around the place.”

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