Controversial try in Leigh Leopards’ win over Salford Red Devils highlights need for video referees at every Super League game

THE argument about having a video referee at every Super League game continues to rage with every week that goes by.

Of course there is the cost aspect, with video technology at every game obviously going to cost more than a non-televised fixture, as well as paying for an extra video referee.

However, consistency is one of the buzzwords that gets thrown about more than ever in rugby league, but how can we have consistency when some games are televised and others aren’t?

With video technology at every game, it would allow on-field referees to check with the man upstairs in a bid to improve accuracy – and that may well have been the case had Leigh Leopards’ clash at the Salford Red Devils yesterday been televised.

The Leopards’ Ricky Leutele went in at the corner for an important try in the first-half against Paul Rowley’s side.

Referee Ben Thaler awarded the try after consultation with his touch judge, but it’s fair to say that a video referee would have had a good look at the four-pointer that was given.

There was also some confusion about what Thaler signalled after the try was awarded.

Here is the try in question: