Council reveals reason for rejection of joint-bid buyout of Salford Red Devils’ stadium by Sale Sharks and Salford City FC

SALFORD CITY COUNCIL has revealed the reason for the rejection of a joint-bid buyout of Salford Red Devils’ stadium – the AJ Bell – by Sale Sharks and Salford City FC.

Salford City released a statement earlier on today that read, despite 18 months’ worth of negotiations with the Council, their proposal alongside rugby union side Sale Sharks has been rejected.

And, the reason for that proposed takeover by Salford City and Sale has now been revealed, with the council telling the BBC: “The council and Coscos (stadium company) have been in extensive negotiations with partners about the sale of the stadium – but unfortunately we have not received a proposal which satisfies our aspirations for this great community asset.

“We are now looking at other future options. It is important to note that we have been liaising closely with executives at Salford Red Devils and Sale Sharks who are fully briefed.

“We will provide further updates in the new year.”

The Salford City FC statement, released earlier today, reads: “As supporters are all aware we have been in talks with Salford City Council for 18 months to purchase the AJ Bell Stadium.

“However, we were informed in the last two weeks by Salford City Council that they will now purchase the Stadium outright and that we wouldn’t be considered.

“Whilst this news came as a surprise to us, we will continue to monitor closely the progression of the purchase, but at this moment our immediate future is to remain at The Peninsula Stadium.”

Now, Sale have had their say, with CEO Sid Sutton stating: “We will continue to have a long-term home at our stadium, however we can confirm that following 18 months of discussions, our proposed bid to buy the stadium as part of a joint venture has been declined.

“We are now working very closely with Salford City Council to ensure we reach a robust agreement that allows Sale Sharks to both enhance and control the matchday experience for the benefit of our supporters, and benefit commercially from matchday activity.

“We have always maintained that taking control of the stadium is integral to the long-term future of Sale Sharks and that remains the case. But equally, we were clear that we wouldn’t proceed with any course of action until Salford Red Devils have secured a place to play.

“Salford City Council’s proposed agreement will enable this to happen while ensuring that the stadium remains the home of Sale Sharks.”