Ex-Hull FC, Wakefield and Leigh man opens up on devastating injury, almost losing an arm and new career turn

RUGBY LEAGUE players are tough – everyone knows that.

But, sometimes an injury comes along that makes an eyebrow or two raise with how devastating it is.

Well, for former Hull FC and Leigh forward Chris Green, that eyebrow raise almost ended with him losing an arm with Green forced into retirement at the age of 32 last December.

“The initial injury was a decent break to my forearm which led to a number of difficult complications,” Green told League Express.

“That became very severe towards the end. I developed two big infections, the latter being around the play-off time which kept me in hospital for two weeks.

“I then had a line in me which then led to an upper limb DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and that was then when it became apparent I couldn’t play anymore.

“These are life long complications but I’m lucky to have my arm which at the time was quite tough to deal with.

“I was fortunate to have my family around me to help but rugby ended quite abruptly to say the least!”

Since that unfortunate moment, Green admits that he is now moving forward as best as possible.

“Rugby has been great to me since I started as a young lad but If I’m honest I’m kind of glad things finished – obviously not in those circumstances but the game has changed a lot recently and I’m not trapped playing it, which a lot of lads are.

“But my message would be to just embrace it when it comes. What will be will be. That’s how I’ve accepted it moving forward mentally.”

Though getting back on the job ladder can be a difficult task for former professional rugby league players, Green is certainly making strides in that area.

“Since retiring I had quite a rough couple of months until my arm was sorted. However, since around Christmas time I’ve loved every minute of it.

“I’ve just started a new job as an orthopaedic medical sales rep with Zimmer Biomet in their sports medicine division.

“They are a massive medical technology company who have been great with me so far. I owe my consultant Sam Vollans at Leeds General Infirmary a lot, he fixed my arm and recommended me to Zimmer given what had happened with rugby.

“I’ve not looked back since.”

Now 34, Green hung up his boots after over 200 career appearances with almost 150 of those coming in the colours of Hull FC, but he has no regrets.

“I’ve got some great memories that will last forever and I’ll always be a fan of rugby league. It’s been a big part of my life.”