Ex-Super League referee Richard Silverwood blasts head of officials Steve Ganson after latter was stood down for internal review

IN recent years, a number of high profile Super League referees have left the game including the likes of James Child, Gareth Hewer, Joe Cobb whilst Robert Hicks has stepped down from full-time to part-time.

This weekend, Rugby League Live revealed that head of officials Steve Ganson is being stood down due to an internal review.

Ganson himself officiated in over 300 Super League games during his whistling career before becoming the head of match officials in 2016.

Now, former referee Richard Silverwood – who himself took part in over 400 games – has blasted Ganson on social media.

Silverwood tweeted: “Only 8 years too late. This bloke has made many officials walk away from something they love. A department run by fear. Whilst a referee he was the king of banter and mischief. Then when boss he would have people suspended for things he did himself.”

“The amount of outstanding officials that have left due to Ganson is unreal. You can’t lose experience just like that. Look after what you have properly. Not a big queue wanting to be officials. The sport needs top experienced officials to thrive.”