Former Wigan Warriors fullback completes meteoric rise from player to CEO of Super League club

WIGAN WARRIORS have been one of the most successful clubs in rugby league history and now they are preparing for the future with the appointment of former fullback Kris Radlinski as chief executive following nine years as an executive director.

The former Wigan fullback was instrumental in steering the club through one of the club’s most difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic and was heavily involved in the plan for a successful strategic regeneration of the Club afterwards.

Radlinski was also key in the appointment of Matt Peet as head coach.

Kris Radlinski said: “I have probably been doing many aspects of the role for the last two years but for my appointment to be made official in this way is a great honour. Ian Lenagan has invested so much time, faith and trust in me for well over a decade and I will be eternally grateful for his mentorship.

“In addition, it is important that I mention a few people: Michael Maguire, Shaun Wane, Simon Lenagan, Adrian Lenagan, Professor Chris Brooks, Geoff Warburton, David Moore, Wayne Joyce and, more recently, Matt Peet have all invested knowledge and challenged me to be better.

“Mary Sharkey, Carol Madden, Stewart Frodsham and Mandy Johnston are also key people who have kept me on track.

“To the players and staff and the team behind-the-team who keep the Club running, I say thank you for your support. Similarly, all the owners and Chief Executives around Super League and the RFL Governing Body have all played very important roles in my personal development.”

He added: “I am fully aware of the responsibility bestowed upon me to represent the people of this town and will continue to work hard for this Rugby Club and the game of Rugby League as we enter a critical decade.”

Chairman, Ian Lenagan, commented: “I remember putting on a shirt and tie to do a video call with Kris on the eve of the 2014 Grand Final to tell him that I was inviting him on to the Wigan Board of Directors. The weekend did not go to plan as we lost the Grand Final to St. Helens and the game was overshadowed by the Ben Flower incident.

“In his self-effacing style, Kris told nobody about him becoming a Wigan Director. It was only at the end-of-season dinner when I announced his appointment that people actually became aware.

“I take great pride in Kris’s business and personal development and it has been a tremendous privilege of my ownership to work alongside him for 15 years. We have also become great friends along the way.

“All the stakeholders within the Club and the sport of Rugby League will concur that his formal appointment now as Chief Executive is a strong and correct decision.”