Championship club reportedly in financial disarray ahead of battle for Super League

CHAMPIONSHIP club Toulouse Olympique are reportedly in financial disarray ahead of a battle for Super League.

French publication Treize Mondial has reported that current president of the Toulouse club, Bernard Sarrazain, will depart but not without clearing a debt of around €200,000 which needs to be found before March 31.

The French paper claims that Toulouse had a debt of around €500,000 following their relegation from Super League.

Earlier in the week, the French club released a squad of just 19 players ahead of their first season back in the Championship after a painful maiden year in the top flight.

The likes of Harrison Hansen and Guy Armitage have been retained but those such as Chris Hankinson, Matty Russell and Corey Norman have all departed.

Treize Mondial reported: “President Sarrazain wants to be confident and promises to save the club from bankruptcy before his departure.”