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  1. I went. Was I disappointed slightly. Especially when a couple of waterhead dads said their first team would beat both teams. I think that sums where we are in the rugby landscape of oldham. Good to see Martin Murphy yesterday so that's a plus. I look at where we are and where I think we should be and that's depressing
  2. Hope to see you soon stevos barber not attending the chip fat arena mainly because I fallen out of love with the game.
  3. For me I believe that the best chance of promotion is via the play offs. The one thing that the loss to Lane showed was thar the players were quite quick to start bickering between themselves to the ref which does not bode well. Hopefully this can and will be addressed. Still think we are lacking genuine pase and creativity in the centres. We need a edge of your seat player.
  4. When I try and print digital programmes,pdf format, I choose booklet option but this mixes up the pages but if I choose the normal print option it prints in page order. Is this something that can be amended
  5. Waterhead include joy Owen and Bridge now
  6. What's the point of playing at boundary park when there will be on average 500 spectators in attendance if we look at our recent attendance figures. That's financial suicide. We need to find a ground with a form of terracing that meets minimum standards. Something in the oldham Borough is certainly lacking.
  7. We have lacked a real enforcer for a few years. I am not we bring back the biff but with so many young lads in the team am old head in the pack or middles is certainly required
  8. The lad plays well when we have an experience stand off otherwise he doesn't back himself. As the play maker I'm sure he's carrying out the coaches instructions I hope he has a decent 2022 if he does we will be thereabouts for promotion
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