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  1. I think we need at least one more forward and now a scrum half
  2. Not heard anything from Oldham but I do hope they do something better than 2022 but I'm not holding much hope
  3. To be fair oldham v hornets is always spicy especially when there is alot of cross over between the clubs. Not to put a dampener on it but it's only a pre season game on a level with widnes and in my opinion the entry price should be the same for both games. I know it won't be a popular statement but it's not going determine anything in respect of promotion
  4. So who's turning up on Sunday in limeside. I for one am not, I away with the Mrs.
  5. Are not cup games a shared gate. Hence why they are not Included in the season ticket together with no gof a home tie. Save for the hot and cold balls drawn
  6. I'm looking for oldham programmes from 2006 onwards cam anyone assist
  7. Happy new year to all hornets supporters. However my goodwill does not extend to the 3 fixtures against Oldham obviously
  8. What is the sizing like with ellgren on the shirts are they tight fitting or are they a normal size
  9. I think. I maybe wrong, that Tyrone shoelaces is referring to league 1 a little like death row with any of the teams competing in it bring sent to the chair at any moment
  10. Cheers for that. I have had alot going on personally and I have not kept up to date with stuff. It's made me realise that there's more to life than rugby but I hate to see the demise of any semi pro club.
  11. Season ticket prices have they been set. How will the club survive with so few home games
  12. Happy Christmas mate hope to see you at fortress whitebank on 2023
  13. @ManchesterYed as much I admire your wish that wardy was in an oldham shirt in 2023. Its not going to happen he has resigned at Batley and thats that. Foi foi may just be a non starter remember never believe rumours especially in rugby league
  14. I thought it was based on the size of the ears!
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