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  1. Looks like herman Hilton has morphed into Chris Hamilton
  2. This is a must win game, we need to collect points against Swinton dewsbury whitehaven and batley.
  3. clifford


    I never thought we'd win the first two but I thought we'd scored more points
  4. clifford


    Not all suspensions start straight away
  5. clifford


    The only positive is we unearth a gem in fletcher. At 19 he is showing that he has an old head.
  6. Worthington should have scored under the post but that tar stopped him,
  7. Widnes deserved to win and were the better side, but the sin binning was harsh, then langers was moved from the ball whilst trying to score twice in the first half. Also the ref missed a blatant shoulder charge. Good signs
  8. Apparently over 350 hardy souls watch Anne's v head in the standard cup at the weekend. That's more than Oldham got at whitebank against saints under 20s
  9. Obviously its ch's fault, he has many flaws but has skin of a rhino
  10. Nothing confirmed, with regards to DR with saints. Saints want Leigh again but they have 4 all season long loans so saints would only be able to send 1 player out. So it's a possible
  11. A rugby game is 80 minutes not 60 minutes and the score board my have flattered us Yes I'm concerned, but remember we have the smallest budget, the smallest squad, probably the smallest fan base. Favourites to be relegated but the one thing that we have in abundance is faith and belief in our playing squad.
  12. Dewsbury tweeted that their programme is resigned to history
  13. For me it's part of the match day experience but as more clubs drop how long will mr h keep them going
  14. clifford

    The Law Cup

    After a few days to reflect, I'm still disappointed in the performance. The result for me is secondary. It's a friendly no points lost. We are light in the pack. Phil Joy is inviting people to tackle him he hardly breaks a tackle. We need a vastly experienced prop who can break a tackle. Saturday against saints is meaningless. I am fearful for the widnes game
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