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  1. Ray price Brett kenny Peter sterling Paul Taylor 4 great players
  2. The pain of driving up ripponden road is horrendous. I avoid it if I can.
  3. clifford


    Its purely a loan from the government and would you lend Oldham Oldham rugby money
  4. clifford


    I'll take a punt that our leader isnt voting for it start anytime soon, the thought of spending 5k a week with no fans must be giving him sleepless nights
  5. That's to sensible for rugby league.
  6. I've been looking at players who have played for both clubs and I have compiled the following list of players Paul Taylor Chris Phelan Bob Lindner David Liddard Glen Liddard Ivan Ropati Matt Munro
  7. Does anyone know what is the best way to contact Sterlo
  8. I've followed parramatta since childhood because my heros of Kenny and sterling played for them
  9. Do anyone in interweb land have the above two aussie greats autographs that they are will to sell
  10. clifford

    Stay alert

    I think he reminds me of someone
  11. clifford

    Stay alert

    I been searching the interweb and darkest oldham and I think I've found the covid 19 bug hiding, I realised it's not a virus because of what boris said and here he is it is..........
  12. Mr Naylor took over the website of Oldham rlfc and then the heritage trust so I dont think that it is up there anymore
  13. clifford


    I do like having a physical programme makes it feel real
  14. clifford


    Cheers dave
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