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  1. I have been on here for years, but over the last 18 months the drive to get to games has become nonexistent. There is hardly any news about the club, I hear training is fantastic but you don't get league points in training. We are short of some creative stand off. The club at whitebank is a gym. Avro have converted at lot of the land for their own purpose and that doesn't include oldham. At this time Saddleworth Annes and waterhead are run better than the pro club. Sadly hornets are running rings round us with their off field stuff and they have one thing better than us t
  2. The problem is, we are run as a one man band. Finances an signings are down to one man. Therefore we have a very small pot of money for players coaches etc. Most clubs have a number of Directors with shared liability and as it follows more cash. Oldham will never have a chance of returning to a mid table division 2 team sorry championship team whilst we struggle from day to day. I remember beating Wigan at Central Park in the mid eighties and that's nearly 40 years ago. I can't see us beating any top sides if the present organisation continues.
  3. Season over, IMHO Brian Mc hasn't changed the results still winless. Half backs not good enough. Feels like the last out turn the light off.
  4. "Down with the lions, we're going down with the Lions" Rip oldham rlfc. I'm afraid this year
  5. I am sure I saw a picture on twitter of a lesser spotted Rochdale Hornets programme
  6. Well we beat them last time with Gilly's try at Stalybridge.
  7. Who you gonna call................ Brian Mcdermott a damn sight better than the ghost busters
  8. It's not financially viable to play in Vegas in championship 1. Too much rent; stewards costs and fall in gate money.
  9. I don't know but I do know that the office/porta cabin isn't oldham rugby's. Avro have improved their off field hospitality. Anthony Crolla's gym is the old club house. Oldham's is presumably a room in Mr Hamiltons gaff. If we go down we are groundless
  10. The future is worse, because the base that was at Whitebank has gone, so in really terms we have no offices no ground no assets and only debit. We have a group of players low on confidence, and our leader sacks the head coach and its clear from the lack of progress on the new coach that his decision to sack the head coach was either a headline grabber or a spur of the moment decision. That to me isn't leadership, if you sack your head coach you make sure you have plan B C or D in place first, then it is a seamless transition to the new leadership. My own interest in RL generally is a
  11. The establishment has wanted to kill rugby league since 1895 and now they have an opportunity
  12. Spot on there, think us and Swinton have gone. Don't know what will happen next year, as we will have to find a ground and with cut funding the future is not so rosey. I have tried to stay positive but can't. If we have pro rugby in oldham next year it will be a bonus. The main reason for being so down is, we sack the coach, ch gives a Churchill speech to the players and there is still no new coach. No new game plan, no new structure, no notice of intent and it follows zero confidence
  13. I would assume that Matt's contract would have to be paid up. Therefore the coffers maybe lacking
  14. I think in all probability we are down looking at the fixtures and our lack of form. A disappointing season so far. After a pre season that promised so much
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