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  1. That was on the front cover of the rugby leaguer and I was gutted. Then ronnie Campbell said in an interview that he loved refereeing the beard beardmore twins a few weeks later.
  2. Dont forget Topliss had whiplash and couldnt play
  3. As a young lad, I remember watching training g at sheddings when Frank and Peter Smethurst were coaching. The banter was very educational. Wonderful memories.
  4. The first two videos,we've already lost sheddings
  5. For nightmares theres the Warrington semi final which I can't watch even now
  6. I think that the extended break may focus Elton's mind that being solely liable for everything isnt what he wants, he may let others join him. Then I woke up.
  7. I never saw him play, sadly before my time, he has now joined the ever growing squad of Oldham greats in the sky. Hopefully sheddings is looking good up there
  8. I m lucky that I can work from home. I wasnt given an option. I'm unsure what the future holds for rugby as a whole as well as football and cricket
  9. Its difficult because I am at present unable to go to the office. I have to work from home for errr 12 weeks, being an asthmatic and insulin dependent diabetic. Its day 2 and its doing my head in
  10. The law cup 2021 rochdale Mayfield v Oldham combine 13, made up of local amateur players.
  11. That's very true dave, was going to pop over to lobby land on Saturday as well.
  12. think you'll have to walk dave.
  13. Well no rugby league until 03/04, at the earliest. Will there be a club probably, if the ban is longer who knows
  14. Oldham St Annes are providing a digital programme and if you go its £2 in, including a physical copy files.pitchero.com_clubs_5080_cp5s3dRvRg6P7ACAxoHB_13-03-2020.pdf
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