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  1. I am looking for oldham st annes programmes from 97 to 98 and Saddleworth Rangers programmes from 98 to 99
  2. Oldham groundhoppers is more appropriate me thinks
  3. Waterhead include joy Owen and Bridge now
  4. Looks like an extremely positive meeting. Only time will tell whether the aims are achieved. I do feel that this should have been done pre covid and funding cuts. From little acorns hugh oak trees are grown.
  5. Anyone prepared to give a brief resume of the information given.
  6. What's the point of playing at boundary park when there will be on average 500 spectators in attendance if we look at our recent attendance figures. That's financial suicide. We need to find a ground with a form of terracing that meets minimum standards. Something in the oldham Borough is certainly lacking.
  7. We have lacked a real enforcer for a few years. I am not we bring back the biff but with so many young lads in the team am old head in the pack or middles is certainly required
  8. Unfortunately I am unable to attend, prior arrangement. No doubt there will be a report of the event
  9. If you have the club in your heart spend 5 minutes of your time and it could make the difference.
  10. Emailed John. He sent the form by return. Super service
  11. The lad plays well when we have an experience stand off otherwise he doesn't back himself. As the play maker I'm sure he's carrying out the coaches instructions I hope he has a decent 2022 if he does we will be thereabouts for promotion
  12. First thing coach Second announce most of a squad don't drip feed Third where the f*** in the world are the home games going to be played. It's the first time in a long time that I'm disinterested in the announcement. It will need to be something special to raise awareness of the club.
  13. Certainly being left disheartened by the lack of a squad
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