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  1. Apart from the players on 2 year contracts have anyone come in
  2. The whole squad needs looking at,remember this team got battered by widnes in the challenge cup. We need at least one prop, stand off and a creative centre.i
  3. clifford

    The Final

    I think it's too close to call,Newcastle have been playing week in week out and they have momentum,where as we have been resting up, I hope that mr gill has a really quite game and we will by the odd point
  4. clifford

    Alan Kilshaw

    Pure speculation, you know Elton wouldn't have 2 headcoaches on the payroll at once
  5. clifford

    The Final

    I have to make do with the stream, due to commitments
  6. Excellent win prior engagement meant that I was not there onto the final in 2 weeks
  7. Its amazing that there is still a semi pro club. Hamilton has faults but he has worked wonders to be fair. But he's not getting any younger and you just look at what happened to Bury and Bolton to see the wolf can't be far away. Christ knows what will happen when central funding is cut
  8. clifford


    Nope not wet wet wet, and yes it was fantastic and worth missing the game.
  9. In the name of progress but is it? The only link to Swinton is the name, the team left in 1992, on the promise that Bury was a short term fix, but home games at Sedgley Park and Sale the run to Swinton seems further away. For me if the RFL wanted a Manc team then Rangers should have been a preferred option. RIP Swinton
  10. clifford


    Good luck tomorrow with my fellow 'yeds and to stevos with the bbq. Hopefully you will have a fine and dry day. I will be watching the greatest band in the world tomorrow. Its been quite a couple of weeks losing Jim and then our best IMHO play maker Anthony Bowman Let's hope for 2 points an
  11. As someone who played at station road and gig Lane for and against Swinton. I find it very upsetting that Swinton will no longer exist apart from the history books. I had hoped that one day the club would return to Swinton. My last memory of station road is a game I played in or watched, but my first day as a Swinton player as I had to meet with the chairman Malcolm and the groundsman so they could take me to the training base. The grass was a foot high and it was a sad moment. It was the forerunners of losing the great old grounds
  12. clifford

    Jim Hallas

    News of Jim's death has been released on the socials. Oldham's top shagger is now in the big sheddings ground in the sky. Jim was a top bloke and had a kind word for everyone RIP Jim
  13. clifford


    Excellent performance and another 2 points in the bag
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