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  1. He was a coach at Trafford Borough, and we were playing Carlisle away, so we stopped at a local park outside Carlisle, so we could run through the pattern of play. Well the club didn't put any rugby balls on the coach, so Peter pulled out a pair of socks from the kit bag. So 13 blokes played rugby with a pair of socks. Great memories
  2. Peter Clarke was a wonderful coach and man, rip Pete
  3. Tomorrow at 3,for the unveiling
  4. I personally don't think that they will be a massive take up for pay per view streaming. Yes it will be good that games are on but its a very small market
  5. Twitter feed saying away kit to be released shortly Blue and white
  6. I was confirming that I will try and keep my answers short
  7. clifford

    Sad news

    It has been reported that Dave Nicholson has sadly died. He played for the club when we won promotion under Frank Myler He was a top bloke may he rest in peace
  8. Always thought he played more than that
  9. Martin strett also signed from orrell rugby union
  10. The question is does a positive drug test invalidate the contract. I'm no contract lawyer but having a positive drug test would be reason to make a contract invalid. Clearly its gross misconduct
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