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  1. clifford

    Covid 19

    I think its day 10, still have a headache and I still have a tight chest. The temperature gone and completely bored
  2. clifford

    Covid 19

    Cheers guys, today is horrible aches and pains and not being able to breathe, thought I turned a corner but no.
  3. clifford

    Covid 19

    Having had to self isolated for 5 plus months because I am classed as at risk. I was told to back to the office on 01/09. I work in Bolton. On 07/09 I tested positive for the bloody virus, which means that walking hurts going up stairs makes you breathless. Touch wood it doesn't become more serious. Sleep is a luxury. Hopefully at some point in 2021 the rugby season will commence with crowds after due diligence but this is rugby league. For all yeds please stay safe
  4. Thanks Neil, whilst I never played for Blackpool Borough , they did invite me to a past players evening last year, due to playing for the aforementioned off shoots
  5. I think that we just have to wait and see
  6. Do appearances for these two clubs count separately or together. Also the players who played for these teams have a heritage number from the original club ie Blackpool Borough or have do they have seperate heritage numbers
  7. Looking good from what I've seen and heard. As Simon Cowell woukd say it's a big YES from me
  8. The major block will be how many players will be contracted to the club, I pretty sure the contracts expire in November.
  9. Do you think that you will get the cash back....more likely to get a discount from 2022
  10. That said wikipedia is full of half truths and lies
  11. Ray price Brett kenny Peter sterling Paul Taylor 4 great players
  12. The pain of driving up ripponden road is horrendous. I avoid it if I can.
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