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  1. I personally think we need a couple of forwards and a Charlie Mc type of centre
  2. From an Oldham supporter and former a teamer at Hornets, I do hope that this venture works well for you, and a strong team comes out of it.
  3. Two things about the Oldham kit, one its sticking with hoops red and white, traditionally Oldham colours secondly and more importantly the suppliers are getting it out by Christmas 2019 unheard of in parts of Oldham
  4. I went on Saturday, with the pictures of my family on show I can honestly say I was extremely proud. The wife also pointed out that the family looks certainly passed down the line to me. The way she said it not in a good way. Massive thumbs up
  5. I'd go for the pests, including law cup fixtures, no friendlies with them
  6. clifford


    Anyone good a spare copy from the semi and final from 2019
  7. Superb event, love the old photos of the teams, and good to see my great uncle and granddad on the pics.
  8. Dave, do you know if the sponsors name will go in the red hoop to make more pleasing on the eye
  9. On the whole the shirt is good, but I would like the blue sponsors name in the red hoop and the r wholly in the red hoop but I think that they were trying to marry up with the crest
  10. Do you think the new kit will be released before Christmas like other clubs, even league one clubs have this organised
  11. I'd go for Salford, Oldham/leigh then Hornets
  12. clifford

    John Roddy

    Is it the same john Roddy who was involved with Swinton. I know hes just a sponsor but if it is a curious position could he be looking to replace mr h. Then with mazy at the pests, roddy at oldham and Swinton I assume be looking for help and with central funding cut or withdrawn do 3 become 1. Instead of being lions it will be Frankenstein's monster
  13. The shield is pants, we didnt conquer anything. We simply won the play off. I thought we were good enough to win the league but threw away victories It's a no from me
  14. The thing I find strange is that they all walked, is that the power he had, or was there a underlying issue that the board had
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