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  1. clifford


    Excellent performance and another 2 points in the bag
  2. Steve you'll always cycling!! I hope you are well
  3. Oldham aren't stuck with a ground, not really a stadium, we are tenants to an amateur football team
  4. He was steady until he split his head open and went off
  5. I feared the worst as I arrived today, the first half the crowd was flat the team was flat and Newcastle deserved to be in the lead What a turn round, and that was started by bridge, Newcastle was frightened each time he got the ball Excellent and with the last home game of the league season next week we should go into the playoffs in September with some more home games
  6. Its going to be a wet one
  7. I think that it's not who is available but how much money Elton will spend
  8. His body language this year has told a thousand stories, I felt that he was ready to walk earlier in the year
  9. I wonder if there will be any money for a new coach........................... After Saturdays breaking down
  10. A win is a win, and after the stress of the journey to the smoke a win was all that was required
  11. Saturday marks 3 milestones 1. First game for 2 weeks and it's being streamed 2. It's my 50th birthday, don't know if I should be sad or happy 3. Roughyed 34 and his good lady's last game, in the flesh for a number of months
  12. Rugby Union at sale, trials at Salford signed for Trafford, Blackpool and played for Swinton Pennine league North west counties, national conference Premier with Saddleworth and Oldham st Annes. Neck is knackered but what a ride
  13. Nail on the head, teams under super league are on the breadline and with the new TV, looking like excluding anyone under super league many semi pro teams won't survive
  14. I will certainly miss the chats, sometimes better than the rugby. You have a wonderful time in Greece. Basking in sunshine and thinking bout cold and raining Oldham. I know where I rather be. Good luck
  15. Roughyed 34 and his good lady are leaving these shores on 07.08. That means I for one won't be able to see you and enjoy your new adventure in person. From me I will miss our chats, but remember when at Swinton you can't vape but you can call their coach a hunt All the best and good luck P aka Clifford
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