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  1. Me thinks that the squad size will depend on the announcement from IMG or whatever they are called. I listened to Ralph Rimmer on the radio and he says his leaving is nothing at all to do with the changes that are coming to the English rugby league
  2. I understand that the grounds were knackered but isn't that down to many years of failed investment which meant the bill for regeneration was massive. In oldham's case the council sold the PLC a fantasy of stadium 2000.
  3. It just shows how you need a fair and understanding landlord. Or don't sell the family jewels for a short term gain
  4. clifford


    It's not where you finish its how you play the play offs. You could say that Stuart has got the lads to peak at the right time the other point is where has these performances been all year. The best team wins the league and the best teams who deal with pressure generally win knock out football. In soccer City are deemed to be one of the best on Europe but they haven't won the champions league. If we win this knock out competition would I turn promotion down would I eck cos of the restructuring on its way
  5. Should be a cracker. Hopefully both sides will play to their potential and if they do it will be a 6 point game me thinks. It could go down to whose old guys perform best on the day
  6. I ll stick my hand up and say I was wrong.
  7. Dave Can you let me have the lottery numbers
  8. Just going from personal preference. I prefer a crowd round the whole pitch like sheddings. One stand viewing doesn't build an atmosphere.
  9. The major issue by playing at BP is the 400 Hardy souls in the main stand will have an effect that we have no support in a massive stadium at least at whitebank 400 people looks full. Also would 400 cover the cost of the ground stewards etc. Think there needs to be a vast improvement on the playing front before moving to BP. The fact is it doesn't look cost effective
  10. Is dave's plan base on a blackadder plot
  11. According to the reports he has been sacked for turning up to training for being hung over. He said that he told the staff it was a family do. Having been off twitter and not having a Facebook account I am unsure if this has been reported on. It's not that long ago that a small glass was prescribed pre match. I feel for the lad
  12. I don't think Frank Rothwell would have got to see the books before 2030. So clearly he took the easier option.
  13. I think most people on here want the team to do well and if the performance isn't what I or anyone else wants it's good to get it off your chest. Everything I have said this year isn't out of malice or hatred to the chairman or any of the board it's because I care it's because I know we can do better. I don't see an oldham team as a bottom half league one side I see oldham at least mid championship. Why because I have watched the club over 40 plus years. It saddens me where we are now.
  14. Didn't say it was easy far from it. You need vision a strong respected coach and a bit of cash.
  15. Here is my view. We were relegated from the championship after employing a massive name who was suppose to be able to work his magic and failed. The question is would his fees been better invested in building a squad of players all signed up for 2022 as opposed to 80% of the squad leaving maybe. Now come next month how many of the 2022 squad will be here in 2023 not many. So how do you build a culture when you lose at least 80% of your squad each year. You can't In my opinion you need to have the vision to sign players on 2 or 3 year deals that cannot be broken in order to build a squad with pride passion in the shirt the club and the ethos. If we don't then we will be stuck in the bottom reaches of professional rugby league
  16. Never a dull moment that's for sure. The only other pro club who could throw away that sought of lead is Warrington. I am still of the opinion that we should throw the towel in for this year
  17. Sad state affairs. The sooner the season is over the better
  18. The scrum half is the lad from Wigan and I think he's played super league this year. Is Ridyard injured
  19. Because we sign 25 players on season long deals then we don't play them but the youngsters from super league clubs. Is it due to part of the loan players wages are covered by the patent club and as such don't come out of oldham's coffers. Or is it the fact that the players were signed before we had a coach and coach don't fancy them. If its the latter then it is certainly the chairman's fault
  20. Agreed, and alot of other fans agree hence why the walk up isn't great and the club doesn't publish attendance figures anymore. Is that because they are embarrassed or simply no one cares
  21. Sometimes it makes you think that it isn't the coach selecting the team
  22. No replies. Sums everything up really
  23. When your little all you want to be is a pro sportsman. It seems now if your dont get a full time contract your ambition is now to play national conference rugby. I know some conference teams are far better than most league 1 clubs with regards their set ups and playing standards. Oldham just need to look at what lock lane did. Good luck to the lad don't know his circumstances could be work playing time being totally hacked off with losing.
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