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  1. The worrying thing for me, isn't relegation its the lack of drip fed news regarding signings and we're going to play. I appreciate that noone knows about central funding but any business would have plans to deal with this. Extremely worrying times, but as oldham supporter's we are never included and treated like we just don't have an input
  2. Didn't see him play for oldham but him and crazy horse coached me at shaw in the early 90s Lovely man rip kev
  3. If ch can't or won't spend then what's the point. Losing each week isn't fun it's turning people away therefore revenue is going down week on week
  4. The sooner this year is over the better. I hate losing. I would prefer us to play really badly and win than this. The sad fact is the team isn't good enough for championship and with players leaving. The radio said its at least 5 at this point the rebuilding needs to be done swift and get them focused on the 2022 season.
  5. Won't happen. Oldham RL use to train there. Bridge has been burnt
  6. Jeez I don't have any answers. The purpose of the meetings were to have fan engagement and to get rugby oldham and CH round the table to talk about the future. We got to the stage of disclosure of accounts and the meetings were pulled. Not by rugby oldham or by the fan group. Read into that what you want. My interest wained as my dad died during the process; if the fans that attend they is me and one other who still go. My opinion is the days of one man running a pro club are numbered mainly because of the stress of it and it also spreads financial responsibility. I do fear for the future but I have learnt like many, oldham rlfc books are like the holy grail many have tried to see them but they have never been found. The landscape has changed in the last 6 years. I don't think it will happen again I might be wrong I welcome anyone to try but it's not for me now. I will keep going when I can, but its not the be all and end all anymore
  7. Good to you Failsworth and thanks for the advice. Toulouse played a very simple game plan but executed it brilliantly. It helps that they were all bigger and faster than oldham.
  8. I was impressed with Reilly when he came off the bench. Also I thought Spence played pretty well after 1 training session. Brian Mc has brought in belief in the players but sadly he arrived 3 weeks to late to stop the drop Onwards to fev
  9. First game in the flesh for me. I thought the players put in a great shift. Tyler looked dangerous each time he took the ball up. The defence was excellent at times and made toulouse work extremely hard for each of their points. The major downside was the size of the crowd or the lack of a crowd. I think that the crowd was between 300 -400 which is massively disappointing and doesn't fill me with joy.
  10. Dan and Jamie Abram are the sons of Darren Abram
  11. Mark Flanagan is the son of Terry Flannagan
  12. I believe that relegation is based on percentages based upon wins losses and draws to number of games played, not number of points won to take account for cancellations because of covid.
  13. That's sums it up for me. After several visits to Heywood Road coming away with losses. I'll take the point and that performance
  14. Hi Jimmy Nope we are not I have many a run in with tandle. I am just really fed up with the position we are in. I know that this squad could and should have won more games but haven't. The bottom line is don't get points for nearly winning or Improving performances. The history books don't record that we played well it records wins losses or draws. I am looking at our position from a former players perspective, you don't extra cash for losing within 11 points anymore and it's not rugby union with bonus points for losing within 7. I am really fed up with at looking up at every club from a poor position. clubs should be looking up at oldham but those days have certainly gone for now
  15. Very true moorside Very true
  16. We have been at odds but I agree with you that this season is going down as one of the worst
  17. Sammutt is the spark oldham lack in the half's In the cold light of day we still lost. Another 2points slipped through our fingers another step closer too league one. Personally I prefer a really poor performance and 2 points, as there are no bad wins
  18. Hopefully this performance will give the squad the believe over the remaining 7 games. Plus side Dewsbury lost to Swinton.
  19. I always thought that he was a decent coach and did pretty amazing things at Swinton. I hope he's gets another position asap
  20. That's true, we managed to get rugby oldham and Chris talking about moving forward at whitebank but after maybe 2 or 3 meetings were cancelled last minute by chris everyone walked away. Then avro got whitebank the rest is Stalybridge. I still feel that this year is make or break because there will be little or no funding from the sky TV deal for championship or championship 1. So if we are relegated I do feel it will be the end.
  21. I have been on here for years, but over the last 18 months the drive to get to games has become nonexistent. There is hardly any news about the club, I hear training is fantastic but you don't get league points in training. We are short of some creative stand off. The club at whitebank is a gym. Avro have converted at lot of the land for their own purpose and that doesn't include oldham. At this time Saddleworth Annes and waterhead are run better than the pro club. Sadly hornets are running rings round us with their off field stuff and they have one thing better than us they play in Rochdale also they have a forward thinking board. I don't know what the answer is, the issue runs deep and goes back to the sale of sheddings various broken dreams and promises. Look at the demographic of oldham now. The target market is getting smaller year on year
  22. The problem is, we are run as a one man band. Finances an signings are down to one man. Therefore we have a very small pot of money for players coaches etc. Most clubs have a number of Directors with shared liability and as it follows more cash. Oldham will never have a chance of returning to a mid table division 2 team sorry championship team whilst we struggle from day to day. I remember beating Wigan at Central Park in the mid eighties and that's nearly 40 years ago. I can't see us beating any top sides if the present organisation continues.
  23. Season over, IMHO Brian Mc hasn't changed the results still winless. Half backs not good enough. Feels like the last out turn the light off.
  24. "Down with the lions, we're going down with the Lions" Rip oldham rlfc. I'm afraid this year
  25. I am sure I saw a picture on twitter of a lesser spotted Rochdale Hornets programme
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