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  1. We are aware our trips this season have been full pretty quickly, this is due to some of the very expensive quotes from some companies, therefore we've had little option to go with just 14/16 seaters which has led to us turning people away, which we don't like doing. So we have decided to take the plunge and trial a 49 seater coach to the Halifax game on August 7th, which if successful could lead to more coaches from the Leigh game onwards and hopefully into next season. Anybody intrested in going to Halifax with us please contact Mick Gothard on 07516 302665. Cheers
  2. Sean Skelton (class player) and Andy Ballott
  3. Aye. Going up for the weekend and looking forward to it.
  4. The Woodman are running a bus to Barrow for anyone interested. The prices are slightly higher (sadly) than we’ve charged in the past given the fuel ‘issues’ and that all local coach providers have increased their charges in alignment (we’ve opted for the cheapest one obviously!). So it’s going to be £25/30 dependent on final numbers. Looking at setting off from the Woodman at 9.30am, with a stop at somewhere like Dalton or Ulverston for a couple of beers, and then departing the Barrow ground at 5.30pm. if anyone is interested just drop me a PM. Cheers Nick
  5. Think you guys will have a distinct advantage given that we’ve got 9-10 first teamers already out (including 3 via the concussion protocol from yesterday). Looking forward to the first trip up though regardless of the outcome. We are bringing a bus up and heading to Gosforth pre-game. Any recommendations for pubs there? Cheers in advance.
  6. You really are an annoying moron. Your posts are one of the reasons I’ve stopped using the forum. We’ve re-signed 19 current players following a successful season. Plus a couple of quality new additions. Some clubs haven’t even got to double figures yet. Trust the coach and trust the club. I’m sure they know what we still need for next year. Yes, a barnstorming Prop would be perfect, but it’s got to be the right one, who also wants to play for us on the money that’s available. Just because another club has signed a player that you think might have been a useful addition it doesn’t mean that our club is failing suddenly and falling backwards. You have no clue of the details or who our club are talking to. Nor also does the club need to satisfy your constant need for updates, information and essentially attention. As fans we all pay our money to comment, both positively and negatively, that’s our right. With you however it’s constant criticism of everything. It’s almost like you are actively looking for fault. And it’s incredibly monotonous now.
  7. Always been impressed with Ryder and Magrin. Would definitely have them both across the valley if they were to become available.
  8. Well if there are 4 teams participating surely the obvious solution is the following: 2 x semi finals played on the same day Then the final as the curtain raiser potentially for the SL Grand Final £50k to all 4 teams with the extra £50k going to the winner.
  9. Well done Fev - better in every department today - the forwards made more yards, turned and offlaoded in the tackle many more times than we did, and your halves guided the team round the pitch expertly. Although we werent very sharp on attack today your defence was excellent. We expected alot more from our team after the pre-season and NRC, and in all honesty we were rubbish today (hopefully cant play as badly again - slow, cumbersome, totally lacking that 'edge'), but that doesnt take anything away from you guys...who look a very good bet to finish high up the table, especially when the PNG lads settle in and start playing. As for the ref - woeful - BUT FOR BOTH SIDES. Not sure what the penalty count was but if we'd have had 5/6 more it still wouldnt have made a blind bit of difference. The standard of refereeing at the moment is ###### full stop - but in all honesty we cant blame the man in the middle for losing by 26 points and being completely outplayed. Hopefully, we'll give you a much better game at Mount Pleasant (and get revenge , but well done today and good luck for the rest of the season.
  10. Just had a look at Eagles TV for the first time - absolutely fantastic - well done to everyone involved. Great for the Sheffield club and Rugby League outside of S.L - because yes it does exist and to be honest is far more exciting most of the time. Hopefully, we can get something similar at Batley during the course of the season. Keep up the good work guys.
  11. Cheers Gaz - sounds just like down here....although im sure you cant beat our record of most charity shops in a half mile radius! Not to mention the mounted police outside the post office on Giro day!
  12. Lovely - cheers mate - much appreciated. If Station Road is the main road through the Town Centre, then i think im ok from there. Looking forward to a good game and fingers crossed a decent crowd.
  13. Evening all, Just planning my journey for sunday's game with you guys and wondering if someone would be able to tell me how far Priory Road, Girnhill Lane (bus stop) is away from the ground? Any info would be most appreciated. Cheers Nick
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