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  1. It should of stayed st Blackpool you could of had a good night of it then. Anyway well done Leigh enjoy the victory
  2. Hope Halifax beat Sheffield because they will be easier to beat in the final. If you keep them in their own half with kicks they are a one man drive wait for the mistake and we score with Sheffield they play rugby and could cause us problems making it a nail biting final although i believe we will still win
  3. Been told Barrow/Widnes have agreed to let child season ticket holders in for free are Fev/Hlifax going to do anything like this or anything else to Promote the game next week
  4. As the season is ending clubs will be sorting out there prices for next season does anyone think the following is a good idea All season ticket holders of Championship/Championship 1 are entitled to use them at any other club on a given day if there club has not got a fixture on that day and has free entry to any live Thursday sky match. In doing this people may come to watch a match that they would not of normally attended free of charge but may buy food, drink, golden gamble tickets etc. I can only see this as an advantage to the season ticket holder and the club that the person attends
  5. Ayone who thinks Rooney has been better than Briggs is dreaming and Worrency on the wing has no one watched Tommy Saxton.
  6. I got a polo shirt from the club shop last month that is made fron Kuston Kit don't know if these were just one offs
  7. We have had Bryn Powell before havent we but i heard that we were talking to Bostock.
  8. If allowed we must change the ko time to get the best crowd + more bar takings while the football is on. Didnt take Cas long and i bet there is more on the way
  9. We will be signing Senior again for next season for the centre wont we. There is another good centre in our league playing with a club that may(may not get relegated ) and would want to stay in this division if they did i would think.
  10. Thought the ex Harlequins boss was going to catalans
  11. Notice Ged Stokes thought this was a good idea and has now decided it isnt working so he wont be doing it anymore. I he gets a player it will be a loan deal only. Is this up for debate at the end of the season with the Championship clubs or is it here for good ?
  12. jt


    Whether people agree with dual contracts or not is one thing but i believe if they are here to stay clubs should get players that are better that what is in the team (Look at Leigh). I have to agree with you Robin put him in and lets see how he goes in the second half of the season he has speed to burn and his loyalty is with Fev
  13. jt


    Is Zac injured or can he just not get in the team up to today.
  14. Excellent news do we know if there will be any more extensions
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