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    Before Mr Angry of Cumbria replies; and possibly splitting hairs BSJ, I should point out that Cumbria/Cumberland had a strong enough RL base for the county team to beat Australia in every decade except one in the first half of the 20th Century as well as beating New Zealand in 1908. It depends on one's definition of heartland I guess.
  2. A pragmatic result, no doubt, but possibly short sighted in the long run?
  3. We are all busy with our new lock down hobbies Roger; knitting, macrame, writing lyric poetry, studying astrology or whatever.
  4. I can choose to believe what I like........until it's proved wrong. Donald Trump is a great human being, Joe Biden is nobbut a spring chicken and the moon is made of green cheese, with just a rocky surface layer. (Sorry to drift onto astronomy Roger).
  5. I had read that he was struggling to get into the Hunslet team in 2019. Thanks for cheering me up Graham.
  6. It sounds as if the Chancellor is not looking at extending furlough but at other possible help for chosen sectors. Why do you say that clubs that own their own grounds are in a more difficult situation BSJ? I don't doubt you, just curious as to the reason. Something to do with local taxes? I believe that Batley pay a peppercorn rent but presumably own the fixtures and fittings.
  7. Thanks for an interesting insight into a possible reason that Dewsbury did not become a founder member. And yes, as mentioned they did pack in a long time ago (better bait needed BSJ?) Sorry to be off thread again. I always understood that either name for your old ground was acceptable; and so I looked it up in "The Grounds of Rugby League" by Trevor Delaney. It says..... present ground Mount Pleasant! I do try. It does though confirm previous ground as, quote, "Crown Flatt, or Flatts as it was originally known". Thus I don't know if they played at Crown Flatt or Flatts in 1895. Back on thread anyone?
  8. It is possible that there was a local derby in 1895. Both Dewsbury and Batley were in the Yorkshire Senior Competition during the 1894/95 season, playing home games I believe at Crown Flatt (or Flatts?) and Mount Pleasant respectively. Dewsbury did attend the famous meeting at the George Hotel in August 1895 but decided against joining the Northern Union. Incidentally, apparently Dewsbury were so poor that they seldom got out of the bottom three which is perhaps why they packed up and played soccer instead. (The new Dewsbury club was formed in April 1898 according to the "Official History of Dewsbury RLFC"). I await PM's take on all this with interest. Back on track, I like Phil's idea of playing in the original strip, it would be good publicity.
  9. Well, if we must digress, 'ere's to me and mi wifes 'usband, not forgetting missen!
  10. 2018 crop BSJ? I thought that I had got it from you.
  11. Well summat, anyway.
  12. I would have preferred that Scotty stayed but PMs summation seems fair to me. His willingness to acknowledge the fans whatever the result says something about the bloke. At his best as good an all round full back as you could wish to have in the side. Linners, perhaps, will be looking for someone that he can mould into his style of play.
  13. It is difficult to tell, but I thought that 11 was Wattie.
  14. Not a great Batley side but some useful players on their books that season including Billy Allan, Brendan Cummings, Ian Douglas, Henry Oulton, Alan Tonks, Neil Pickerill, and not forgetting Paul Storey and Carl Gibson.
  15. Thanks KTF, but I was aware that the record had been broken, hence "setting a record" as against "holding the record".
  16. Watching the video I thought that Howard Bailey was outstanding but I'm struggling to remember him (or what I did yesterday!). Would someone like to give my memory a nudge?
  17. I think that we are comparing apples and oranges. It is perhaps fair to say that Gibson had the most outstanding career, setting a record for consecutive games for Leeds as well as playing for Yorkshire and Great Britain. Mind you, he hasn't had a stand named after him!
  18. Surprised no one has mentioned Yorkshire capped Naylor and under 23? International Brian Taylor . Wasn't there a pretty useful fair haired prop called Coates?
  19. You make a fair point BSJ. I wasn't aware of the difference in demographics, just that they have managed to suppress the spread of the virus. Mind you, suppressing the spread of the virus must be more difficult with a younger population as they are less risk averse. Japan, with nearly twice our population and an aging population also have fatalities in the low hundreds. I accept that it may well be that with the benefit of hindsight other factors will been seen to have played a part. Still, I am sure that any scientist worth his salt would accept that rigorous testing is of the utmost importance in controlling the spread of the disease and efforts to lift present social restrictions. (Unless said scientist was bored and enjoying a bit of fishing). Stay safe.
  20. Testing seems to be the answer youngun. South Korea has limited fatalities to about the 250 mark without resorting to a full lockdown thanks to a rigorous testing regime (they have banned crowds though and closed schools). They use an app on smartphones that tells them if someone in the locale has tested positive for coronavirus. It would make sense to limit crowds to an agreed fraction of stadium capacity to start with to allow social distancing, and perhaps to follow the Far Eastern model of wearing masks in public (Nah, I don't mean the players).. Anyway, guesswork is ok but only time will tell.
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