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  1. With a miniscule budget we are used to having the team picked apart after a good season. It's par for the course I am afraid. So let us have our fun lingaro.
  2. Chum? That's for Sharks isn't it?
  3. That's because they have pedigree, pal.
  4. 1 JC (When the game plan was to keep it simple and out enthuse Workington JC set the example) 2 Gilmore 3 Morton At least half a dozen other contenders!
  5. I noticed the beer tent doing well yesterday but wondered how things had gone on Saturday. You make the beer sound delightful!
  6. How did the Beerfest go? Did it make a few bob?
  7. Also Phil, if you are in a masochistic frame of mind there are highlights and interviews from the Leigh game on You Tube.
  8. I wish you a speedy recovery Ernie and I'm sure that everyone else on the forum will feel the same.
  9. The coach knows best, of course, but I would have liked to see a couple more of the younger players develop within the team rather than going out on loan. A bit of freshening up might be good just now.
  10. Re Sykes yellow card, you often have to watch a replay to make an objective assessment but it just looked tired and clumsy to me. I felt a tad sorry for him. I do think that the referee should have been firmer with the lying on. It did not make for a good game.
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