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  1. yep and another half back as well then we may have a squad
  2. RogerT , this is one of two players who i said i had seen play at the Bears and looked very useful
  3. they have a bit but its getting their fans excited for next season so fair play to them, at this rate i will be watching batley bulldogs and coventry bulldogs
  4. Sam Bowring - to Cov Bears https://www.coventrybears.com/blog/2021-back-row-signings?fbclid=IwAR2NSrY8bHeTowNlkd7F79j0a2EJzS__QTJJdqoZF9XfiiFID497PFjyOHE
  5. so if 15 have resigned with the club , we have 13 on the list so just 2 to announce , hopefully White and Hooley or Tomlinson
  6. backend of his career and its 10 miles from where he lives which could have swayed why he has signed for the Lions
  7. a bit dramatic there PD , he was a great player and still has lots to offer which i'm sure the Bears will capitalise on , will give you regular updates as i will be going to watch them as they play saturdays mainly, sad fact is he couldn't get in the team this season whether he was carrying an injury at the time, he will go down as a fans favourite whilst he was at the mount which winning forum player of the season twice shows, hope that whoever takes his place next season at full back will play with the same endeavour and play with the pride and passion for the shirt. Full back is one position that here at Batley we have been spoilt from the late 60's to now , Stan Gittins, Johnny Parker, Pete Jameson, Paul Storey, Linners,Ian Preece,Miles Greenwood, to name just a few
  8. yes as its my 2nd club and they do tend to play most home games on a saturday
  9. young Ineson played well at 7 at Toulouse this year and looks half decent
  10. had a great time in Toulouse with his mum and dad and Jack Blagborough's family as well, sunk some ale
  11. the few times i saw Toby play this season, went ok and looked better than last season for me
  12. Wellsy when doing the weekly draw yesterday did allude that some more signings would be announced this week
  13. prefer it this way in dribs and drabs as its a very long off season so need some entertainment
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