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  1. did we play in those awful green shirts ?
  2. george pienazek otherwise known as piano tuner
  3. the red with stripe down the arm was Bukta which was paid for by supporters club as was most of the club strips around that time , not sure if green one was Bukta i know it was unlucky as never seem to recollect us winning in the green shirt and know it set on fire when been laundered
  4. when i started watching in 68 it was cherry and white hoops or all green as change strip , with cerise and fawn came in 79/80 when de la mer sponsored us , so i'm happy with cherry and white not too sure about the blue away shirt
  5. thought Danny Bravo had announced the other week that he wasn't going to play and see he has a squad number
  6. how do you know what the club is doing or not doing, just because they are not telling us unless its definite signing and surely most need is a another half back and a hooker before we need another centre and yes i do suspect Dewsbury have more money than us due to Bulls moving in.. Keinhorst wouldnt go Hunslet now unless he was offered a full time contract paying a few spondulicks
  7. i would have been alright Jack as work shifts but in all seriousness that is a crazy decision of RFL to schedule your game over there on a wed night, it should be them coming over here with them been the full time team
  8. surely it all depends what they are asking for and do you go down the or bust route which too many clubs have done in the past and or are still doing
  9. stopping in carcassone on the friday night then train to toulouse sat morning and stopping in toulouse on sat night flying back on the sunday
  10. its in Essex, straight down the A1 and take a left at Knebworth
  11. booked Toulouse trip up ,cheap flights from Stansted at the moment
  12. Toronto didnt take part in the challenge cup as RFL was wanting a bond from them , Toulouse and Catalans to enter, they relented with Cats due to them been cup holders but didn't for the other 2 and it was something like 1/2 mill that they wanted
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