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  1. he did say that if we finished 10th or below would consider that a failure , paul royston looks to good addition to the backroom team and will certainly put the players through their paces, he spoke well and was looking forward to joining a club with a great ethos and having worked with Craig for 2 and half years was looking forward to working with him again as well as Mark Moxon and Mark Barlow... John Heaton was asked to rejoin the club but due to his work commitments and college wouldn't have been able to commit to all the sessions... the players are goung to have a tough 6 weeks pre-season before boxing day game then given a few days off before getting back to in readiness for 1 st league game in Feb.... pre seseason friendlies will all depend if Yorkshire Cup is played for again and Jermaine Mcgillvray has asked for a game for his testimonial which Craig said will happen as long as it fits in with all other plans.
  2. and the bar will be open or better be as got b&b booked for the night so i can have a beer or two or three
  3. any volunteers to be in supporters team, got 2 already just need one more for the team, there may be 3 teams taking part now, Linners select, Supporters and a Bissa team... questions all set now ready to rock n roll friday evening
  4. same here not been too enthused on who we signed so far but will still get behind them and cheer them on though next season
  5. I would think there is no new announcements today out of respect that it was the Archies funeral today
  6. Been asked by the club to run a question of sport quiz on friday 11th October up at the club, as part of a meet Linners night. Linners will be on one team of 3 , so looking for 3 supporters for opposition team, anyone interested in been in this team, can you let me know on here thanks
  7. another re - signing coming this way this evening - hope its JC,
  8. Latest one to sign back on is Lewis Galbraith - another one i rate and should get more game time under Linners
  9. excellent re-signing , great go forward player
  10. Was just talking about this last night re if Linners got the job and said i don't think he is ready for a Championship club yet, having seen him coaching at Bramley and Keithley but with Rhino coming in as coaching consultant to help him out good mixture of experience and inexperience , i think they will do a grand job only time will tell.. but as fans we do need to give him a chance and time and not be on his back from day 1 ... onwards and upwards
  11. pts from Fev at home 1) Wayne Reittie 3 pts 2) Michael Ward 2 pts 3) Dave Scott 1 pts 3) Joe Taira 1 pts ongoing totaliser 1) Dave Scott 25 pts 2) Dane Manning 20 pts 3) Johnny Campbell 16 pts 3 ) Alistair Leak 16 pts 5 ) Louis Jouffrett 14 pts 6) James Brown 12 pts 6 ) Michael Ward 12 pts 8 ) Paul Brearley 9 pts 9) Adam Gledhill 7 pts 10 ) Tom Lillycrop 6 pts 10) 19) Wayne Reittie 6 pts 12 ) Sam Wood 5 pts  12 ) Danny Yates 5 pts 12) Lewis Bienek 5 pts 12) Sam Smeaton 5 pts 16) Niall Walker 4 pts 16 ) Joe Tiara 4 pts 16 ) Tyler Dickinson 4 pts 19) Jack Broadbent 4 pts 19) Dom Brambrani 4 pt 21) Lewis Galbraith 3 pts 22) Reiss Butterworth 2 pts 23) Keenan Tomlinson 1 pt 23) Sam Walters 1 pt 23) Jack Downs 1 pt
  12. voting closed 1) Wayne Reittie 4 pts 2) Michael Ward 3 pts 3) Dave Scott 2 pts 3) Joe Taira 2 pts 4) Lewis Galbraith 1 pt pts for player of the season 1) Wayne Reittie 3 pts 2) Michael Ward 2 pts 3) Dave Scott 1 pts 3) Joe Taira 1 pts
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