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  1. just because they havent been announced doesnt mean he has not told the players yet what number they will be
  2. I will run this again this season if all think its ok, obviously will have to rely on people been able to livestream the games until crowds are allowed back in. I will run it on same format as previous seasons as poll open for 7 days after the game and as before 3pts to 1st, 2pts to 2nd and 1 pt for 3rd, with a shield been presented to player of the season at end of the season. any thoughts on how to improve this will be welcomed
  3. Toulouse away end of aug should be a good chance of crowds back if vaccinations stay on course and will be a good trip away
  4. i know one of the players was Sean Sudworth who later migrated to west midlands and played for my team for a while
  5. condolences to you and your family, will see you either at the mount or butts stadium once we able to
  6. got that framed and up on the wall in my spare bedroom
  7. what makes you say that, most clubs survived 2nd world war nigh on 5 yrs with no brass and players not playing except for a select few
  8. yes 2002 had driven all the way up from Redditch after ringing club that morning and told that game was def on , then get up to mount and find players getting back in their cars, did wonder why it was so easy to park up
  9. no it wouldnt have to be paid for as i did volunteer 2 yr back to do the updates, but someone else was in place then,, i have the capability and capacity to do this as work in I.T
  10. i thought i will beat Phildog to this one, Hull have released Lewis Bienek who did ok when he was with us
  11. yep and another half back as well then we may have a squad
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