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  1. We weren't there that long. I have been a couple of times before, but again, only for a quick stroll round the grounds, though previously with friends and their collective hoards of kids. Hopefully will get over again at some point for a better look round and explore a little further.
  2. A few from my days out over the Christmas break. A walk up to Stoodley Pike, overlooking Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. Stoodley Pike by 77gazza, on Flickr An afternoon stroll round the grounds at Dunham Massey. Dunham Massey by 77gazza, on Flickr A walk up to Top Withens on the moors above Haworth. Top Withens by 77gazza, on Flickr
  3. Exactly. I agree about HDR generally, I tried a variety of different blends of this particular shot, some far more subtle but felt for me, this worked best. I like people to offer constructive criticism on my work, doesn't mean I have to agree with them, especially when its artistic interpretation that's being discussed. Keep commenting!
  4. Fair enough, I quite like it. Personal choice and at least it was a deliberate effect rather than trying and failing to look perfectly natural!
  5. I was that engrossed with the game this afternoon that I nearly missed the glorious sunset view out of my window. It was only my wife interrupting me that made me go and get my camera and miss the last 10 mins of the game live (watched back afterwards obviously!) Views from Home by 77gazza, on Flickr
  6. Had a first try at HDR as a technique over the last couple of days, freezing myself taking loads of shots in the early morning sun yesterday then post processing yesterday evening and this evening. I'm trying to keep it subtle and realistic looking rather than an obvious HDR effect. Have I achieved that? Broad Bottom Woods by 77gazza, on Flickr Rochdale Canal by 77gazza, on Flickr Rochdale Canal by 77gazza, on Flickr Rochdale Canal by 77gazza, on Flickr
  7. Ullswater by 77gazza, on Flickr Early morning mist at Ullswater on Monday. Ullswater by 77gazza, on Flickr Had a proper day of sunshine and showers walking round the lake on Sunday.
  8. Wadsworth War Memorial by 77gazza, on Flickr Heading towards the last of the autumn leaves now around here.
  9. Finally we're beginning to see some decent autumn colours around this neck of the woods. Crimsworth Dean by 77gazza, on Flickr
  10. Isn't the shortlist decided upon by the votes of all the coaches? Many of the Fev team have had peaks and troughs at various times throughout the season, so maybe those who were nominated from other clubs have been more consistent. Also, some players who have played to a consistent standard at Fev, such as Will Sharp, haven't played for a full season, which could also be taken into consideration. Or maybe it's just a conspiracy.
  11. There are, Sheffield & Fev who run in both. Also, some of the teams (Fev included) agreed at the start of the season that they could play games as U23s provided both clubs agreed, as players had been signed before the decision was made to lower the age limit. In addition, I understand a lot of our (Fev) U20s towards the end of the season have been our U19 players who in some cases have been doubling up and playing in both teams. Clear as mud?!
  12. Congratulations to Salford. A first trophy under the new regime? Are any of the players likely to step up to the first team squad? Any the Salford U20s FT or PT?
  13. I know what you mean. Weather plays a big part in this too, sun tends to mean dark visors. Got to admit I'm pretty pleased with the sharpness of most of my shots. Next thing to think about a bit more is background, although the place I was for these shots works quite well IMO. Sadly, I'm led to believe that getting the required accreditation to get a photographers permit is becoming increasingly difficult even at small scale motorsport events, so many places are out of bounds.
  14. A couple from my latest trip. For anyone interested in bike racing, there are a few more on my flickr account, and plenty more will get added as I sort them. Feedback as always is welcome. No 11 Miitri Suhonen by 77gazza, on Flickr No 25 Andy Fenton by 77gazza, on Flickr No 16 Andrew Farrell by 77gazza, on Flickr
  15. I like the composition of them, no 4 is the best imo. They don't seem quite as sharp as they could be either, and the colours seem a little flat. Perhaps a little editing tweak may resolve the latter issue.
  16. Cheers for the feedback both. Shot 1 - agree entirely with the framing comments Padge. Shot 2 - the chairs are a bit more difficult to frame with being wider, but I'm fairly happy with how well this works from this angle. Shot 3 - this is the only one that I have actually cropped, although not from the top as I only just got the rider in frame. He was the only one that was getting that sort of height over the jump, so I wsa struggling to capture it. I see what you mean with the road at the bottom Padge, however I felt that it needed a bit of road to land on so to speak. A better capture at the original point would have helped however, I see what you are getting at and this one in particular is one of the lessons to learn and work on. It really needed to be shot in portrait, but I was using my monopod and hadn't thought to take my ball head off my tripod to enable this. Also a lesson learned. Shot 4 - I see what you mean again Padge, however this to me is a slightly different one to the first, as much more over to the left of the shot would have meant more of a messy and distracting background or a squarer crop which I'm not sure would have worked. Again, portrait may have worked better due to the limited amount of scope for manouvre at that particular vantage point, again, lessons learned. I took about 400 shots in all, which I've whittled down to just under 200 that are reasonably sharp. A few more of the better ones are on my flickr account. I'm going to the Manx GP/Classic TT at the end of August, so this was all good experience for then, where I hope to get plenty of good shots and technique practise, utilising what I learned on Saturday.
  17. Yes, well done. Hebden is pretty close to the border of the dark side.
  18. A first attempt at motorsport yesterday. A good opportunity to experiment with settings and what worked and what didn't, I learned loads having the entire day to wonder around the course, try different vantages points and enjoy mixing my love of bikes & photography! Cock o'the North by 77gazza, on Flickr Cock o'the North by 77gazza, on Flickr Cock o'the North by 77gazza, on Flickr Cock o'the North by 77gazza, on Flickr
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