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  1. Not unusual for loan players. Might as well get full time training rather than sitting on his backside all day waiting for our evening sessions.
  2. He was at York the year before. No idea how he went however.
  3. Also played 6 times for Warrington. Was only on loan at Newcastle later in the season.
  4. I'm a Fev fan, and whilst I always want us to win, I'm really there for the entertainment. We don't always get that. The last 80 minutes have been fantastic entertainment. Well done both teams, and fantastic for England.
  5. Equally, I seem to recall whilst Bulls fans were generally disappointed to see him leave, they pretty much universally felt he shouldn't be anywhere near stand off/one of the two halves.
  6. For anyone thinking of a French trip.
  7. I'm not going to say we don't, but given Ford & a highly rated Lacans, plus Wildie for cover, we're in a pretty good place at the moment. A "big name" won't necessarily provide us with anything better, though the fact we were talking to Kyle Laybut would indicate we're still looking.
  8. I have a 23 year old MX5 as part of my fleet, and it costs comparatively bobbins to maintain. No abs, traction control or other electronic safety measures, no sensors here there and everywhere and very few electrics (no central locking for example) means less to go wrong. Repairing technology costs, and as safety regs mean increasing technology it's only likely to get worse, whether ice, electric, hydrogen or any other power source.
  9. I've had experience of independent places not knowing their elbow from the hole in their backside and had dealer groups provide excellent service foc. Equally, I often use independent local garages and specialists that I trust to do a good job. As I currently have 5 vehicles on the go, I use whichever is best for the one in question, which isn't done by just assuming all dealers are bad/all independents are good. Experience, reviews and recommendations I find the best way to judge.
  10. My experience of main dealers has generally been very good, particularly for motorbikes. Lile any businesses, you'll get some good and some not so good. Independent garages are just the same.
  11. I'd spotted that. You'd have thought it might have been announced, unless I missed something when he was first recruited.
  12. Depends on what lease arrangements you have. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, my lease is all inclusive and costs around £350 per month through salary sacrifice. No initial charges either. I'm not going to suggest it's cheap, nor affordable for many. I'd very much doubt that the depreciation on a new £65k car over three years would be less than the £12.5k or so I'll be paying though, and that's before taking into consideration servicing, tyres, insurance, etc. that I'd have to pay if I bought.
  13. McConnell confirmed as moving on. I don't think this will come as much a surprise to anyone.
  14. I'd suggest that's urban myth. For every old boy that has a good game against us, there's one that no one notices. Accepting different with Chizzy given he was under contract, ex players tend to be "let go" when supporters would like to keep them or "released" when they don't, when the reality is out of contract. How many ex players that have been "let go" have ended up playing at higher level than we're at? I'd suggest very few...
  15. Excellent. I work in Keighley, and Monday is an office day.
  16. Exactly. No desire to go back to them tho.
  17. I have a Jaguar Ipace, which I've had two years. Bar a few software quirks in the first couple of months, it's been great. It's leased through a salary sacrifice scheme at work, so costs me about £350 a month, including insurance and maintenance. All I have to do is plug it in. Range is approximately 220 miles in winter and 250/60 in summer. For our lifestyle that's fine: I've only had 4 times in the two years where I wouldn't have been able to get there and back without charging away from home. Rapid charging when used has been fine, however variables such as ambient weather etc. could potentially impact. From my experience however, drive a couple of hundred miles, stop for a loo and brew break, charge whilst doing that and you're good for the rest of the journey. Subject to their being something I like the look of when it comes to replacement, I can't see us going back to fossil fuel power for our main vehicle. I appreciate entirely however that they're still only viable if they work with your personal circumstances at present.
  18. Skews the fixtures even more when it's at the home ground of one of the clubs. I've no issue with either York, nor the bash concept, but it should be at a venue neutral to all the clubs.
  19. So York get an extra home game then?
  20. Same place it always is.
  21. It would be great to see, though I appreciate entirely it's easier said than done, especially from the wheelchair perspective because of the facilities required. Having seen the game on the TV for the first time, I'm a fan. As a Fev fan living in Calderdale, I've got to admit that Halifax are looking like being the time I'm looking like following at the moment.
  22. Didn't you know? Swapped with knottla, which is now in kirklees.
  23. I have a recurring theme in my dreams (every couple of months or so) that my wife is leaving me. Does that classify as a nightmare?
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