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  1. A couple from today at Harlow Carr. RHS Harlow Carr_0243 by 77gazza, on Flickr RHS Harlow Carr_0253 by 77gazza, on Flickr RHS Harlow Carr_0275 by 77gazza, on Flickr RHS Harlow Carr_0235 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  2. Well after the disappointment of crashing out of the NRC to an excellent Leigh side today, I thought I'd unwind this evening with a stroll through the woods in Hardcastle Crags. It's fast becoming one of my favourite places round here to take the camera out. These are actually the toilets by the mill. Hardcastle Crags_0175.jpg by 77gazza, on Flickr
  3. Had a trip down the road to Hardcastle Crags with my local photography group last night. Whilst most people rushed off to Gibson Mill, I had a wonder through the woods and down by the river instead. Here's a couple of my efforts. Hebden Water by 77gazza, on Flickr Hebden Water by 77gazza, on Flickr Hardcastle Crags B&W by 77gazza, on Flickr
  4. I'd have posted this in the May comp, but Padge chose the wrong colour. Hopefully the displays will develop rather more over the next few weeks. Bluebells by 77gazza, on Flickr
  5. Fairly self-explanatory title! Home Sweet Home by 77gazza, on Flickr
  6. Good shots to use your example. I'm hoping to head down to the local cricket club one lazy Sunday afternoon over the summer, so useful tips cheers.
  7. The lighting is good on it. The grain gives it a similar effect to the one I posted a little earlier imo, makes it a hint of being a painting.
  8. Cheers, will give that a go. I've certainly plenty to learn! Might even subscribe to the mag. In the meantime, here's a shot I took earlier this evening over looking my house, then a bit of a mess about with Photoshop. It wasn't a deliberate attempt to start with, but it seems to have ended up with a painting style effect to it, which I think quite suits the scene. Old Town_0039.JPG by 77gazza, on Flickr
  9. Where people live? Brimham Rocks which you thought should win this month is where? I really can't see any conspiracy here.
  10. Cheers. I'm slowly getting to know my way around Photoshop for basic editing, not that I've tweaked that one very much. This one however is very much more about experimentation. Hebden Bridge_0030 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  11. Taken early morning on the way to work. Nearly froze my hands off in the 15 or so minutes I was up there taking a selection of shots. Ovenden Moor 128 by 77gazza, on Flickr
  12. Will do this evening if I get chance when I get home.... it's one I've not posted to Flickr.
  13. Linking this thread to the favourite pubs one, my local has a regular exhibition of photos from the local photography group. There are generally around 8 photos that are displayed at any one time for a couple of months, based around a theme chosen by the group and run along a similar line to the photo comp, whereby you have a month to take pictures that meet the theme to enter. You can enter up to 3 for consideration, and they are then voted for by the group, with the winning 8 (limited to one per person) being printed, professionally mounted and put on display/for sale. Anyway, getting to the point.... having only just joined the group (I've been once and missed this months meet due to work commitments), I've just discovered that one of my entries has been chosen for the next exhibition entitled "5 mile radius". My first exhibited piece of work, and to say I'm dead chuffed would be an understatement. :D
  14. Do you live near the coast? I like the shots you've posted lately.
  15. Yeah, cheers for the link. Be nice to get back to the direct route home. I've been up there when it's been pretty bad and have never got stuck; famous last words though.
  16. White. Roads are in general fine, just beware of the odd place where it's either narrow due to ploughing or some covering where snow is still blowing about a bit. I understand the road has now re-opened between Oxenhope & Peckett Well, so back to my usual route tonight.
  17. Yes. 3 days in a row I've had to detour through Booth, Wainstalls & Mixenden to get over to Denholme and head in that way. I'm living in hope it will re-open shortly!
  18. Could do with being clear for me tomorrow if I'm to get to work.
  19. Went out for a walk this afternoon to take a few photos of what it's like up here. CSC_3665 by 77gazza, on Flickr This is the track to our house. It's up to about 3ft deep. CSC_3658 by 77gazza, on Flickr This is the in-laws. It's about 7ft deep at it's highest here, and we spent a fair part of this afternoon digging the 30 or so metres length that was blocked so that the lone caravaner could get off the site tomorrow morning. DSC_3629 by 77gazza, on Flickr This was a car parked up outside it's owners house in the village. There is one road through the village. Yesterday, ploughs couldn't get through. Today, the snow blaster, ploughs and gritters have been constantly on the go for about 6 hours, and even then, I'm not sure that the road is clear enough to get in and out, as the snow blows over as quickly as it gets cleared.
  20. Just walked up to the in laws with the wife to see her horse. It's between chest and head deep in places here, and the ploughs have quit trying to clear the roads in the village as it's to much for them.
  21. Jacob sheep, shot from my front room window this morning. Jacobs in snow by 77gazza, on Flickr
  22. Meh. We just get memos sent round advising us that emergency Winter packs are available for those staff that don't want to travel and instead want to use an unoccupied room in the hospital accomodation block.
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