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  1. Irrelevant. The one re the taxi was when Pickering- at hooker and as thin as a pipe cleaner - was playing. The taxi for the the fans was indeed a small one. Just shows that you Rervers fans are generally glory hunters unlike your pals in West Hull who are long termers.
  2. The levelling up grant gives the club £1 million plus whatever target is hit before the deadline.( Thought you would like that Tony).
  3. My word. A bit of success has gone to your head Mr Rervers. I well remember- not so long ago - when your fans turned up at The Willows in a taxi! Be a Little more humble please. Salford are a well run club now owned by over a thousand shareholders so please do not suggest we are hanging by a thread or other fish wife tales.
  4. Quite right Mr Haggis- Sintellens have a lot to answer for - where is that great late swinger Albert Pierrepoint when you need him?
  5. Agree - Far from over as Reds not at their best in 1st half but much better when Atkin came on as an extra pivot.
  6. Phenomenon play by Sneyd. Well judged kick from scrum and Brierley wins chase
  7. Starbug - Not like you to be so condescending. Don`t remember them falling asleep at the LS Village TWICE this season. Personally I would like to thank the Referee - Marcus Griffiths who kept the game flowing. An Epic indeed.
  8. Yes we were poor Meast but I still remember the 29 0 drubbing last season so even without 5 key men I remain positive.
  9. What an absolutely dreadful commentary. Commentate on the obvious all the time.
  10. He`s at it again Mr Frisky. Guess he wont be buying shares in a community club. He will be relying on a wealthy benefactor.
  11. Seeing the name Khedemi I was astounded until I found out that it was the SON of MK. I may be wrong but I think I remember the old man in a match televised I think by Screensport where a spectator came on the pitch and either hit MK or maybe an official.
  12. I should add that in the first week of issue 400 fans have invested over £125k in the share issue.
  13. Claptrap. Since Koucash left leaving loads of debt our current Directors have virtually paid off the outstanding amounts. We live within our means and have a superb attacking coach and admirable collection of players who give their best every week. As you probably know the club has instituted a special share scheme with one vote per fan. A real community inspired basis. Finally there are 2 huge soccer clubs with 140,000 paying fans within just 4 miles of Salford. Is it any wonder in these tough times that it's difficult to increase attendances yet would you believe it - our attendances are UP. Get a grip Bronco and throw your bile on a less worthy cause.
  14. To tie the match with 5 seconds left. Le Don Fox http://www.catalansdragons.com/en/articles-45/269-10631-the-tries-salford-vs-catalans-dragons/
  15. Well said Mr Frisky. He's been outed now so let's hope he scurries into another hole. Salford as we all know don't have a Sugar Daddy so rely on their fan base despite being on the doorstep of City and United so negativity around our attendances is ignored. We do our best on a small budget for the benefit of all in the city and just dislike the arrogance of some superior supporters.
  16. Agree Ullman. Turgid and boring. Waiting for the opponents to make a mistake
  17. A straight swap now with Fev would give both divisions a huge lift with PandR still at the end of the season.
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