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  1. Saints fans moaning about their weakened team - mind you the Devils without Watkins, Burgess, Brown, Mossop, Pauli Pauli (both of them), Wells, Lannon, Greenwood, Luckley, Ata & Harvey Livett But don`t let that get in the way of balance. Saints nilled in the second half.
  2. Salford played much better than the score suggests with 2 good tries disallowed and Inu`s kicking not up to his standard. Liam Moore had a poor game as referee - he was overshadowed by Sam Tomkins plus James Maloney. Surely Catalan may become the worst Super League leaders of all time. If so the standard of SL has fallen tremendously this season.
  3. OK Meastey I will try :- I have only named the International players NOT the bit part lads Oh and & if Edwards plays for your lot again then standards have fallen at the club.
  4. Salford missing a few Taylor Pauli Pauli (who played 10 mins last week looking very Pauli) Seb Sarge Watkins Sio Be good if we could keep close.
  5. Salford to win tonight even without 3 /4 Internationals. Squad getting there and unlike Red Willow I am a Glass Half Full man.
  6. Well I remember the Chief Exec at Warrington (Karl Fitzpatrick) scoring a belter of a try at Wheldon Rd not so long ago. Bleep should be renamed Bleepeevish. Stop biting the hand that feeds you (Luis Roberts is a good example).
  7. Salford have a few back and they are `under the radar` Sarginson, Lannon, Pauli, Lussick, Patten & Taylor should strengthen. Can only summise Inu is out due to his partners imminent childbirth and sad Marshall has a reluctance to play Escare who can be a matchwinner.
  8. Quarter Final may be interesting after all if we get Escare, Sarginson, Pauli, Elijah Taylor, etc back
  9. Watching Chris Chester`s reactions make me laugh - Spitting Image of Oliver Hardy
  10. For me its not a 4 pointer - we are 3 games in - a new coach - a new assistant coach - new conditioner - mostly new players - so it will take time to gel - look at Fartown - they have spent fortunes yet are 4 from 4. Its just too early for everyone - suggesting the Reds are in Relegation fight - so are 6 other teams then. As it happens - we are without our top 4 earners in Kallum Watkins, Dan Sarginson, Joe Burgess & Elijah Taylor - so excuses in pre match but I am looking at the BIGGER picture.
  11. Well we had Kendall from Huddersfield looking after Huddersfield last night and we have Thaler from Wakefield looking after .............Wakefield today.
  12. Pleased with Salfords fitness and delighted with Taylor - never stops. Still in this if we get a fair crack.
  13. Not questionable Futtocks. A clear rip by Percival and Kendall yet again at fault.
  14. My daughter tells me that its no longer possible to view Sky in Portugal (since Brexit) - Do you know if this is so?
  15. Latest odds 2/1 Rowley 9/4 Marshall 3/1 Tony Smith 4/1 Betts 5/1 Any Aussie Coach 6/1 Radford 8/1 Briers 10/1 Wane 12/1 Last 16/1 Orr 20/1 Bar
  16. I wish Ken good health but it all depends on his longevity for success at the Giants.
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