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  1. In Cresta we trust.
  2. Jono - No ban Charnock- 8 games
  3. I'd throw young Ryan Johnson in the team next week. Play Charnock at 13 drop Riley
  4. bangbang


    Wonder how many guys get banned after the dangerous contact Dalli receives almost every game?
  5. Mike Pete Murphy hasn't shut up about it on Cando FM in the mornings, the game has been well promoted on social media. I also think the club are missing a trick charging the extra £5 for a friendly, this could of drawn more people who were 50/50 about coming. I'll still be there
  6. Just a wild guess Elliot Miller James Newton Alex Mammone – Italian Prop Forward
  7. I thought Stevie Scholey was outstanding for you guys along with Doran. Ref was poor for both teams spoilt it for me. On to the next game now.
  8. Good signing that. What about trying to get Brett Carter he isnt getting a look in up at Town.
  9. Recently bought a house in swarthmoor from what I hear. I guess he'll have offers from all 3 Cumbrian clubs just depends which is the best for him
  10. Isnt 5 weeks notice long enough? Unless you have work commitments or away on holiday then surely if you wanted to be there then 1 weeks notice would be long enough to make arrangements to make it. Murph keep up the good work.
  11. Bring Back the Biff i say. Bet they all shook hands at the end of the game. In my time playing all Hookers were little bast@rds. "Get'm onside"
  12. I guess it will come down to does Cresta want him and how much money does Lupton want?
  13. bangbang

    2015 Squad

    Wouldn't mind young Nicholson from Batley again... He was super, but can't see him dropping down a league Also he did say the traveling would be a problem with his job. No doubt Cresta will have somebody in mind.
  14. Big Kings in ulverston fella will be your best bet.
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