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  1. olray


    Scrum half hit the nail on the head the players were not up to championship standard & the board should of changed coach to halt the poor run of form. They lacked ambition & if they go with Paul Crarey next season it will prove it .
  2. I would get rid of Dallimore charnock mossop Duffy Riley aspinwall Walker Puara for a start . Along with Pete Murphy and Paul Crarey
  3. olray


    Better start preparing for champ 1. Just not good enough for this league
  4. Disappointing result today . I think a change in coach should of happened months ago . Looks like we are relegated now which simply isn’t good enough
  5. olray

    Fev away

    Brilliant result . Well done to all at barrow rlfc . Glad carter getting a run been saying it from the off
  6. olray

    Fev away

    I’ve took barrow +30
  7. olray

    1895 Cup

    Let’s not get carried away against Bradford’s reserves side. Dallimore has finally found his level !! The 1st half was very poor but scored some good tries in the 2nd half Susio & jono Smith morrow really good tonight
  8. Why is it strange ? He’s not doing his job Barrow through & through or not . He’s out of his depth
  9. Just been reading Cresta’s comments on the game the man is deluded. The board need to come out and give some sort of statement as they must know the unrest amongst the supporters. 1 win in 14 .
  10. Some one needs to be made accountable for the poor rugby and league position we are in . The rugby side of things down at the club along with team selection etc is a total joke
  11. We need to be good today . Fingers crossed we can pull something out of the bag . We don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the camera’s
  12. Beachy . He can do no worse than the half backs we have got who are poor . As for cresta I have lost faith But I do hope they turn it around and shut us all up
  13. A new coach might bring back carter from his loan spell and give him some game time
  14. Totally agree about not having the same side out every week . Can’t build anything with a different team every week . Can’t build any thing with sub standard signings either .
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