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  1. Unlucky for Peacock, but he his too big and honest to go crying about it. He will take it on chin. Players like him are very lucky indeed and always realise no matter how down in the dumbs you become it is only a game..... I now make Warrington slight favourites, Leeds cant afford for anymore forwards getting injured this Fri against Catalans. Leeds will have to depend on alot of game time from both Lauitti and Eastwood who haven't played many minutes between them, Bailey pretends to be tough behind Peacock. Ablett, Kirk, Leulei & Sinny step up for the game of your lifes.........
  2. Great news, Steve Prescott isa living legend and l think it's great news that he will present the Cup. Just don't invite bloody Keith Chegwin.......
  3. I am no doctor but that is a broken jaw! Thats how it goes in RL, am sure McGuire & Sinfield can give him some words of encouragement regarding missing out of CC final. Didn't like the young kid who put shot on jumping about after he dropped him, getting beat by 32, 2 mins left???????? But guess he is young and will learn that the game is hard enough without resorting to WWF showboating....... What goes around comes around. Unlucky Biffa, lets hope Kobe do protein shakes for next few weeks............
  4. One tough honest player Alker, under rated. If had played at one of big 4 would of defo earnt a GB cap, good luck in the coaching Mal.
  5. Ok I stand corrected if that is the case, I still blame them fo culling Birtish Coal Nines from late 80's that they used to show on Wednesdays Sportsnight though.........although I do love Claire Balding!!!!!!!!
  6. Both this weekends Semi's would have gone to golden point extra time if had ended in a draw after 80 mins. All exicting for the fans but surley the players deserve another 10 mins each way until golden point? I then realised why!!!!!! BBC needed to get to the final scores of the Football League games that day. Looking at rules of Final, NO extra time or golden point, straight to replay. WHY? Because the BBC demand to get to the final score programme on time!!!!! The players, fans deserve a winner on cup final day, can you imagine the feeling of no winner come that day? No doubt it would add a few coffers to RFL but would get no where near the coverage of a nail biting extra time golden point game........ I think this is going to be the closest exicting final for years and could be ruined cause of no extra time because of the poncey footballers......
  7. I know that Leeds are talking to a sculptor at moment about an actual moving one, one idea is of Ryan Bailey, where if anybody over 4ft 5" walks towards him, he does a Jacko moon walk backwards.
  8. Well done to Buttsy and Bramley, lets hope Robin Wilkes stays till end of campaign.
  9. After having my last post deleted, I can presume Ganson won't be the Wembley referee? Right booking Wembley trip now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give the Final to Betham, good performance at Semi, lets hope he doesn't get invited to any parties involving 87 yr old women.....
  10. I do like to watch the lower divisions but boy it's embrassing when you have people like Ryan McDonald running around in the shape he is in. He is a fat slug offering nothing to this game. Surely Workington have some young and lean kids they can give a run to? He must be holding the record for 3rd man tackles and the 30secs it takes him to get back on side.
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