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  1. There was a conspiracy among their supporters that Fev would not make the play-offs. It amused me at the time. If I cared I'd find it.
  2. A lad riding a scooter with L plates, close behind a car, staring at his phone.
  3. I had hoped to come back to Bradford Bulls this season rejuvenated. I'm not. I am done with that club.
  4. His standard grab the ball and twist in the tackle?
  5. I think we agreed lobsters feel pain. I think.
  6. I read something that made this thread click. "Fault is past tense. Responsibility is present tense. Fault results from choices that have already been made. Responsibility results from the choices we currently make." Some of what has happened is my fault, some of what has happened isn't my fault. What happens now is my responsibility.
  7. Last night I read this sentence; Being silent isn't being strong.
  8. Karma. I call house on bitter Giants bingo. It's been a decade and a half and what you think may not have happened anyway. Chill out.
  9. Well someone was listening, thanks for the rain @Bedfordshire Bronco !!
  10. My only complaint is that the Dacia blue and shirt blue should be the same. Otherwise a nice shirt.
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