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  1. I think I've mentioned these on the What Are You Listening To? thread a while ago. I regularly listen to: Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster. Grilling with Simon Rimmer. The Doctor's Kitchen with Dr Rupy Aujla. I also look at the odd episode of: RHLSTP with Richard Herring, Dangerous Minds with Ed Stafford, Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein, The Comedian's Comedian with Stuart Goldsmith, Happy Place with Fearne Cotton, and Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner.
  2. Former Widnes Vikings player Liam Walsh, 23. https://widnesvikings.co.uk/a-tribute-to-liam-walsh/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/58619032
  3. Honourable mention to Danielle Bose of Bradford Bulls Women. She scored a hat trick tonight for her last game before retiring. We haven't spoken since school but seeing this brought back fond memories of an old friend.
  4. Like plenty of people I don't like ladders and heights, even seeing video of a big drop down can make my legs wobble. Another is walking on ice. Somewhat obviously it's a fear of slipping and falling but it's mainly hurting myself badly. It seems to get worse each year and even frosty mornings worry me. Recently, dog theft has been a big worry.
  5. Was it worth sticking with? I found it repetitive and infinite bullets just dull. I gave up a few series ago, S8 was my last and that was a catch up due to no longer having Sky.
  6. I'm ready for Hairy Bikers Go North and Taskmaster: Champion of Champions now, please.
  7. It's more "Hull and keep going" but I've always enjoyed trips to Spurn Point.
  8. Has anyone ever done one of those magazine collections where you end up with a model ship or something? Or does anyone know of anyone to ever complete one? I feel like my childhood was peppered with these adverts on tv. The latest, at 34 years old, being a model car from Fast and Furious. First issue 99p, the other 109 issues are £9.99 each.
  9. Never mind everything else, this is the most interesting thread going! James Clare. Cameron Scott. How about Elliot Kear and John Kear as a sounds like Keir (Starmer)?
  10. Luke Gale (phonetic?), I believe his late mother was called Gail. I'm not sure if she was Gail Gale though...
  11. Matt Ryan, Ethan Ryan, Tommy Lee, Gareth Thomas, Nathan Graham, Jake Connor. What is the name of the game where last name becomes first name? Rangi Chase, Chase Stanley, Stanley Gene, Gene Ngamu.
  12. It may be due to the few games I've seen have involved St Helens but there is something fresh about Welsby, he seems to be a genuinely good player with fantastic utility value. I can't put my finger on a similar player I've seen in the Super League era, maybe Lee Gilmour but he moved into the back row later on in his career. Anyway, he seems like a good all rounder. Correction: spelling of his name, one 'l' of a player... Also, point of note, I'm not watching him at the moment.
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