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  1. Who is presenting the medals? I wouldn't shake Knowles' hand in congratulations just incase their arm ends up behind their left ear.
  2. I certainly sounded 85% of full capacity ... Andrew Henderson was shouting at a slightly reduced volume.
  3. Sounded good, there is a full replay next Saturday on Channel 4 at 11.30am apparently. Unfortunately for me I won't be able to watch it though. Well done St Helens.
  4. Can anyone update how long is left? Radio 5 Live aren't great on this aspect.
  5. Leeds to win by 4. Soft spot for Rohan Smith and Saints haven't beaten Leeds at Old Trafford. I'm not even shuddering as I type, shows how times have changed.
  6. I was about to ask if the superimposed sponsor is on both C4 and Sky? It's been a long time since I saw a game on Sky.
  7. "You do you." - unknown. It's very helpful in this day and age of apparently mandatory divisive opinion. Edit: urban dictionary disagrees; Millennial way of passive aggressively telling someone to go f themselves.
  8. Be'er t' remain silen' n be thor' a fool than speyk n remove all doub'.
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