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  1. Wet Wet Wet, Mike and the Mechanics and the Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack never did me any harm as a kid.
  2. Agreed. Every song is ... singing ... very ... slowly.
  3. That's like comparing League to Union. You may say they're the same thing, but they aren't really! Free Bird isn't I-e-I-e-I Will Always Love You-o-u-a-o-u-a-o-u-a-o-u-a.
  4. Is that what's it's called? I refer to it as the Whitney warble. I can't stand it.
  5. Sam Smith would be more ###### off with the use pronoun!
  6. Casey Webb from the later Man v Food. Stop talking with your mouth full and saying "WOOOOOOOOOOOO". You disgusting pig.
  7. I'm torn. (I'm not, I couldn't care less) Do I want the schadenfreude of Toronto bottling it again or the Fev robbed again conspiracy? The whinging from each side will be epic.
  8. I avoid Love Island and The Apprentice because I just know I will hate them both. edit: so I dislike anyone who appears on these shows as contestants.
  9. Our work Macmillan coffee morning was moved to Monday, I have made cheese scones and a key lime pie.
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