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  1. Quick question, are those baskets for spare match balls behind the posts over the dead ball line?
  2. I'm not sure where this thread has ended up but here's a fridge magnet meme profound quote I recently took on board; Suffering is not a competition.
  3. After watching many food shows I think there was something quite unique about the British approach to breakfast being a separate set of dishes. Yes the American Kellogg's popularised cereal and milk but from what I have seen around the world other countries just have food and is interchangeable between the day.
  4. Erm excuse me, why did you mention where he is from? Mods, 8-week ban for meast...
  5. Nope, nope, nope. Someone somewhere will be offended by unattainable body image. If we want the YouTube audience on board then the head coaches should take part in ear wax removal videos... Or get Ronnie the Rhino in Minecraft.
  6. If this bloke was wearing a Sheffield Steelers gilet would anyone be more interested in ice hockey?
  7. I was wondering, what happens if a player fumbles the ball immediately before or after the referee indicates a set restart? Is the advantage still with the side in possession? This may have happened in a match already.
  8. Right so someone thinks CSI means Cronulla Sharks Indigenous.
  9. Oh you know. Bloody half pint, half sandwich nonsense.
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