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  1. I did veganuary last year. Plenty of chips, crisps, bread and pasta. It's still possible to eat rubbish! :D
  2. QI XL. One of the few tv programmes I look forward to. Last week it was replaced by the interview with Prince Andrew. Fine, it's news, not happy but I understand. This week it is being replaced by some random South American soccer cup final. Phuck off, phuck the phuck off. Put QI on iplayer and let me watch them in peace.
  3. The Kosovo v England anthems were pretty special.
  4. Things have been alright recently. I'll only ever speak for myself on this thread. This week I've had a bad head cold and while I haven't been feeling sorry for myself about it I realised the symptoms including being unable to sleep have been front and centre occupying my mind, pushing aside my usual thought patterns. An idle mind is the devil's workshop.
  5. My Bradford best; 2016 away (black/red hoops) My Bradford worst; 2011 away (purple) I dunno how to post pictures these days.
  6. It will pair really nicely with last season's Southampton away shirt I bought a few months ago. edit: and my 2 ridiculously expensive Parramatta Eels heritage shirts. (I love a strong blue and yellow brand ... I still hate Leeds)
  7. I love that Warrington home shirt, sincerely. It's Leeds 2006 and a Cyclops costume. It's insane but I honestly think I'll buy that. And that's me speaking as an ex-league fan.
  8. I've recently become really misanthropic, in a wider more general sense, and I have been asking myself if it's an unjust way of thinking. Then I read this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-50367334
  9. You mentioned crustaceans, I expect an old time thread drift.
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