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  1. It's called quick typing, all what I can I say I will have the last laugh not just on Sunday but at the end of the season when you lot have been relegated
  2. I'm 18 not 16 but I'm just saying my opinion have fun in league 1 next year
  3. Hope you have a good holiday in Canada then
  4. Just saying that your going down, your team isn't good enough that's why your rock bottom
  5. Good luck in league 1 after Sunday safe trip over to Canada
  6. still going down though Hahahha
  7. Super league prices may not be that high
  8. Just finished watching the rookie on sky sports I wonder the players who get cut are being watched by managers, some of the players have real potential (Scott sign one)
  9. And hopefully a certain referee would be far away from bower fold as possible!!!
  10. This could be a silly comment but honestly I would rather finish where we are now for the 8s than move up a place looking at them fixtures what Sheffield have
  11. Think I'm going to stay away from away games now everytime I don't go (hulk kr and Sheffield) we get results so frustrating hahah. And what was our team tonight please, haven't seen it anywhere no information on Twitter or bbc sport
  12. Just wondering when the season is over do we have to pay for the super 8s games or do we use the vouchers at the back of the season ticket?
  13. never seen that before 2 kick offs out on the full in a row only could happen to Oldham
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