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  1. Don't think they fancied running at Turner!
  2. Play the best team you can every time. When one drops out, pick the next best. It's hardly a fixture list which overworks players.
  3. Another good centre would seem to balance the side.
  4. Interesting about Lyndhurst and Charlie Saul. Lyndhurst had a long tradition of rugby league and Charlie was building on many years of work by Brian Whitworth, who was an Oldham stalwart.
  5. Never underestimate Oldham's historical enthusiasm for a bizarre #### up!
  6. Trying to get the band back together for this one!
  7. Else certainly looks very good. I think Ridyard would probably be exposed in a very physical game these days. Good player, though.
  8. Having seen both Keighley and Oldham, what is your view of their relative merits?
  9. I think it boils down to Oldham winning all their other games and making sure they can win one of the games at Keighley.
  10. Ellis seemed to be heavily involved in all our tries. Not quick, but very good hands.
  11. Certainly a big signing. Our first PNG player?
  12. I was taking his attacking stuff as a given. What pleased me most was that he tackled efficiently when required.
  13. My wife goes to games. She suffers from asthma. Vaping by people nearby irritates her condition and she has had to move seats and use her inhaler.
  14. Think we missed Ellis and particularly Wildie in the middle.
  15. It's a complete revelation,after a generation of the club dying a slow death. Well done to all concerned. Even if it does go wrong, at least we'll have died with our boots on.
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