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  1. Having beaten nation states, capital cities, state capitals, cities, towns and villages, is this Oldham's first victory over a whole county?
  2. I hope for the sake of both clubs in the town that they end up at Boundary Park. It seems to work perfectly well in other towns. I fear that it will take new ownership at both clubs and existential crisis at Latics to allow it to happen.
  3. As I opened my front door at 9.00pm last night, all that could be heard was the sound of gently whirring corpses.
  4. A terrible day. A couple of weeks later there was an unadvertised A team fixture at the ground on a Saturday. I knew about it and went along. Just as with the earlier game we won with a late try by Joe McNicholas. The next time I passed it was flattened. Still miss it.
  5. All the way through their careers, I don't think he ever got the better of Paddy Kirwan. Hated playing against Paddy, apparently. Great player, though.
  6. Thatto Heath are a very good side. However the odds are further against the amateurs since they switched to summer. For a period when they were mid season and the pros just warming up it was very dodgy. Oldham will still need to play well, though.
  7. You know the rugby wasn't great some days! Alternatively, I received bitter complaint from my wife, a late convert, who loved the place. Watersheddings that is, not its sanitary facilities.
  8. A scandalous response. I cannot for one second imagine the custodians of our club would ever have gone for the cheap option when faced with ground renovation. They were clearly early environmentalists, committed to using fewer of the earth's precious resources. In later days they even provided carbon neutral air condtioning in the female toilets on the Herbert Street side. There were holes in the roof!
  9. That predates me. The fixture I remember was a Friday night match vs St Helens. Great game. Won narrowly. Chris Phelan and Chris Arkwright sent off. Televised by Granada and the lights had been specifically upgraded. Whether that was just new bulbs?..... but they might have had to increase the capacity to use more powerful ones. It does occur that the pylons were very well designed for Watersheddings as the steelwork appeared very narrow and therefore much less vulnerable to strong winds.
  10. Got a piece of an old bench in my garage. Those floodlights, if not the scaffolding, were quite new. Watched a video of a win over St Helens in the mid 80s which was their grand opening.
  11. Hello, Dave. Yes, I think you are right that Orwell was talking about advertising. Occasionally, advertising can be useful. It can tell me where to obtain things I think I need. Marketing is different. It exists to sell me a product which has been created or modified in order to maximise the profit available to the vendor. Marketing has been the scourge of 21st century sport as it monetises itself in order to reduce itself to the status of product to serve TV and commercial interests at the expense of those who love the sport for itself and are invested in it. The RFL went shamelessly down this route when selling it soul to Murdoch and Sky TV. I feel truly sorry for children who are subjected to the media digitally driven sporting 'experience'. I think they risk being deprived of the joys you identify as a child watching Oldham and are just treated as units of profit for the next bit of product. Governing bodies of all major sports are uniformly shameless, witness the ECB and their promotion of The Hundred. I do appreciate that none of this necessarily helps Oldham, but if we are ever to return from being the zombie club that we have become over the last generation, it will be through the town returning to strength, the club having its own ground in Oldham, be that shared or not and being something distinctive and with a proud past and viable future. In the meantime, thanks for the excellent work you do in at least keeping the flame flickering.
  12. Oldham RLFC was always good enough for me. Whenever marketing is mentioned my mind always travels back to Orwell's definition. ' The sound of the rattling of the stick in the bottom of the swill bucket.'
  13. Charlton, Robinson, Hanley, Schofield, Sullivan, Millward, Nash, Ward, Cunningham, Lockwood, Burgess, Reilly, Laughton.
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