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  1. Making very good progress but unlikely to play on Sunday according to pont and c*s, will probly play the last two.
  2. Signed new contracts, quality news!
  3. In his defence I allways use my moblie n it's much easier
  4. Hope it stop raining so the pitch doesn't get waterlogged and gets called off!
  5. I can just picture scoff on the table again getting us all going again in the pubs :-)
  6. Oh yes :-) let's make some noise as well! I'm well up for this one a tell thi'
  7. I seen your double page spread in the rugby paper though :-)
  8. They both won't be there much longer
  9. Complete different version to what I've eared, and il post what I like cheers!
  10. So if we beat haven sug, would a bonus point be all we need againt eagles to win it?
  11. I agree, bad times lol
  12. They were never 1st choice full back though, only cover unlike matt!
  13. They were never 1st choice full back, only cover unlike matt!
  14. Matt bramald probly worst I've seen
  15. Got to be pushing for 3k IMO that ground will hopefully be bouncing
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