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  1. If they settle the two players' contracts, they will have as much funding as other mid-table Championship, and League one clubs. They haven't gone into administration. (yet!) Penky is a Leigh lad and may just prefer not to travel up to the Cumbrian coast three or four times a week. Let's see how it pans out.
  2. There's talk of Penky coming back to Leigh. Contracts don't seem to be worth the paper they are written on, if that's the case. Also talk of Ridyard coming back (another year of his contract to run at Fev, although they've been told to take a pay cut) and Hock. (who is supposed to be contracted to Barrow!)
  3. It's sad - the team that wins the league, is the BEST team, over a full season. The team that wins the GF could just get it right a few times, and get all the glory and cash!
  4. We Leythers live in hope, but our recent 'form', for want of a better word, indicates a long night for the Centurions. Two wins out of our last six league games (against bottom two, Whitehaven & Keighley) doesn't fill us with optimism. Saturday's performance at Barrow was disappointing, until the final 20 minutes. We did well to get a BP, and would do likewise tomorrow.
  5. Tough, these RL guys! Robbie Paul had major surgery (the kind that would make a man's eyes water) and was back in three weeks - having been told eight - wearing a cricketer's 'box'. Our 2nd row, Tommy Goulden had to have emergency plastic surgery on his ear and mouth, after the Batley cup tie. He just shrugged after the collision, and walked off the pitch! He wanted to play last weekend too! So I guess Jamie Field doesn't really surprise me. Mind you, I think he, and a few of his mates, should take a well-earned rest, tomorrow!
  6. Bob, I think what irks most of us is the inconsistencies you mention. Of course Rovers - and all teams - should be given the maximum amount of time to travel to France. There is enough advantage for Toulouse when a visiting team has to travel in 'normal' circumstances! However, the RFL forced Dewsbury to travel by bus and play on the Sunday, in Toulouse and then play Leigh in a re-arranged NRC game on the Wednesday. That was disgraceful, as other teams (e.g. Halifax) were allowed weeks to play postponed NRC games. Then we had to play in Toulouse on Good Friday and at home to Batley on the Monday, when we could only get a flight back on the Sunday. The Limoux farce was a 'one-off', but no allowance was made for Leigh, or Toulouse that weekend, but the RFL bent over backwards to help Lezignan. As I say, it's examples like this, that annoy Leigh fans. (and those of other clubs when it happens to them) So, for what it's worth, I still think Fev have been stitched up this week, but I hope you can see where we are coming from?
  7. Because of the short preparation time for last night's 'The Centurion' not all the features were proof-read. I notice that we included Gareth Swift's name on your team sheet. I understand that the info. was obtained from your 'official' website. If I'd had the time to proof-read your squad list, I may have removed Gareth's name, but that might have been the wrong thing to do, for some people. It's an awkward one! Anyway, there was no disrespect intended to Gareth, or his family. We at Leigh all feel desperately for Gareth's family and friends, and hope that my piece in the editorial page reflected that. So, if any feelings were hurt, or pain caused, then we apologise for that.
  8. After having had a night to reflect on things, it's odd that I don't feel bad about losing! (usually I hate it!) There was nothing controversial about being beaten, when the winners were clearly the better team and thoroughly deserved to win. I suspect we were a bit jaded, but am sure that wouldn't have mattered against a 'lesser' team. Still, there's a long way to go yet and plenty of cracking games to enjoy. So, here's looking forward to coming to Post Office Road. (I refuse to acknowledge the new name! )
  9. Just a quick big well done. By far the better team tonight. great defence and sharper on attack. Leigh did well to get the bonus point. I have to say that I thought you copped the rough end of many refereeing decisions too! Mind you we've had that from him in two games recently, so perhaps he felt we were due to be the beneficiary of some baffling decisions for a change. The sin-binning of the sub who was waiting to come on, was the pettiest decision I have ever seen! So, no complaints about being beaten by a good, honest team. Well done. Roll on the return!
  10. Leigh were deservedly relegated - on the rules that were agreed. Then Gateshead were deservedly punished for 'cheating' and Leigh were re-instated. Yes, we were lucky. However, it was more than a 'reflex' action that gave Leigh a draw - that and the fact that Leigh were on top for 60 of the 80 minutes.
  11. I don't think there's much between the two teams. Leigh could be tired after playing on Thursday and you have had an extra week's 'rest'. However, I think ground advantage may swing this to Leigh. Here's hoping you can bring a decent following, despite it being on Tuesday evening. The game merits a good noisy crowd! Safe journey.
  12. Forgive me from taking up so much space on your forum, but I just wanted to give you a taster for what's in our matchday magazine on Tuesday. At least I hope it is - due to the rather short notice for the game, producing a programme is proving rather hectic! Nevertheless, we still intend to produce 52 pages for
  13. And the same Alan whose team had two days rest after playing in Toulouse and the five day round trip to Limoux, without any allowances when they got back from there either. The same Alan who noted that Dewsbury got one day's rest, after a horror trip to Toulouse, before being made to play Leigh in a NR Cup game. (and admitted that Dewsbury were needlessly shafted by that ridiculous decision) The same Alan that thinks Fev will have had twelve days rest before playing on Leigh's preferred date of the Wednesday. So yes, it's all about swings & roundabouts & I guess it's time for another team to feel the pain.
  14. The clubs can't agree on a date. As usual, commitments of both clubs play havoc with the intention of playing it as soon as possible after the postponement. (e.g we play Widnes this Thursday, and then you are at Toulouse, a week on Saturday - although that didn't stop the RFL forcing us to go there on Good Friday and then play again on the Monday!) The matter is awaiting the adjudication of the RFL - all I can say is that the 'game of the season' (so far) is not going to get time for the promotion/publicity it deserves, when an announcement is made!
  15. Did try to do it in white, as befits the purity of all Leythers, but for some reason, I couldn't read it then!
  16. Greetings, Eagles fans. Just to let you know what will be in our matchday magazine, this coming Sunday. There are 52 pages of topical stories, and photographs, plus GAME ON - all for
  17. It's a strange old game. After last week (at York) we were all talking about relegation. This week, some of you guys are. In reality, it's early days yet, so keep the faith, support your team, and good luck - except in the two Championship games against us, obviously! P.S. We may just be talking relegation again, after Dewsbury, next week!!
  18. He should be good - his dad played for Hull & NZ, his brother plays for W***n and NZ, his cousin for Leeds and his uncle for Salford! And, he's only 18!!
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