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  1. Assume this is actually Jordan Dezaria? A bit of sloppy journalism there!
  2. Plus Nathan Mason and Ben Hellewell to Leigh - and possibly Mark Ioane to the same club.
  3. Sending Fev to Toulouse for a Wednesday night is ridiculous. Can only assume they think you guys like travelling after the crazy end to your 2019 season. (why do you think we let you win at LSV, in the play-offs? The situation appears to have been brought about, by the commitment to prevent players playing twice in four days over Easter. I don't think any of the SL clubs, or League 1 clubs are doing that. Curiously Whitehaven v Leigh and Widnes v Bradford, are still on the Monday, after they have played on the Friday. (and there's no airport at Whitehaven!!) Why is that? Does the welfare of their players not matter either?
  4. Only after a referendum, surely?
  5. Toronto could probably sign her for half a season, for that money!
  6. Just wanted to say, that was a heck of an effort, against the odds, guys. Your week of travelling couldn't have helped, but you still gave them something to think about. On the plus side, for me - we get to play you again next season. Looking forward to that.
  7. So, goodbye to Wigan, Saints, Warrington then! Unless of course, they apply for city status!
  8. Fantastic! Good luck next week in Toronto - they should be afraid!
  9. Good luck guys. I'm sure all of us at Leigh will be rooting for you, especially after the ridiculous schedule that you face, if you win today!
  10. Hope he's able to add more to Salford, than he did Leigh.
  11. Hey Kayakman - welcome to the real (?) World of Rugby League in the UK. As you know, I'm dead against expansion into North America - but I'm also in favour of fairness and equality - and there doesn't seem a lot of that around in this instance!
  12. No complaints from us about your D/R's'Tex'. One of the reasons we made the top 5, was the young D/R's we got from Saints - all of them played really well for us. Our problem came when Saints gradually took them back (they all had good spells in Saints first team) to ensure squad depth for the play-offs. Suddenly that rich source of players dried up, and we had to bring players in. Unfortunately they didn't match up to the Saints' lads, probably upset team spirit, and you saw the result on Sunday. (and we HAVE been playing like that for weeks now) I guess your masterstroke was partnering with Leeds - a team with absolutely no chance of making the play-offs, who wouldn't want to take them back for squad cover!
  13. It's a little bit late to start to question Toronto's credentials, surely? I vote the SL teams have to endure what the Championship and League One clubs have had to put up with before they start to moan!
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