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  1. https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/v2/blog/2020/02/28/leigh-centurions-name-21-man-squad-to-face-swinton-lions/
  2. Your lads had a real dig and gave Leigh's defence a good workout in the second half. Credit to Batley, who didn't employ the spoiling tactics, round the ptb,, used by York, the previous weekend. Credit also, to the few fans who risked the M62, on a horrible Friday night. Saw enough from Batley's makeshift team, to reckon we'll have the usual difficult game at the Mount, later this season.
  3. You seem to be suffering the same nightmare start we (Leigh) have had after a successful season, in a couple of years gone by - the 'reward' of having to play the most fancied teams, at the start of the following season. Strange how the 'draw' works! I felt better on Sunday, when I heard that Connor Robinson's suspension was carried forward to our game. On our games with you last season, he was a big influence, as Danny Washbrook must be. Keep the faith - good teams don't become poor overnight. See you for a closer game later in the season.
  4. Well, the result hopefully! Seriously though, two cracking, nothing-in-it games with you, last season, and this one should be the same. On the evidence of our two games, so far, we seem to have a much tougher, more competitive team this season, with a big, mobile pack, so your guys need to be ready for it! Of course, being sport, what's gone before, is often irrelevant - but I'm still expecting a belter of a game. Hope you can turn up in numbers, despite the long journey, and awful weather. It's great inside LSV, when there is a loud crowd on. Travel safely, if you're coming.
  5. Hi Harry. I would agree with you about Saturday afternoon. (v Sunday) That said, the crowd was a tad over 3,100 - not too shabby, eh?!
  6. Cracking try by a player from any position, let alone a prop!
  7. Doubt they have been paid for THIS month, on the 2nd of February. More likely to be paid towards the end of the month - common practice, I believe!?
  8. “The more people that join OURLeague, the more funding the club gets from central resources so it is essential we are increasing our TV presence so ahead of the 2020 season.” True. However, a 6:15 pm kick off on a Sunday, may well not entice visiting supporters across the Pennines - in either direction.
  9. In fairness to Sam, he felt that he was being singled out for a lot of tests, some of which were at his home, at what he deemed 'out of hours'. His reaction to the tester was way over the top, but it's worth pointing out that, while he was regularly singled out for testing, he NEVER tested positive.
  10. Assume this is actually Jordan Dezaria? A bit of sloppy journalism there!?
  11. Plus Nathan Mason and Ben Hellewell to Leigh - and possibly Mark Ioane to the same club.
  12. Sending Fev to Toulouse for a Wednesday night is ridiculous. Can only assume they think you guys like travelling after the crazy end to your 2019 season. (why do you think we let you win at LSV, in the play-offs?? The situation appears to have been brought about, by the commitment to prevent players playing twice in four days over Easter. I don't think any of the SL clubs, or League 1 clubs are doing that. Curiously Whitehaven v Leigh and Widnes v Bradford, are still on the Monday, after they have played on the Friday. (and there's no airport at Whitehaven!!) Why is that? Does the welfare of their players not matter either?
  13. Only after a referendum, surely??
  14. Toronto could probably sign her for half a season, for that money!?
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