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  1. Looks like Featherstone must have been exempt too, when they announced the signing of Jake Spedding, on Monday!
  2. "Leigh claim the deal was registered before Friday's deadline"???!!! Surely the RFL will have the contract and would have confirmed that? Unless, of course, Leigh and Warrington forged the date/time!
  3. Credit for lifting your heads, after conceding 40 points in the first half hour. I think complacency set in with Leigh, and you saw an opportunity and took it, to then give (at least) as good as you got. Credit also to Ainscough for a brilliant try, just before the end.
  4. Remember last season, when we started like a house on fire, at yours? You'd caught us by half time and gave us an almighty fright. In fact, but for a couple of dubious tries, awarded to us, you might have won it! We may score quite a few points, but I bet you do too!
  5. Given Swinton's recent results, I thought they may be a handful - and they really were! I don't know what Duffy said at half time, but it did the trick - just! You've got a great bunch of players there, with a tremendous spirit. But it's more than that. They showed terrific skills, were full of invention and had pace to burn. It's easy to see why Ashton is clear at the top of the Championship try scoring charts!
  6. Agreed 100% Harry. Good luck to Widnes and their fans - they've had a pretty torrid season so far. The build up to Gelling's try was a worthy match winner, in good conditions, let alone today's! And, once again, Danny Craven was pure class - if only we could get someone like him for next season!
  7. AlanE


    I bet they are, but tell them not to blink - he doesn't do 'big' minutes!
  8. This is true, but it wouldn't be the first time (by a long chalk) that the RFL changed it's mind at the last minute! Take last season, when an extra fixture was added to the play-offs, and Swinton and Workington were suddenly asked to play an extra game at very short notice. P.S. They look like blackcurrants!
  9. AlanE


    Spot the deliberate mistake in our announcement!! I understand why we travelled to St Helens to play you, but travelling up to yours to face Featherstone is a bit much!!lazy copying from last week, methinks! Looking forward, as always to my visit to Barrow on Sunday.
  10. AlanE


    Just one DR (Bachelor) and one loan player (Woods) in our squad. However, there is a very strong bond between all our (mainly) local lads, so you can expect passion and pride from them. (not unlike what we have witnessed twice, already from your guys!) https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/blog/2019/07/12/centurions-announce-19-man-squad-for-sundays-barrow-game/
  11. AlanE


    Any thoughts on Sunday's game? I'm expecting another tight one after the game at St Helens, recently.
  12. Attempt at irony Harry. (don't do sarcasm in response to anyone's respected viewpoint) I agree with your post and would add that it is utterly absurd and out of order to expect part-timers to make three (maybe even four) trips over the Atlantic in just over a month!
  13. We all know that part time players, and supporters of part-time clubs, have been vociferous in their demands for two, possibly three trips to Toronto, in just over a month!
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