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  1. The person to use abuse was YOU, when YOU used the term "fragile fool". Now you term me "canned up" - you are labelling me a drunkard?
  2. I'm not the fragile fool. You are the one crying on an internet forum because your team are poor. Get over it.
  3. How on Earth have you deduced that I think everything is rosy? We are terrible at times. Most of the time. "Realism" does not equate to the morbid depression and negativity you display. We lost a game of rugby. We get to try again next week. You should enjoy sport. You clearly don't - that's not healthy for you. Why put yourself through it? You only seem happy when it's bad.
  4. Can you afford my fee twice in one week? Tell me about your mum.
  5. Do you need the outlet of an internet forum for your misery? Do you need to share your misery? Is it not enough that you are miserable, without trying to make other people miserable? Can't you be happy in your own misery? Is your pain only real if you share it? That will be £280 please. Same time next week?
  6. No, it was . But it's sport - where you turn up every week, hoping for the best. I know I'm daft for still doing that. But when you realise, like you it seems have, that this is futile - that is the time to pack it in. Don't be dragged into this foolishness of hope anymore. Move on. Go fishing. Retire to Filey. Just do something you feel is productive. Stop draining the rest of us foolish dreamers with your negative, boring, mundane realism. Sport is about catharsis, hope, vision, distraction. If I want miserable realism, I'll just work 7 days instead of 5.
  7. Why do you put yourself through it? Leave it. Let it go. Take up gardening. Leave the rest of us to limp week to week, hoping for a glimmer of hope, or expectation. Just off!
  8. Why? What was illegal about it? It wasn't late. It wasn't high. It wasn't a shoulder. Awful decision.
  9. The only reaction worth having, is an over-reaction!
  10. He's gonna really hit the roof when he finds out that a member club cannot actually take legal action against the RFL!
  11. "Stopped clock". Edit it quick - no-one will notice, and I'll delete mine
  12. Then I'm guessing you wrote the HKR bid. Please answer - who are the HKR products, let's say over the last 5 years, so you can use CoH products too? Names?
  13. BS. What have HKR been doing for the last 3 years? Are you suggesting that HFC took all the CoH academy products?? If HFC maybe have 2 products, and you have none - WTF has the CoH academy been doing? All you have described there is a situation where not only HKR should have been declined a licence, but HFC also!
  14. Before shattering them 2 years down the line, cos yet again, they have failed to do what is required to turn them into pro players. Since the scrapping of the CoH academy, how many have progressed from HKRs academy, to their first team? The actual number?
  15. The last licence was automatically awarded, as the clubs came out of the partnership. As a standalone they have been deemed unfit. Now they have a chance to fix it. Or they can come back in 2 years and cry some more about the nasty RFL.
  16. Odd; I heard completely the opposite.
  17. If someone had a pitch that was wider than it was long...wouldn't they just play the other way round?
  18. The Bulls pitch has never been 100m long.
  19. Before the game it was measured at 50.8 metres - minimum is 55 metres. In goals were just over 3 metres - minimum is 6 metres. Pitch length is circa 86 metres.
  20. 100%...but with the requirement to run it properly, measured against KPIs and standards.
  21. There is no legal action being taken - it's not a matter of law.
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