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  1. OK, let's remove the financial cap, but add a player cap. You can spend as much as you like, but you can only have 30 players registered for first team. We can't return to the days when the rich club's B team was better than most other club's A teams, and the talent was simply mopped up to stop other teams getting them. Also, if you go bust, you go bust. It's goodbye.
  2. Refs do seem to be incorrectly calling the ball "in", when the LF has it trapped. I can live with that if done consistently. The problem is the LFs are often not bound (stood up from the scrum), and the ball is therefore "out".
  3. Nice back track to a position of sense. You stated that Wakey beating Hull was not good for "expansion", suggesting that TO staying up was better for the game. There are certainly 2 teams in L1 that look competitive and would perhaps contribute to a 14 team SL. Whether or not their expenditure is sustainable remains to be seen. Under the terms we think SL is being run on, if Wakey finish bottom, they deserve to be replaced. Ditto TO. Neither going down equate to "expansion".
  4. Luckily for Halifax, there are no roads going anywhere to, or coming from anywhere important, to affect them.
  5. How does any club, any where, losing and dropping out promote expansion? That's contraction. Expansion means building on what we've got. If, as you seem to suggest, expansion is to be measured geographically, you wouldn't have 2 teams in the same city. So Hull beating Wfd would be anti-expansionist, ultimately. You'd want them in Perpignan, Toulouse, London...Toronto.
  6. It's the PERFECT result for the expansionist. Why would anyone want 2 teams in the ###### of Hull? Getting rid of a heartland club doesn't equal expansion. Expansion builds in what we've got. It doesn't replace it.
  7. I thought not. Shame. I am not interpreting anything - I'm reading what he has said. I guess we'll see what he is actually thinking in due course.
  8. More than happy to be corrected. Can you link to a quote of him saying he actually wants to buy SRD please?
  9. What words in there do you interpret as "Gerrard wants to buy SRD"? If he buys SRD, he still can't influence the stadium management decisions. If he buys the AJB, be can. Is the suggestion that he wants to buy the stadium AND the club?? That's not been written or stated anywhere.
  10. It's not an interpretation, it's what the words say. The only people saying Gerrard has expressed an interest in SRD are SRD. Gerrard wants the ground.
  11. What's clear is that Gerrard wants the AJB. Any interest in SRD is hoped for by SRD.
  12. Where is the notion the this bloke is buying SRD coming from? I understood it as he wants to buy the AJB and wants SRD as tenants - probably with Sale and a soccer club also. He can buy SRD if he wants regardless, but it seems everything is hinged on him getting the AJB, not the SRD.
  13. So guesswork then, no actual evidence or facts. Also, no-one is paid less, than that - it's a RFL condition of a first team contract.
  14. Wonder if Coote may face a trip to the Beak, after that attempted tackle on Davies? Went straight in with the knees.
  15. Go on - have a stab. Out of the 360+ players on SL contracts, how many are on £15k?
  16. Feel free to name them. Or at least give an accurate number, perhaps club by club.
  17. That's the minimum a player promoted from Academy would have to be paid. It's not the average pay for SL.
  18. Well, if they are, they can keep using the rent money they withhold to pay for players they can't otherwise afford.
  19. Actually, he's a very naughty boy.
  20. You literally said I posted words I never said, on a theme I never intimated! It takes quite a leap to take what I ACTUALLY posted and interpret it how you did.
  21. Seven pages of nonsense, attributable to ONE man. Mick Sodding Gledhill.
  22. If we don't discuss this, what will we discuss? It's not like there is anything of not happening in the game in the next few days. At least if there is, it hasn't been promoted by either the governing body (or a northern kitchen-sink soap). Nothing to see here. Move along. Storyline proposal: Ken - "Hey Gary Windass, where are you going?" Gary - "Just gonna bury another dead body, dodge a tram crash, push a wife-beater off a roof - then I'm off to Elland Road to watch the rugby". Ken - "Prefer Sale me, Rah, rah Gary. Rah, rah." Gary - " off ya posh !".
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