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  1. Yes, it's membership of the "RFL club"; the clubs are members. The club belongs to the members; it's a member's club when written as "possession of the membership, belong to the members". It is THE member's club. It is A members' club.
  2. A condition of membership of the RFL, is that a member club cannot sue the RFL. If a member club sues the RFL, they forfeit their membership of the RFL. A condition of membership (it's a "member's club"), is that you accept the rules and decisions of the member's club. Don't like the rules? Leave the member's club. Get it?
  3. Kevin Sinfield = RL Referee, though he gave the reffing up at the same time he stopped playing.
  4. I'm not missing that point at all - it's a rule that applies to every club in the RFL and it was put there to ensure the "big" clubs coming in and taking players whom other clubs had developed, paid proper compensation. It's not Wakefield being "bad" - it's the rule.
  5. If he's worth what he thinks he is, someone will take him. If not, they won't. It's a fair market and he's entitled to take his chance. The market may judge him to be a better Hermes driver than he is (may become), a winger. BTW - You'd have to pay me a lot more than £16k for me to even watch RU, let alone play it.
  6. Of course they would. Quite rightly. You know that rule was not created by Wakefield and applies to every club in the comp? I imagine Mr Carter will be quite sympathetic to allowing him to get another club (i.e. by reducing the compensation they would insist upon), but I doubt he would announce that publicly - that would be crazy. Plus, I guess where he would end up would be a factor - if it happened to be another SL club (doubtful), then the full compensation would be due.
  7. Yet the actual evidence says otherwise. Ya know, the facts... http://whiterose.saddleworth.net/stillpart.htm
  8. It hasn't been taken off us - it is still in Yorkshire. I'm not sure you can blame the demise of Oldham RL on the the Local Government Act of 1972.
  9. Pah. A good part of "Oldham" is actually in Huddersfield (53%). Saddleworth has always been, and remains, in Yorkshire!
  10. Bloody hell, yeah, at Oulton. Another rubbish venue. I have a fair dislike for the Huddersfield, the club and it's shonky claim to be the birthplace of RL, just because that's where a meeting took place. However, it is THE ideal place for the museum (for the same reason as that's where the 1895 meeting took place), - it's central to the northern spread of the game and it has that indelible (if circumstantial), connection to the great split. And it's a nice enough town centre for a few beers.
  11. Shame to lose a squad player, but he's ultimately found his limit. He has definitely steadied the Wakefield pack through a rebuilding phase, but the club have better, club-trained prospects. I hope it sees Batchelor and Crowther get to cement their starting roles.
  12. Bloody England ladies soccerball nicking the "Lionesses" moniker too.
  13. The way Leeds have built is, with doubt, to be admired. You still have to consider the impact of the business closure - they have lost more income than any other club.
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