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  1. Apart from the facilities, the on-field performances and the finances, what else is there?? Bulls are Cat C.
  2. The usage of the pitch will include Trinity team's training regimes, which the club previously paid out to use other venues. With matches, training (saved expenditure), and some community use (income), who knows what the real usage/community uptake will be, but whatever it it is, the club will benefit.
  3. If they did, that's a further blow to income, on top of the loss of 2 home games.
  4. It's not because STs don't cover cup games (not at the moment anyway...).
  5. Not rich, not high level...but the money in soccer is bonkers. Even as a low level club, any monies Trinity received from a soccer club, would be an increase in their incomes.
  6. It wouldn't be a cut of the bar, it would be all of the bar - Wakey own the place now. Tenants would likely keep all or most of their ticket sales, but have to pay a rental fee & match-day costs e.g. stewarding, lights etc. That's generally how these deals are structured.
  7. No, the terrace is rubbish - not enough elevation for a start. Also, the TV camera goes that side and a roof would obscure it's sight lines. It needs a full rebuild, but that will come on the back of increased revenues / new funding down the line. It is next on the list though.
  8. No idea David. What it's usage capacity is and what they can realise may be two different things.
  9. The surface Wakey are laying is hybrid (I think I read 80% grass). So, again, are you saying you know more about it's properties than the manufacturer? THEY say 30-40 hours usage per week. Are they lying? Do they not know their own product? Are you calling them liars?
  10. The club have only owned the ground for 2 years. Remarkable progress in that time, I'm sure you'd agree. Or did you want them to spend £12m upgrading someone else's property?
  11. You've tried poo-pooing this before and been shot down already. You tried to compare it the the decade old carpet at LSV. The manufacturers standards state 30-40 hours of usage per week. Do yo know more than them or not?
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