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  1. I may be missing your point - are you suggesting a person will be born to an underclass "league" caste, to die and live their next life in a higher "union" caste??? Surely your skills would get better the longer you had at it?
  2. You think people are born into a caste, there to stay for their lifetime, and will then be promoted to the next caste upon their rebirth???
  3. Don't know why you have quoted me there. I have no issue with players kneeling. I have no issue with players not kneeling.
  4. Why is it disrespectful? They are entitled to believe in an all-seeing omnipresent man in the sky, and I am entitled to think that's a form of mental illness; a wilful stupidity. Quoting or believing scripture is not an action - chucking gay people off towers is.
  5. BLM is a multi-million dollar Marxist organisation, entirely based in the US, who's raison d'etre is the destruction of the US and capitalism. They don't have an agenda, they have an ideology. I have no difficulty distinguishing between them and the entirely valid anti-racist protests/movement taking place.
  6. He can think what he likes. He can't be held to account for that. I ask again, what actions has he undertaken By the way, he did nothing more than quote the Old Testament. And I'll give you further insight - I'm an atheist who believes that anyone who believes such nonsense, including him, is a mentalist - but I believe first and foremost in free speech (not hate speech). I also detest the influence the "Church" has on our lives...oooohhh don't get me going!
  7. You haven't seen the BLM mission statement have you (not the one uploaded in the last 2 weeks, the one that was there before, calling for the destruction of the USA and capitalism).
  8. Name calling - Karens'/Gammons'/Uncle Toms - all used to undermine and disenfranchise and dehumanise voices = used by Nazi's to isolate Jews, for example. Closing down free speech - commonly called being "cancelled" these days (no-one reads books anymore). Rewriting history - "all white people are Empire builders and Empire was a bad thing" (yes, many bad things happened), and by "Empire" we mean the British Empire (forget about the Ottaman, Roman, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese), "the British started slavery" - nope, white-on-white slavery happened a thousand years before Africa was so cruelly targeted. "White men stole blacks" - actually the white slavers rarely left port - it was BLACK slavers selling black to slaves to white traders. Oh, here you go...a basic wiki link to empirical studies... "Left-wing fascism and left fascism are sociological and philosophical terms used to categorize tendencies in left-wing politics otherwise commonly attributed to the ideology of fascism. Fascism has historically been considered a far-right ideology.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The term was formulated as a position by sociologists Jürgen Habermas and Irving Louis Horowitz. Another early use of the term is by Victor Klemperer, when describing the close similarities between Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic.[7]"
  9. The BLM "organisation" and in most part the "movement", is largely a US thing, though that's not to say there aren't still issues of racism to deal with here. Defund the Police is entirely a US thing, where police forces aren't "federal", but in some cases, very badly trained militias.
  10. You suggested it mattered. "He can think what he wants, but he can't act on it." Unfortunately, religious folks will have hateful ideologies and they hide behind this aspect of the HRA.
  11. Listed some earlier. I'll say for the 3rd time - the left aren't fascist - elements of "the far left" are using fascist methodologies.
  12. Wrong again - Article 9 protects your right to freedom of thought, belief and religion
  13. Go on then - quote either any legislation you can find that gives you the right to ask someone a question. Don't use free speech i.e. "I can ask what I want", because that's a nonsense - it's not a a right. In law, there is no right to ask, only the right to reserve answer.
  14. I didn't say that - I said the left were using fascist methodologies (cleverer people than me will explain why it is actually fascism, but that's not my argument). The end does not justify the mean.
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