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  1. If Fev get promoted, that wouldn't be a bad call!
  2. Measuring in yards instead of metres would not "allow for more space"! Regardless of what unit of measurement you use, the space available, is the space available!
  3. Going from Mick Gledhill's pic today - there is still only 3m between the 30 and 40m lines (30m is 30m from the goal line and the 40m is 40m from the half way line). The pitch is therefore only 86 metres long. I'd guess Bulls are cheekily including the in-goals to magic up an acceptable number.
  4. The pitch is still only 86 metres long - still below minimum standards, and is still too narrow. Fill it in with household waste, and move on.
  5. https://wakefieldtrinity.com/news/ Wakefield have just signed 7 on. Lewis Magson – West Bowling Charlie Tetley – Oulton/Heworth Oli Pratt – Heworth Eli Saul – Featherstone Lions Ethan Wood – Emley/ Featherstone lions Blake Colton – Bentley ARLFC Jake Camplin – Normanton Knights Lennie Jackson – Emley/ Wakefield Hawks Harry Hartley – Dewsbury Moor
  6. I haven't heard anything about the camps run by Rhinos - do they even exist? Or is it because I haven't looked? FWIW - Wakefield's academy is fantastically well run and would be top of the league, if a league table had been run this year.
  7. And have you looked to see if these clubs run camps, or are you just creating another, unfounded urban myth? FYI Wakefield certainly run camps - perhaps not in Cumbria.
  8. No, the huge majority of income from football is retained by the football club. Giants make very little on their shabby crowds rattling around in that stadium. Mr Davy is the only thing keeping them afloat. It's highly likely that Giants will be looking for a new home in the not too distant future - they are just in the way at this stadium and barely cover operational costs.
  9. No, Cas and Wakey's grounds need maintenance, but as wholly owned facilities, they keep everything they earn. Hudds still lose about 80% of income plus stadium management costs - they own 20% of the stadium. Obviously not as bad as Wigan who even had to move a game because a wedding was booked in the hospitality suite, and I believe Hull don't even earn "wet" matchday revenue. They will also have agreements that state they pay x amount per year; that won't be reduced just because you need the facility for fewer games.
  10. How are Wakefield & Cas stadiums millstones in this conversation - they own their stadiums and would earn 100% revenue from any games or events. Hull FC, Hudds, Wigan are tenants - their landlords earn the vast majority of any matchday revenue. A cuckoo lives in another birds home.
  11. It doesn't...unless every club hosts a round and all revenues are shared. Won't pay the bills at cuckoo stadiums such as Huddersfield, Wigan, Hull...
  12. Potential for top team to get automatic promotion, with the play-off's changing to 2nd to 6th, for the other promo spot.
  13. No-one agreed to the ###### that we see as a result of the MRP, because they are citing incidents well outside their remit.
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