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  1. Again you miss the detail. I was clear in my first post, that SL2 would need to be guaranteed a Sky fixture each week - the commercial value is there, but needs defining and protecting (i.e. along with promotion/relegation). In your world, where would Broncos, Newcastle, York get their squads from, in order to compete with Hull, Leeds, Catalans? Answer: It's whichever clubs lose out in the redefining of the leagues - no net change. And to repeat; I am not advocating SL1 & 2 - I'm just as happy with growing SL1 to 14 or more, over time.
  2. No, you miss the point. Yes, the top 6 Championship clubs are competitive, but those at the bottom end, less so. Put those 6 with (as it stands), Leigh, Salford, Wakey, Hudds - THAT is a competition!
  3. As a Wakey fan, I can take 2 x 10...as long as promotion/relegation is a guaranteed feature. And it's properly funded and features in the main Sky schedule - 1 game from SL1 and 1 game from SL2 (+Dragons home games). That would really give the SL something to sell as a secondary rights package! It would push my club on (to remain in SL1), and give the likes of Fev, Fax, London, York, Toulouse, Newcastle a real chance to bridge the gap, in a truly competitive league. I'm sure it could create a yo-yo effect, with the top 6 SL1 clubs never in doubt, but worthy of discussion. E
  4. Your first point was about having teams that could win SL - that's 4. You then tried to widen the net to teams in finals i.e. losers, to prop up your failed point. Tut tut. The Yorkshire Cup, along the Lancs Cup, was indeed a major trophy of the time. It hasn't been played for since Wakefield won it. In that sense Wakey have held a major trophy every year for the last 20+ years.
  5. So, in your measure of success being "clubs who could win SL", there are at least 7 others, along with Wakey, who you would deem to be below standard. One of the 4 is Bulls who are lucky to be in existence today. You'll find a similar stat if you look at Premiership soccer. Success is a continuum.
  6. So, how many clubs have indeed won SL??
  7. The premise of the question is nonsense. In reality there are probably 3 teams who could realistically win the GF. If any of the other 9 are already out of the CC, is their season over too?? "Might as well alllll go home!"
  8. Dog Park is Fev's training ground - that's where Wakey used to train in Horo's days.
  9. It's at least the second time in this match that he has targeted Fages late. Bye bye thug. Game doesn't need that - especially when we have never been more aware of the issues coming from concussion.
  10. Tetevano is a cheap shot merchant. Could be a short season for him.
  11. Don't put words in my mouth - I am not suggesting any club is sacred. I'm saying replace them by all means, but only when the net value of the replacement is higher than what they are replacing. I'm a Wakey fan and don't think the potential pinnacle of the sport would see us in there...but will we ever see the sport realise it's rightful place in the sporting hierarchy? No. That's down to media bias and inept governance of the sport. I'd love to see RL properly recognised and would gladly sacrifice my club's place at the top table to see it. I need not worry thoug
  12. Maybe. But new teams, let's say Bristol, Newcastle and Nottingham, would not produce the amount of players that Wakefield & Hudds (I really don't know about Salford's record), do for the professional game. Such places should replace "established" clubs, when they too have a net contribution to the game. If Hudds and Wakey drop out without being replaced by a something more sustainable, then the game will suffer a net loss.
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