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  1. Oh? What have Wakefield voted against, regarding "building" Toronto? Is there a reason you have named them?
  2. Failure to convert them to silverware?? I'd love my team to be that "unsuccessful". It can't have helped, that Hudds Town had their moment in the Premiership sun.
  3. I kind of mean how do we get new fans or turn casual interest into bums on seats.
  4. I struggle to see where you disagree with me in truth (even though there was an element of me being tongue-in-cheek). And believe me, us Wakey fans know exactly where we are in the pecking order, but we see the potential the club and the team has, but just can't seem to realise it.
  5. Which is the inherent quality of the fans of those clubs - they aren't the problem; the people who we need to turn up are the problem.
  6. All the clubs with new stadia seem to suffer a lack of atmosphere, certainly when compared to their old ground. It's great to have big stadia we can aspire to fill, but we don't seem to be making progress. The most successful in terms of new stadia/great atmosphere is perhaps Wire. If/when my club (Wakefield) get a new stadium/upgrade, I hope it captures something of the Wire/Leigh feel.
  7. It's easy to offer your support to a successful, winning or at least competitive team. Such clubs naturally attract a bigger following, so can seem to have a "quality support". If success dips, then a club sustaining that would indeed be quality - hence my admiration for how Cas and HKR weathered their tougher times. Those who turn out, buy their STs and club clothing, even when every game threatens a beating - they're "quality". Wigan & Wire always seem capable of generating a "quality" atmosphere. Always found fans of all the clubs I encounter to be pretty friendly - 9 times out of 10 we share the love of the game. That's "quality". It's hard to define or quantify.
  8. I don't follow. What exactly have I got wrong about FC fans? It's a totally factual summary.
  9. Oh yeah, London. But apart from them, who else? Exactly. No-one. Unless "lolling" Salford counts.
  10. Look again. I haven't taken the mick out of the numbers of fans clubs have.
  11. Yeah, that is a bit weird - taking the mick out of other clubs support, when they are the ones who are actually there! It's like laughing at the fat bloke in the gym - at least he's there.
  12. Hang on. You are going to try and introduce the concept that Hudds fans are "quality" because they, despite their low numbers, get behind the team and make a lot of "noise"? An annoying cowbell and droning "Fartown" are nothing to draw attention to! Seriously: Good - Cas/Hull KR fans for being loyal through relegation. Always enjoyed Rervers fans and Cas fans can count to 12, Good - London for amazing dedication. Doing their bit to counter global warming, by all travelling in one car. Good - Wigan create a great atmosphere, big numbers, good songs. Bad - Wigan for "the Wigan Walk", when they don't perform. Bad - Leeds for being utterly entitled, ill-educated and bloody boring. Good - Hull FC for good numbers (though they foolishly believe their own hype EVERY year), quite loyal, but never like their coach. Bad - Saints fans are grey and anonymous. Massive credit to the bloke with the white van though! And Johnnie Vegas. Salford - lol.
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