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  1. Head straight to the ground and go in the Rollin Shack! (The bar which is part of the ground).
  2. How much time you got? Nip over to Fernandez Tap for a quality beer (2 mins towards the city centre). Back towards the ground then is Grey Horse ( old man's pub). Then over the bridge to Ruddy Duck (modern over-priced ######). Then up Doncaster Road to the Conservative club, then the ground itself. If you are early enough to pop into the city centre (5 mins), there are some really quality establishments. What time do you arrive?
  3. So, not always at the bottom as you originally said! Assets to SL? Well, the much-repeated mantra for having London in, is that they raise the profile of the game e.g. in the media/paying public, both in London and nationally. Clearly this is nonsense. Is the profile higher for having Wakefield in? Equally, no. Neither club should be drawing attention to their playing facilities, in a dick-measuring contest. Wakey do now own their ground and have credible plans for development. Wakefield produce a steady stream of players for the game, including SL. London, to a lesser extent, do also, but in nowhere near the same number. The failure of the game (and I don't usually buy into the default position of "blame the RFL"), to invest in the South and take advantage of the potential in London, is scandalous. Wakefield have been moderately competitive over the years; London? Not really. Wakefield are recognised for playing a very good brand of rugby and London have created interest with their results. Conclusion. None of that matters. Value to SL/the game should be judged on the field, over a season. End of. I'll be very happy if London stay up, as long as it isn't Wakey going down.
  4. Not sure (neither was Mr Carter). It was a score credited to each club and the feeling was that it was an algorithm of club produced and service area produced (for the whole pro game, not just SL). The big clubs are very good at pinching juniors from all over... You'd be surprised just how many Wakey lads are in the game!
  5. Wollo might not bother to correct your drivel, but I will. Wakefield have produced more players for the game than virtually every other area, if not all, (stated by Mr Carter, though he himself couldn't explain the measure the RFL used). Wakefield made no promises regarding the ground on entry to SL. They said they wanted to play all TV games at Oakwell, but that was never within their control. In 20 years, Wakefield have finished bottom ONCE. Also, the club have been self-sufficient since Mr Carter got a hold of the club. They only spend what they earn (which was diminished due to the RFL holding money back because of not meeting some facility standards), and now own the ground (via a loan from WMDC which the club pay back with interest). If I'm right, you're a Bulls fan?? You really shouldn't be lecturing other clubs about facilities, producing players and definitely not finances!
  6. Unless you are expecting games to last 180 days, you still won't be needing a visa to go to France.
  7. NEWSFLASH: No-one cares about Bulls anymore. What is the population of Bradford? How many watch Bulls? The city has a terrible, low division soccer club, which gets 5 times the Bulls support. RL needs lots of things - artificially protecting any club is not one of them.
  8. Carter and Dewsbury were genuine and serious. The Dewsbury chairman has always been open to developing the size of the Rams business. I have no doubt that Chalmers and Dewsbury are serious. If all these Bulls fans want to stay in Bfd, maybe you will accept a much weakened squad next year? Or perhaps you could get former players to donate memorabilia and have an auction? There may still be some knocking about. Or you could accept that Chalmers has the best interests of the club at heart and trust that he knows what his business needs to look like going forward.
  9. The RFL used to (perhaps still do), own RFL 1, RFL 2, RFL 3 etc..not sure what number they went up to. They were an a fleet of cars sourced from Appleyards. The last time I was at Red Hall (quite some time back), the cars were dumped out the back and still had the plates on.
  10. If that had actually happened, then yes, it's a try. But it's nonsense to suggest it actually occurred! Lees is quicker than Naqame over 6 metres, but slower over 8? I'm happy with Hudds losing - I detest them, but that's just Fantasyland stuff.
  11. Lol, you are hopelessly one-eyed. I can't stand Hudds and wanted a Saints win. I still want to see the game called correctly though.
  12. It does not show Lees ever being in front. The only time they are in the same shot is when he is scoring. It shouldn't even need a VR - the ref and TJ should see that all day long.
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