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  1. What the hell was Lewis thinking? Was Lewis thinking?
  2. Utoikamanu scores now, and the Broncos are broken.
  3. Try for Pauga on his day boo. Great assist from Maumalo. Oh, hang on, the bunker is checking for offside... TRY!
  4. Bizarre try for the Noff - it looked like half the players on the field tried to get their hands on it.
  5. Talau gets his second, and this match is still in the balance.
  6. Quite a few years ago, the BBC did a Sunderland documentary, and if you think you've heard swearing, you really haven't until you've experienced a Peter Reid half-time team talk.
  7. The Noff gets his usual try, and becomes Wests' all-time top scorer.
  8. I watched the last 20 minutes of the Warriors/Panthers game. The Warriors did well to keep the Penrith score relatively low with no subs to call on.
  9. The 1895 Cup final was the third RL game I watched today. I decided to lie in and not watch North Queensland Cowboy v Sydney Roosters, because of the KO time. Work on your stamina.
  10. Nice to see a new name on the trophy after 13 years of the same old same old.
  11. If anybody missed what was a really good cup final, it is being repeated on the red button in a few minutes.
  12. And then people would have complained about footage of an almost empty stadium.
  13. Two excellent cup finals in one day, on FTA television. Let the moaning begin!
  14. Same here. He's been quality for years, but not always in a team that gives him the space Cas do.
  15. But in this weather, will Cas have the energy to keep doing that for 80 minutes? Fatigue's definitely going to play a part as this game goes on.
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