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  1. But with Spotify or YouTube, you can try before you buy to an extent that's never been possible before. Even in the "good old days" of listening booths in record shops, you were limited to what they stocked. Then, if you find something you really love, get the physical disc. That way you've got offline access and backup in case your streaming service gets done for tax fraud or the record label decides to withdraw their catalogue from it due to miserly payments per play.
  2. Do RU still claim Touch and Tag as part of their code's numbers? Any improvement there stemming from RL effort just goes to boost the other mob's often-questionable figures.
  3. Armstrong grabbed the opportunity with both hands. A great debut!
  4. That "on hold muzak" loop they play while the VR is checking could do with a little variation.
  5. Ormondroyd, son of Ian, the very lanky professional footballer from Bradford who went through more clubs than a veteran Canadian seal hunter.
  6. Still going, (probably) still angry.
  7. Turuva was dropped very late before today's match against the Cowboys. Hmm...
  8. Three tries in a row for the Cowboys, and this game is very much back on! NQL 20:24 PEN
  9. To get more potential viewers alerted, you ought to edit the thread title to mention the date of the final.
  10. Last time I tried to watch that channel, they'd introduced geo-blocking, as had NA TV. But they seem to have switched that off again, thankfully. Today's men's final and the women's final that's currently under way are also on https://www.sportenfrance.com which I've just checked and it also works without a VPN.
  11. Seaman Staines gets Wests on the scoreboard at last.
  12. Koroisau limps off - if Wests didn't have bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.
  13. Then the Broncos go up the other end and score after pretty much every period of sustained defence.
  14. The Tigers have gone close several times down their right hand side, but Brisbane's defence is really good.
  15. Brainfart from Fainu, there. Brisbane score almost immediately.
  16. I remember seeing the score at that point. Somewhat boggled by the fact that the score stayed that way to the end.
  17. HKR were playing at top speed all game, and Wigan were struggling to contain them. Wigan made a fair few breaks in the second half, but the Robins were as quick to act in defence as they were in attack. Impressive and entertaining from the home side. Wigan were put on the back foot and always struggled to recover.
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