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  1. Gwyneth Powell, aged 76, who played Mrs McClusky in Grange Hill. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-62879845
  2. At last, somebody addresses one of the major issues! I really like a good cup of tea but, for some reason, rarely make it at home. It is something comforting and delicious when I am at my parents' homes. Coffee, on the other hand, has been horribly degraded by the various American chains and their rotten push-button brews of over-roasted beans and scalded milk. When I got the first payday from my current job, I bought a coffee roaster and ordered some green beans from a company I still use to this day. The results, when used in an Aeropress, are excellent.
  3. A new David Attenborough series and, of course, more jaw-dropping footage.
  4. The Telegraph? A decade or so ago, maybe. It was a quality newspaper I'd read and enjoy, despite its viewpoint being mostly different to mine. Nowadays, it is a shrill, hectoring rag whose motives are both base and barely-concealed. The sooner the remaining Barclay brother relinquishes control, the better. Those two degenerates did for the Telegraph what Murdoch did to the Times, only worse.
  5. I found a copy of their live double album in a second-hand shop, and they were damn good performers. Although Lionel Richie did confess he was a much better saxophone holder than player.
  6. It would be a miracle if the Roosters could come back from this.
  7. Not only did the Roosters not take advantage of the numerical advantage, but Turgess came back on and immediately banjaxed Crichton.
  8. He's becoming one of my favourite Rabbitohs players to watch.
  9. This is nuts - two men down and they almost equalised there.
  10. JWH needs to calm down a bit, now the Bunnies are down to 11 man.
  11. Turgess not only being battered by some savage tackling, but on report for a high shot on Tedesco.
  12. People who live in London usually avoid the centre as much as possible, but it is always nice to find it on tap in places like Fitzrovia etc. when I do end up there.
  13. I think you are correct about this. The first time they rule on a lightmeter reading, they have to stick with that figure for all subsequent decisions in the rest of the match, regardless of other considerations. A little flexibility would be welcome and get more cricket played.
  14. At the smaller end of the spectrum, Cliff Lyons and Kurt Sorensen are competing for the Private Walker Pencil Moustache award.
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