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  1. The final's going to have match this at the very least or all the usual fun-sponges will be calling it a disaster.
  2. In the last few seconds of the hald, Harry Smith kicks a huge 40/20 and follows it up with a DG. WAR 12:19 WIG at half time.
  3. Not for very long! A break from French, a great pass inside and Leeming goes in.
  4. Liam Marshall stays infield this time and scores with a spectacular dive.
  5. Another try. Wigan look like they're on the back foot, while Warrington are just going at them relentlessly.
  6. Scores can blow out fast in the wheelchair game, but Catalans have been worth their lead.
  7. I'd have posted this earlier but, well, we all know what happened to the site now.
  8. All your effort and torn hair is appreciated, every time.
  9. Back online in time for the end of extra time in Dolphins v Canberra. Sent to Golden Point by Rapana's first-ever drop goal and won by his second! Hell of a game all around.
  10. Mike Cooper will be available next season. 36 years old, but still capable of being a good squad asset for a season or two more, if the right offer comes his way.
  11. With talk that Wigan and Warrington are interested in playing a season-opener alongside NRL clubs in Las Vegas, here's their last meeting in the USA.
  12. The London Evening Standard, as a daily edition at least. The slow death of local papers continues, but this one probably had it coming, what with the business genius of Osborne and Lebedev just adding to their existing issues.
  13. Looks like the show is available on WatchNRL, which a few of us subscribe to.
  14. Fans may want to set series record for it. Not the kind of programme that the BBC are likely repeat in full all that often.
  15. The Anguillan "revolution". It started OTD in 1967 with unhappiness at the thought of being ruled from neighbouring St Kitts and culminated with Harold Wilson sending the British navy to force Anguilla to become independent from, er, Britain... and failing.
  16. That'd be the whole lot, then. There were only six episodes, weren't there?
  17. You can get a 32-pack box of them from Amazon for £30. LINK HERE
  18. It's not that you're the only one to dislike it; it's that the alternative option doesn't make much of a difference.
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