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  1. Here's a gig that actually convinced the band not to break up. Proper Aussie rock, too.
  2. Here's the thing - there are a lot of Queen songs I really like, but most of the live footage I've seen and heard, they duck the complicated stuff and Freddie avoids the high notes. For me, despite Mercury's undeniable charisma on stage, I preferred their studio material, when they'd tweaked and layered everything to perfection. Plus their videos showcased a great and often amusing visual style.
  3. Wasn't there an attempt to set up a players' association a couple of years ago? I believe it died of apathy. I like the idea of players having their own independent input, but the players have to be properly committed to it in significant numbers, or they'll be ignored and deserve it.
  4. I've watched a bit, but my connection's been dodgy for most of the day. Still, more Magic games tomorrow, before we wait for the NRL restart on Thursday.
  5. Chinese-style five spice pork shoulder, done in the slow cooker for five hours. As George Formby might say, "turned out nice".
  6. The all-female rock band F@nny (yes, I know) on Beat Club: https://youtu.be/Zcb1HpH42N8 A pretty decent set from a lesser known but talented band.
  7. The first computer I used was an Olivetti, and you put one 8 inch floppy disc in to boot up, then replaced it with another one to load the word-processing software. It felt like the future. For a while.
  8. I just got 2 new external hard drives delivered - 4 terabytes each. I can remember how pleased I felt when I freed up a whole single megabyte of computer storage.
  9. The icing on the cake would be if Gus Gould, Bobby Fulton, Ken Arthurson and Bill Harrigan were all sitting together and the camera zoomed in on them at the final hooter.
  10. To be honest, if things changed, and GB entered the RWC instead of England and won it, that would still be my choice ahead of individual club glory. No matter that it wouldn't be the first time for GB.
  11. He's been in IC for ages; I really hope he recovers as much as is possible.
  12. Choice #1, every time. It benefits everyone in the game, especially if the RWC final opponents are Australia. And yes, it'd probably benefit Australia too.
  13. Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (2012) Okay, this is an odd one. And I mean an odd one, even by Japanese anime standards. Three girls (the tarty one, the bookworm and the obvious heroine) go on holiday, just as Japan is attacked by fish on weird scuttling segmented legs. As well as the larger fish and sharks physically attacking people, they also spread a disease that makes people bloat up, turn green and emit noxious gases. There used to be a kebab shop down the road from me that could do that. Kaori, the heroine, hooks up with Shirakawa, a photographer to, try and find her fiance in Tokyo. Meanwhile, it gets really ugly between the other two girls, as the trampy one gets infected and the Velma tries to escape from her. Soon, infected humans are taken over by whatever was controlling the fish and running wild on their insectoid legs. There's tentacles and body-horror stuff. Kaori and Shirakawa discover that her fiance's scientist father claims to have created the leg-things, using the bacteria to render the host bodies passive, apart from expelling gas. Cats and dogs are taken over by the smaller machines. There isn't a happy ending.
  14. Even in better times, a card payment is more protected and recoupable. Especially with flights, considering the tight-fisted likes of Easyjet and Ryanair.
  15. Given these uncertain times, card payments offer much more of a safety net than cash.
  16. He certainly looked a bit more switched-on and lively in the early rounds of this season.
  17. For the first time in quite a long while, I've looked at my full TRL "ignore" list. There are a small handful who go on and off the list temporarily, when they are being silly, obnoxious or, even worse, obsessively dull. But the majority don't need to be on there any more, as they (and their sockpuppets) have since been banned.
  18. http://rlif.com/article/8968/greek-rugby-league-to-expand-to-a-record--clubs-for--season Amazing what you can do when you aren't under the thumb of a hostile and corrupt ratbag.
  19. I've never questioned his abilities as a chef, a cookbook writer or his campaigns to improve school food, and other causes. Everything else about him, on the other hand, makes me want to punch him in the mouth.
  20. Solarbabies (1986) In a post-apocalyptic future, the population is under the thumb of a nasty bunch who control the water supply. Okay, not original, but a tried and tested set-up. It starts in a child labour camp for orphans, where the main recreation is a sport that is played on rollerskates and is sorta hockey, sorta lacrosse. Rollerball for the kiddies, in other words. The main Black Hat is played by the underrated Richard Jordan, who has his pet team of future goons, The Scorpions. Their captain is the Billy Zabka of the movie, a classic villain's second banana in training. Trouble is, they keep getting beaten by the Solarbabies, the popular underdogs and the heroes of the story. There's the obvious leading man, the big tough guy, the cute girl (what a crush I had on teenage Jami Gertz when I originally saw this), the black kid (yes, he does some body-popping) and the sceptical brain guy (yes, he wears glasses). There is also a mystical loner, in the then-fashionable Native American style, which everyone was doing back then. He has a pet owl. Then there's their mascot, a deaf little boy who discovers a glowing sphere in a tunnel, which restores his hearing. Mascot takes the sphere back to their prison compound, where it demonstrates powers and stuff. Mystical loner steals the sphere and escapes. In the confusion, mascot escapes too. The Solarbabies then escape to rescue mascot. Mystical loner finds his tribe, but it is attacked and his owl is killed. Jami Gertz finds her tribe, but they all decide to go back and rescue the sphere, as much to shut the mascot up as anything. You can pretty much write the rest yourself. Vaguely eco-oriented escapism for all the family, apart from when Richard Jordan gets mangled by a robot. As well as Gertz, the cast contains a bunch of future sorta-stars, like Adrian Pasdar, Lukas Haas and Jason Patric. Alexei Sayle appears as a bounty hunter, by the way. Theme tune by Smokey Robinson? I don't remember that!
  21. When Reed was in the mood and in the right film, he had a more powerful screen presence than most. I remember Channel 4 showing a (I think) uncut, or largely uncut version of 'The Devils' and he was magnificent.
  22. I agree; Inside No.9 has been remarkable for variety as well as quality.
  23. Late last night/early this morning on BBC4, there was a documentary about Ike White. Ike who? Exactly; I hadn't heard of him either, but while doing time in a US jail, he recorded a remarkably accomplished album. Then, when he was released, his life got... complicated. Programme link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000jb6v And a sample track.
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