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  1. Zeal Monachorum probably belongs in some swords'n'sorcery epic.
  2. If Nottinghamshire wasn't landlocked, they'd be petitioning for the ownership of Robin Hood's Bay.
  3. Something the woman's game has dealt with effectively from day 1. They are still vulnerable to a Trumping, though.
  4. Cold Blow Lane is in London, but from what I've heard from some of you guys, it should be near the Watersheddings.
  5. We had a Hungarian family visit us years ago, and they loved the signpost on the Scarborough road outside Helmsley that says Harome 2. Because in Hungarian, "harom" means three. Hey, when you're living behind the iron curtain, you have to take your laughs where you can.
  6. If it helps, I have actually been to Wetwang. And Anus. But not Cockermouth.
  7. Possibly while having a fight with someone from NSW...
  8. Plenty of places in the North-East of England with Scandinavian names, thanks to overseas visits from hairy chaps in horny* hats. *yes, I know, the Vikings didn't have horned helmets.
  9. The only person I've seen emerge from lockdown with better hair so far is Chanel Harris-Tevita, who has gone from his 2020 straggly long hair to looking immaculately-groomed.
  10. Sean Long could fill several positions with the barnets he's sported over the years. Referencing the OP, I think Carl Webb's "Q" qualifies.
  11. Even in the world of bad movies, there are good-bad ones and bad-bad ones.
  12. Wombleton is in Yorkshire, but should be closer to Wimbledon Common. And, referencing another thread, Fryupdale, Eggborough, Thornton-le-Beans, Mushroom Green, Baconsthorpe and Towcester should be closer together than they are.
  13. I'd expect North Queensland have had fewer "strawberry blonds" in their teams over the years than most clubs.
  14. They'll probably take it to all the places where the national media won't do their damnedest to belittle it first.
  15. Starring Casper van Dien, so you can't say you weren't warned...
  16. Assuming Tom Burgess is also starting for Souths, that could be quite a head-to-head for NRL-based poms.
  17. In a 3-game series of Origin's popularity, I quite like that each side has home advantage only once, then one game can be played in neutral/new territory.
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/sep/15/state-of-origin-2020-adelaide-oval-to-host-series-opener-as-venues-and-dates-confirmed Origin 1 at the Adelaide Oval? Didn't see that coming.
  19. Ah, now we're in childhood trauma territory. At primary school, there was compulsory milk pudding every lunchtime - semolina, rice, sago, tapioca... it never stopped.
  20. Just stumbled upon this documentary: Survival of the Film Freaks (2018). Much more concise, this is an excellent tribute/introduction to cult movies. Joe Bob Briggs is in it, too! Also Lloyd Kaufman (Troma), Ted Raimi, Greydon Clark and Luigi Cozzi. Edit: available on Amazon Prime.
  21. Keith Mason's making a career out of comic art.
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