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  1. I decided to have a lie-in and watch on catch-up. I've been a Matt Timoko fan from the start, but today he put in a special performance, even by his standards.
  2. Former MP and father of the current Speaker of the HoC, Doug Hoyle, aged 98.
  3. It looks like both ViaOccitanie and NATV have introduced geo-blocking, which seems counterproductive for their viewing figures. Very disappointing. A VPN set to France works, but most people won't want the bother. Both have YouTube channels, so the matches might appear on there closer to KO.
  4. It's a proper tough match - next week's opponents will be happy to see the toll this is taking on both teams.
  5. But that can't be the case! The only players who do that are from <insert club name here to reveal your insecurities>
  6. Dolly Parton sings Tom Petty and it's everything you could hope for.
  7. There are moments where they look like they've actually met each other before.
  8. I joined the stream a couple of minutes late. Didn't reckon anything would have happened already...
  9. The market supports the going rate. If Football ever collapses in on itself it'll probably still be an insanely lucrative career because the money in the game's never going to fall as far down as "when I were a lad".
  10. Making sushi's quite fun, if you have a good variety of things to go with the rice and like the feel of handcrafting something that'll be gone in a mouthful.
  11. When Australians got a chance to compare the codes, both the fans and the media voted with their feet. Most Aussie media outlets weren't dominated by tax-dodging old school tie Right Wing windbags like their British equivalents. Facing a fair fight for the first time in its history, Rugby Union copped a thrashing. Of course Rugby League, being Rugby League, fought against the rising tide of popularity with all its might. They managed to keep the game restricted and myopic for decades. When the ARL/Superleague war came to an end, one of the settlement conditions was that the popular new clubs in Adelaide and Perth were killed off in favour of keeping as much of the game's powerbase within Sydney city limits as much as possible. State of Origin was a big crack in those defences, when Queenslanders were allowed to represent their own state and people liked what they saw. Even now, some of the traditionalists are touting North Sydney (Jesus wept!) as an "expansion" franchise with a nominal presence on the West Coast. This instead of Perth or NZ2.
  12. Google "Declan Rice salary" - that bit's public knowledge. Sponsorships, endorsements and one-off payments for appearances etc. will swell it even more. For comparison, last year Cristiano Ronaldo was on about £107 million per annum in 2023.
  13. If you have a conveyor belt of home-grown talent and three carefully-chosen marquee players, plus a few other strategic signings where needed, you can go beyond the salary cap by quite a distance. If you're not developing young talent, have signed a couple of cranky NRL crocks and decided to give a "gifted but difficult" player his umpteenth last chance, you can spend almost as much for far less return.
  14. Removing the score is perfectly doable. Making RL fans happy is beyond the scope of any technology that will ever be invented.
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