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  1. At least Catalans are applying some pressure at times to the Warrington defence. It isn't resulting in anything, but that's still better than the first half.
  2. Best tackle of the match - Charnley takes Davies over the touchline and brings down the cameraman too.
  3. As if from out of nowhere, Drinkwater scores! From an offside position... VR sez nope.
  4. I had a laptop for years before I got an internet connection too. We had the internet at work, so it wasn't like I'd never used it before.
  5. The "own label" stuff isn't usually identified, as it is over-quota production. However, various experts of whisky websites can often figure their origin out. Sainsbury's used to do an OL Islay, which was from Caol Ila and was a great bargain. Sadly, they don't do an Islay any more. To further muddy the waters, supermarkets occasionally change their suppliers.
  6. Penrith looking like they'll just keep growing their lead. Cronulla making too many errors.
  7. Judging by what I've heard of Van Morrison's recent work, I suspect Alex is close to hitting the nail on the head. It has been a long time since I heard Morrison sound like he was making an effort - maybe his performance in 'The Last Waltz'. Or perhaps the Bang! Contractual Obligation Album.
  8. Looks like Van Morrison's phoned yet another album in.
  9. Face it Johnny - Juliet Bravo will never get another series.
  10. Johnson's recent form, when fit, has actually been good. But "when fit" is an important part of that sentence.
  11. Not true any more - Addo-Carr gets his fifth!
  12. Souths 0:26 Melbourne at HT. The Fox has scored 4 tries!
  13. Both Irish, and made from mashed potatoes with various greens (onions, cabbage etc. - not necessarily leftovers, though) mixed in.
  14. Champ and Colcannon are variations on the same general idea.
  15. Above a certain limit, I think rarity skews the price upward as much as quality. Probably more. If I won the Euromillions, the house I'd buy would have a wine cellar, but I wouldn't be looking for collectability as a factor. Wine is meant to be drunk at some point.
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