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  1. it bloody doesn't......and if it tries to i'll fight it all the way...!!
  2. get off with* someone in front of him!!!! * can't believe i typed that, i'm 11 again!!!!
  3. the first 90% is easy, its the last 10% that requires the work...
  4. thank god it friday....i'm financially embarassed so no playing out for me....BOOOOO!
  5. what did he say he was doing...? what/who was he really doing...?
  6. i've not even got my heating on yet....bloody plastic scousers, soft as....
  7. i intend to have a rather fun time this evening for a couple of hours...
  8. aahh, the old he's an 80 minute prop line...well yes, i suppose he is, but how effective is he over the 80mins these days...bradford obviously knew something...what i'd like to know is what made him join a team in a relegation fight rather than go and test himself in oz as he previously said he'd like to? the challenge?
  9. better the directors than the accountants....
  10. who are these 4 or 5 we'll have to release? ...we always do stay under the cap unlike some teams...
  11. really? where can we see these bids? or if they're not online perhaps you could scan the papers you've seen and post them on here...thanks...
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